5 Ways To Make Online Money From Website

As on January 2020, there are close to 1.74 Billion websites in the world, out of that 400 million websites are active.  If you search on internet, then you will find more than 1000 ways of making money from website.  For some you need a heavy investment, for some you need lot of time and work force and for some you need a big audience.  In this blog, i will be disclosing on the some of the way best ways of making online money and without any investment.

One need to follow the right procedure, process and strategy if someone wants to earn daily from their websites.  You do not have to be big giant companies like Amazon, whose annual revenue is $107 billion or Google, whose annual revenue is $74.98 billion, to build these websites you need a lot of capital and people.

As an individual, let us find out the best ways of making online money from websites.

Sell Digital Products

Digital products is any product which you can sell virtually.  It comes in digital form and typically can be downloaded from the internet.  Digital products offer several advantages over physical products.  They’re easier to manage, less expensive to create, and just as easy to market.

Digital products which you can sell on your websites are Software, Ebooks, Audio files and software, games, photography, online courses and video.

As per the recent study, digital products are being sold more than physical products.  Clickbank and Amazon are some of the platform through which you sell your digital products through your websites.  I used to sell physical products on my website from 2011 to 2016, but then i realize that selling digital products is more beneficial, reasons i have already explained in the above paragraph.

My digital product is email id database, i have sold my digital products to more than 120 people and have earned more than $600 last year.  The response is really very good if you compare it with selling physical products.

The best plugin to sell digital products is Easy Digital Downloads

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Host Webinars

A webinar is an event held virtually which is attended exclusively by an online audience, the other name of webinars are web event, online seminar, webcast, web lecture and virtual event. Now days, people are selling digital as well as physical products on their website through webinars. 

If you are hosting a webinar on your website, you will get lot benefits.

1. You will be able to build a list, you can use this list for email marketing or network marketing.

2. Most of them conduct webinar to get live feedback and suggestion, this will help in enhancing the product or service, which you are selling on your website.

3. Recording the webinar can help you to share the same video with other audience.

4. Webinar serves both purposes advertising as well as marketing.

Some of the top webinar platforms are,






Write Reviews

I have written a complete blog on how we can earn from a website but just writing reviews.  Rather writing review on some other website, make a page in your website for reviews.  In this page, people can give honest reviews or feedbacks on a particular product or services.

Even if you are not selling out a physical or digital product on your website, you can create the review page for people who are looking for some suggestions or recommendation.  You can review anything like software, games, car, etc.

There are companies, which pays more than $100 if you write a honest review of their product and services.

Mouthshut.com is one such website, which pays a lot for people for writing review.

I have a complete blog of how to write review, do check it.

Sell Advertisement

One of the best way to earn online money from websites is by placing ads, and the best medium is google adsense.  If you have a good traffic on your website, you can place approved advertisements on your website, the more traffic, there are more chances that the advertisement will be viewed or clicked by people.  I have four website and in all websites i have put ads through google adsense.

Recently, there were lot of approval rules published by Google, therefore most of the websites are not getting approved for google adsense.  In such case you need to look out for a google adsense alternative and the second best option is Adsterra.

Benefits for placing ads on your website.

1) Guaranteed income.

2) Very little effort to monetize.

3) Saves lot of time and money.

4) Great way to interact with big companies

There are some drawbacks as well.

1) This will not work if the traffic is very low on your website.

2) Placing many advertisements can you website makes your website shabby.

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Email Marketing

This is the most widely used method on websites.  This is also the best way to advertise and monetize your website.  Email marketing is very easy and simple to implement, you have to just prepare a mailing list by collecting email id’s and subscribers.  Send out a daily or weekly mail of your website, mails can be related to launch of new blog or eBook.  If you are doing an affiliate marketing of any products, you can send out a mass mailer to all users, this will create a massive traffic.

Most of my earnings from my websites are through email marketing, i have a database of 1 million email id’s.  These email id are of people with different countries.

Check out my complete blog on email marketing, email marketing tips and a detailed overview as to how to start email marketing from scratch.

Also, i have a complete guide on some of the free email marketing services which one can use.

Coming to some of the below questions which were asked to me by many people.  You will get your answers in this blog.

What kind of website a student can make on Google to earn money?

Did we have to pay money for making websites?

There is any money making website through completing tasks.

Is there any real website on Google for make money by doing part time job?

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