Blogging Tips for New Bloggers in 2024

Blogging is not an easy task, you need to really work hard if you want to become a successful blogger.

I have been blogging for the past 8 years and I have written close to 300+ blogs.

During my earlier days, I used to write a lot of content, probably 3-4 blogs in a week. I thought I was doing the right way, but I was wrong. My contents were real and unique, but there was something that I was missing.

I was missing the right approach, the right strategy and most importantly the tips and tricks of a successful blogger. I overcame all these and I could see the results in next 15-20 days.

It is a myth that you should write daily one blog. The fact is, even if you publish 3-4 blogs in a month, it is sufficient, provided, the content in the blog is real and unique. If someone thinks that blogging is just copying and pasting the content, then that person has 0% knowledge about blogging.

Blogging is all about writing what you like, writing what you are passionate about and writing what you love.

Important Tips on Blogging

Tips comes from experience, you will get tips from a person who is having a good experience in his field. When I was a new comer, I used to take tips from professional and experienced blogger.

Now, I will be sharing some valuable tips and tricks that will help you to become a successful blogger.

These tips are 100% free, no charges at all!

Tip 1 - Prepare yourself before writing a blog

You can’t just get up one day and start writing. You need to prepare yourself before you write a blog. The more you prepare yourself, the more it will be easy for you to write a blog.
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Tip 2 - Use Right Tools and Plugins

Tools and WordPress Plugins

Once you have finalized on “What will you write” and “What will be your niche“. You should immediately start writing.

While writing, please use the grammarly tool which will assist you in writing grammatically correct sentences. Install this browser extension for free and make your grammar accuracy to 100%.

One more tool which you can use is the “Post Views Counter, this is actually a WordPress plugin and not a tool.  It’s a counter which ticks when someone views your post, this gives a complete picture as to which blog is performing well and which blog is a non-performer.  It’s a free plugins which can installed very easily.

There are some plugins which one should try, below are some of them.

1. Yoast SEO.

2. Jetpack – WP Security, Backup, Speed and Growth.

3. Akismet Spam Protection.

4. WP-Optimize – Cache, Clean and Compress.

Tip 3 - Publish Your Blog at the Right Time

Right Time to Publish Blog

You can’t just publish blog at any given point of time. There are lot of factors which are to be considered.

Like, Audience is from which country? Let us see an example, If your users are from United States and if you are in India and publishing the blog during the day time, then this is totally wrong.

You will have to publish your blog in the midnight, this means the blog will be available to US users in the morning.

The second factor is on which day are you publishing the blog. You should always publish your blog in the mid-week, either on Wednesday or Thursday. Do not publish your blog on Monday or Friday.

There is a human tendency of not checking mails on a weekend, therefore if you publish your blog on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the blog view chances reduces.

The same applies for Monday, for most of them Monday is the busiest day of the week, one will hardly get any time to check mails. Therefore, again your blog views will be less.

Tip 4 - Be A Consistent Blogger

Don’t just sit and relax after writing few blogs in a month. One should at least write more than one blog in a week. Make a habit of setting up a reminder to write blog at a start of each and every week.

Consistency plays a very crucial role in blogging. If you are not consistent, you may loose some of your followers and subscribers. Also, if you are consistent, your traffic on your blog will be stable, which indirectly increases your blog earnings.

Tip 5 - Make Your Blog Interactive

People will like your blog if it is interactive. Therefore, make use of graphs, charts, images and videos. Visit Pixabay and Pexels to download free images and videos.  Do not use a copyright image or video, it will land you in trouble!

As per my past experience in blogging, a blog with images and videos will attract more users than a blog in which only written content is present.

Search engines like Google and Microsoft Bing give more credit to blogs which are more interactive. An interactive blog can also work as an SEO.

Also, an interactive blog is more informative, entertaining and educational as compared to blogs in which only written content is available.

Tip 6 - Promote Your Blogs In Other Platforms

Once your blog is ready and published, you start promoting your blog in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc. Everyone is aware of these platform, but you need to publish in platforms which are not that famous but have a good user base.  Some of these are;

1. Mix – As on year 2020, Mix was having more than 3 million subscribers.

2. Pearltrees – Pearltrees broke the record of 1 million unique visitors in year 2012.

3. – It has more than 10 million subscribers.

4. Bloglovin – There are 25 million Bloglovin Visitors and close to 8 million active users.

5. Medium – There are more than 60 million monthly readers in medium.  There were 7.5 million post published in year 2016 in medium.

When you are promoting your blogs, please make sure you promote in the above 5 platforms as well.  This will generate more traffic and more earnings.

Above 6 tips are must to implement, this will help you to become a successful blogger. Apart from these tips, you should always focus in writing rich and unique content consistently.

Follow these tips and see the difference, I am 100% sure your earnings will be doubled in few weeks!

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