Best Ways To Increase Amazon Affiliate Earnings

If you are an online blogger, an owner of an online store or an affiliate marketer, you would have come across Amazon Associate program. Amazon Associate program is the affiliate program of amazon.  

There are lot of myths that affiliate marketing is now saturated, but this is not true.

Those who are new to Amazon Associate, let me provide some details to them.  

It is a referral program that pays commission to you, if you refer someone to amazon or amazon products.  You get a percentage of the sale of whatever is purchased over the next 24 hours.

Basically there are four ways of doing affiliate program with Amazon.

1. Promoting Amazon products on your own websites or on Social media platforms.

2. Amazon Bounty program.

Under Amazon Bounty program, there are 3 programs.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Business


In this blog, we will see how to increase amazon affiliate earnings.

1. Promoting Amazon Products

This is the most simple and widely used amazon affiliate program. One has to just promote Amazon products on their blogs or sites. For each and every product which you want to promote, you have to provide an amazon referral link.

If someone purchases any product, then you get the required and agreed commission from Amazon.

Bloggers, who have their own sites and blogs, promote such products on their website. Whereas, people who do have their own websites, make use of Social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Youtube, Linkedin, etc.

This kind of affiliate program does not require any technical or special skills.  

A college student, housewife, senior citizen and people who wants to do some side income can join and start the Amazon Associate.

Different mediums to promote Amazon products.

I have already mentioned that social media is the best platform to advertise and promote amazon products, but what are the tips which will give me 100% results.  Below are some of the tips, which are giving good outcome.

In facebook, use Marketplace feature.  Create a new listing in marketplace and add details of the product, in the description add the amazon product link.

If you are planning to promote your products in Twitter.  Create a tweet about your product, add your product affiliate link, add the image and then add all the trending tweets in that tweet.  For the trending tweets, visit

The best method is through email marketing.  Create your mail list, and send out mass mailers to your users twice in a week.  Add some cool heading like “50% OFF“, “Biggest Sale“, “SALE“, etc.  Keep them updated with the latest products and services.

2. Amazon Bounty Program

In addition to earning commission income by promoting product, you can also earn fixed commissions from your advertising. These extra premiums are not geared towards products, but are paid for the promotion of select services.

You receive a fixed commission once a referral that you send from your website of social media platform signs up for a subscription to an Amazon service. This commission is called a “bounty”. Promoting amazon services is just as easy as promoting amazon products.

In fact, Amazon bounty program is much more profitable then promoting amazon products.  Many people across the globe are now trying the amazon bounty program.

Amazon Prime

Amazon prime is a single membership with many benefits for amazon customers.  Here, one will get shopping experience along with entertainment.  Unlimited streaming videos, movies, TV Shows, music, exclusive shopping deals and selection.

One will get 100 INR which is equivalent to $1.5, if anyone signs-up with amazon prime using your affiliate link.

Amazon affiliate bounty program (Amazon prime) offers special benefits, including: Latest bollywood blockbusters, thousands of movies and web series and TV shows.  

But, how do i start the Amazon Prime bounty program?

Add one of your ready-to-use banners to your website or blog.

Write an article about a relevant topic and include to amazon prime.

One can create tagged affiliate link here:  

Amazon prime has 100 million users and is active in more than 200 countries, it is growing rapidly.  There are speculations that it will cross 300 million users by end of year 2021.  This is the right time if you are starting a Amazon Bounty program with Amazon Prime.

Amazon Business

Amazon Business is changing the way companies buy supplies.  For most small businesses, buying supplies can be time-consuming and frustrating.  Finding the best product at the best price can be a challenge, especially when they have other task that need to be completed. 

Amazon business is the solution and brings big benefits to businesses of all sizes and industries.

But, how do I earn from Amazon Business?

Add one of your read-to-use banners to your website.

Write an article about a relevant topic and include a link to Amazon Business.

You can create your tagged affiliate link here: (don’t forget to include your associate ID).

Earn $3 for every qualifying Amazon Business account registration your drive!


What is Audible?

Audible is a subscription-driven audiobook service with a catalog of over 200,000 audiobooks and a mix of bestselling Indian and international authors.  

Whatever your passion, your interests, or favorite authors, there’s a perfect audiobook for you.  You can listen to a-list celebrities narrate their favorite stories, original & exclusive audiobooks, full-cast performances, and more.  Browse through Great First listens, Indian Audiobooks and get personalized recommendations.

How do i earn from Audible bounty?

Add one of your ready-to-use banners to your website.

Write an article about audible audiobooks, our authors or relevant topic and include a link to audible.

You can create your tagged affiliate link here: (don’t forget to include your associate ID.

Earn $2 for every qualifying Audible action your drive!

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