6 Ways To Boost Google Adsense Revenue

If you are an online blogger or a website owner, you would be familiar with Google Adsense. There are millions of people who are earning a good amount of money daily through Google adsense.

Google adsense, is one of the best source of online income and passive income.

Anyone who is serious about online earning, he should definitely work on and with Google adsense. But working with Google adsense is not as simple as it looks, to get approval from google adsense, it’s a lengthy and cumbersome task. And, once you have the approval, you need to follow the right process and procedure to earn daily.

I had to wait for 7 months to get my first earning from google adsense, but then it was a smooth going. Next 7 month, i was able to generate a good $4200 by just working for 3-4 hours on my 3 websites. I am now earning daily close to $200 with my 5 websites, all these 5 websites have google ads on it.

Let us focus now, what are the ways and how you could increase your google Adsense earnings. It is not a rocket science, what i will be disclosing are some of the basic tips and tricks that can boost your adsense earnings.

Let us go step-by-step.

1. Quality Rich Content

Unless and until your content is rich, real and genuine, the chances of impression on that content increases. A duplicate content or content which is not unique will hardly get any visitors.

There are some do’s and don’ts which one should follow.

2. Choose Right Keywords

Use google keyword planner to get the right keywords for your articles. A blog of 1200 words should have at least 15 – 20 long tail keywords.
Look for keywords which are attractive and has good average monthly impressions and low competition. Make a habit of changing keywords once in every two months for each of your blog or articles.

A keyword if gone viral can earn you a good amount of money in a single day. Google keyword planner is completely free and an effective tool.

If you want to go for a paid one, then you can go for.




is one such keyword generator tool like google keyword planner which is free. If you are new to blogging, always go for a free tool rather going for a paid one.

If possible highlight the keywords in your post or make it bold.

3. Increase Web Traffic

You need to have good traffic on your blogs and website, traffic with quality niche. 

 What does quality traffic means?

Quality traffic is traffic, where the user who is visiting the website stays on your website for some amount of time, clicks ads and subscribe your website. If that person is there on the website only for seconds, then that is not quality traffic, you will not get any impression from such traffic and it is just waste.

The best source of web traffic is Social Media Platforms. Make a protocol, that every week you will share your new post or blogs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Quora,Youtube, Reddit and other upcoming social networking sites. Believe me, you will see a surge in your adsense earnings as there are billions of people accessing these social networking sites daily.

Post your articles, blog and post on Facebook group, create your own facebook page and add it there as well.  Share it in twitter, Quora and linkedin.

The second best traffic source is Email marketing, create your email database, send out weekly mass mails to your users, but do not spam it.  Create a cool subject and an interactive content, embed your links in that mail, sot that once the subscribed user views your mail, he may click the links which are there in the mail.  Keep growing your mail list, on a monthly basis keep adding at least 100 users.

Use some reward prizes, offers and recognition so that it is shared by your users to other users as well.

Above mentioned traffic source are free source of traffic, but it is not sure that you will get only quality traffic.  If you want only quality traffic then you should go for a paid source.  Click here to find out some of the paid and reliable source of traffic.

4. Choose The Best Plugin

To write a good and excellent content, you can take help from some good plugins. Plugins related to website builder, social sharing, speed and optimization tool. A website builder like Elementor or Beaver Builder can be used to write perfect content.

Use themes which can load your site in seconds. A site which loads fast has a good chance of getting more visitors. Plugins like cache plugin, wordpress optimization and purge plugins can be installed and implemented on your website.

Install Site kit plugin, this is a very critical plugin for any site as it is integrated with google analytics and google search console. You will get a complete report of how many users have accessed your site in the past? 

How much was the monthly earnings? 

Which blog gave the best revenue? 

Which content was the best? Which ad-unit was profitable?

What all Keywords were searched the most?

This plugin is used to track and monitor your earnings, it also helps in enhancing your website performance.  It also provides data on traffic source.  In short it provides the complete and detailed report of your website.  It also provides recommendation on what better can be done to increase the traffic and earnings.

5. Right Ads placement

You will only earn if people visit your website and click ads on it. A website which is approved by google adsense should have minimum 4-5 ads on each page. There are some factors which one should consider before applying ads on your website.

6. Use Backlinks

Backlinks relate one link to other. Backlinks not only improve the linked page’s authority but can also improve the overall domain authority. They also increase web traffic.

A single blog should have at least 5-10 backlinks. The backlinks should be from a site which is having a higher rank than your website, a website which is having a daily traffic of 3k – 5k, a website of a popular domain and a site which is unique.

Here are some ways as to how you can get quality backlinks.

Below are some of the websites through which you can buy backlinks.







There are many Google Adsense alternatives like Adsterra, Popads and propeller, but no one can match Google Adsense, it is the best!

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