Best Platform to Sell Digital Products and Earn Money

Whenever we use the word “selling product” the only platform which comes in our mind is Amazon or eBay and other big online selling platforms. But, today we will go in detail on one platform which is selling both Physical and as well as Digital products.
Digital media consumption is in a boom and this is the reason why digital product are in great demand across all countries.

Moreover, there are many benefits of digital products on Physical products.  Some of which I have listed below.

Now, Amazon and eBay are the platform which are being widely used to sell physical and digital products, also these two platforms are trusted by millions of people. But, from past 2-3 years the competition has increased. There is one such digital store which has a better commission rate and better forecast in coming years.

The platform is  Digitstore24

What is Digitstore24?

Digitstore24 is an online marketplace, where vendors and publishers can meet and share their online products for selling, grow their online business and online store. It also runs an Affiliate network.

In short, Digitstore24 is an all-in-one digital sales platform and international affiliate network.

So the website is divided into 2 parts, if you are a vendor and if you have created a digital products, you can upload the product in this platform and can mark it for selling.

The other is the affiliate, which most of them are using. In fact, I am also an affiliate marketer for Digitstore24 and I am earning close to $400 in a month.

Depending upon your profile, you can either sign up with Digitstore24 as a vendor or affiliate. Sign up is very easy, click here.

How you benefit as a Digitstore24 vendor?

How you benefit as a Digitstore24 Affiliate?

Digital Products which are sold on Digitstore24

1. Download products like e-books, video and audio files. 2. Digital content with physical add-on products such as DVDs, CDs, and USB disks. 3. Membership sections / Online Video courses. 4. Software. 5. E-ticket for live Seminars. 6. Individual or subscription products.

Products which you cannot sell

1. Physical products like furniture, food, electronics,etc.
2. Erotic content of any kind.
3. Pornographic content of any kind.
4. Violent content of any kind.
5. Illegal content of any kind.
6. Racist content of any kind.
7. Content that relates to earning of money and passive income.
8. Business and trading robots.
9. Content that violates the terms and conditions of social media platforms such as Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram.

Start your Passive Income through Digitstore24 Affiliate

If you do not have skills or talent or if you do have time to create your own digital product, then Affiliate is the best option. Affiliate referral program is a very good opportunity for you to earn passive income daily. You need to just promote and advertise products of any vendor which you think can be sold off.

Once someone purchase that product the referral commission set by vendor is paid to you. Even if you sell 10 products in a month, you can easily earn more than $500 in a month.

Digitstore24 affiliate works the same way like Amazon affiliates. Let us see with an example.

If there is a vendor who is selling his product for $100, since the sale is not happening. He keeps $50 as the affiliate commission for that product. This means if you do an affiliate marketing for that product and if someone buys that product then you will be rewarded $50 for each product. As simple as that, there is no limitation on how many products you can affiliate.

So which products should I choose if I want to do Affiliate marketing with Digitstore24.

Choose product which is having a high commission rate, cancellation rate is close to 0% and high conversion rate. Do not do affiliate marketing of a product which is having a high price or products with high cancellation rate.

E-tickets to events, webinars, and training module are in high demand.

If you follow wisely with the right approach, you can earn a very good passive income daily. There are more and more digital products uploading on Digitstore24, so at present earning from Digitstore24 is anytime better than Amazon Affiliate.


Which platform is best for selling digital products?

1. WarriorPlus

2. ZvZoo

3. Digitstore24

4. Sellfy.
5. BigCommerce.
6. Podia.
7. SendOwl. 
8. Squarespace.
9. Payhip.
10. DPD (Digital Product Delivery).
11. Gumroad.

What digital products make the most money

3. Audio Files and Music Production Software.
4. Games.
5. Photography.
6. Video.

How do I start selling digital products?

1. Create a great product. The first criteria for creating digital products is to add value to your customers’ life.
2. Promote a lead magnet.
3. Start an affiliate program.
4. Collect pre-orders.
5. Offer a money-back guarantee.

Can I resell digital products?

Digital products are any digital goods that you can sell or otherwise distribute online. These products are inexhaustible resources as you can never run out of sellable items. Once you obtain a product, you can resell it to as many buyers as you wish and as many times as you want.

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