5 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Making Money

“I have been blogging from past 2 years, but still unable to reach the $100 figure”. “Please help, I am not getting any traffic on my blogs”.  “I have stopped blogging as I am not earning anything, is it a wise decision?”  “Help me to generate $10 daily through blogging”.

Such are the comments which I received every day, these comments are from amateur bloggers and bloggers who have recently started blogging.  Well, few of them are profession bloggers who are frustrated now, as they are unable to earn a good amount of money from blogging.

Do you know there are close to 600 million blogs in the world!  On an average 81% of bloggers have never made $100 from blogging.   Out of 19%, only 8% of people are generating a good amount of money and can be considered as the main source of income.

Are you one of those bloggers who is unable to reach $100 even after completing more than a year in blogging, if yes then this article is good and worth for you!

Invest in Time

Most of the bloggers think that they have become professional bloggers after posting more than 20 articles and getting it approved from google adsense, they have a misconception that as the time flies their article will go viral and it will be searched by many people, thus creating good revenue.  They lose their patience, once their blog completes 1 year or 2 year without any earnings.

They, then start losing interest in blogging and eventually they will stop blogging.

Please make a note that every blog will at least take 6 months to 1 year to get it indexed on all major sites.  1 year is a testing time for you.  But, in case even after 1 year you are not making a single dollar then this is a concerns and not a good sign for your blogging.  You will now have to check the other reasons, which I have written in this blog.  In short, do not be impatient if you are not earning enough in the first 6 months or first year.  Blogging will not give you money overnight.  I started earning from my blogs after 2.5 months and I earned my first $100 after 4 months from a single blogging site.

In the start, people like you or new bloggers will invest 6-8 hours every day.  But, the working hours on blog changes after a year, they will hardly invest 1-2 hours, which is not enough if you are seriously looking for a good money from blogging.  You need to invest time on blog sot that your blogging grows.  At least 3-4 hour daily after a year.  More than money, blogging requires time.  You revenue from blogging increases as you increase your time on your blogs.  The more time you invest in blogging, the higher the chances of earning.

Recheck Your Niche

Is your target audience viewing your blogs?  Are they interested in reading your articles?  Is your niche appropriate for your blogs?  These are some of the questions, which you should review and ask yourself.  Even if you write 50 articles, but if these articles are not being viewed or read by the right people, your blogging is not of any use.  Gather and collect the right
people, people who are interested in your post, people who love reading your blogs and interacting with you on your articles.  Ensure your niche is small with quality people.

There are bloggers who have more than 4k or 5k subscribers, but then hardly few 10-15 people view their blogs and post.  Such bloggers will take many years to complete their first $100.

Not Enough Traffic

Unless and until there is no traffic, your blogs will not monetize.  Go for websites which provide
free traffic like Wad.Ojooo or TrafficG or else go for a paid one like SimpleTraffic.  If you are a new blogger, it is better to go with a free source, but if you are an experienced blogger and looking out for a good earning, it is always advisable to go for a paid one.  If your content is good and unique, then trust me you do not require any traffic source.  Traffic source is only required, if you have copied the content from some other bloggers or if you are 100% sure that the content is not well written and you will not get any visitors or less visitors.

Click her to find out the 5 best ways to increase web traffic on your blogs and websites.  

Post your blogs on social media platform like facebook, twitter, pinterest, linkedin, reddit and many such other platforms.  Do guest blogging.  On a weekly basis, keep sending your articles to your members using email marketing techniques.  Do check my blog on email marketing.

Update Old Posts

This is the most common mistakes 90% of bloggers does.  They do not update their old posts.  When I started blogging, I was just creating blogs every week.  I never updated my blogs which were 6 months old.  There were lot of updates, which i missed updating it.  If you are a reader, you will only read articles which are recently updated, you will obviously not read an old article, which has old stuffs.  I have a habit of updating old posts every month, this helps me in getting more new visitors.  On an average if you edit your old posts, there are chances of 14% increase in traffic.  Add some keywords in the old posts which are in top searches, make it more interactive and attractive.  Adding of images can be another option.

If your blogging website is on wordpress web builder, then you can make use of a free wordpress plugin Code Snippets, it notifies the member that an old post has been updatec.  Moreover, it will display the update date on the post.

Use Other Monetization Methods

Do not just rely and depend on google adsense, try out some other google adsense alternatives like Adsterra, media.net, propeller Ads, Admaven, Skimlinks and Revenuehits.  Though google adsense is the best, there are few bloggers who do not get approval from google adsense as adsense have strict policies, for them these alternatives can work.  Apart from placing ads on your bogs, use some other monetization methods like affiliate marketing or selling some online products or selling online course in your blogs. 

Creat your own Youtube channel, advertise, publish and market your blogs over there. 

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