Earn everyday through binomo !!!

Online option trading has been doing exceptionally well from the past three to four years and it will continue to boom in the future. There have been lot of online option trading platform which claim that they can make you a millionaire in a week’s time.

Well that is partially true, if you follow the right procedure and process, choose the right platform, you can actually earn hundreds of dollar in a week.

This blog to find which is the best option trading platform which is worth using. I have already written a complete blog on Olymp Trade, today we will see the other alternative of Olymp Trade, It’s called Binomo.

So, how to earn money on binomo or how to make money on binomo, or how much can I earn from binomo, all such kind of queries will be answered.

is the 2nd best binary option trading platform after “Olymp Trade”. Binomo despite being a new entry into the market is a good option to earn legitimate money. It works just like any other binary trading platform.

What is actually binomo?

Binomo is a trading platform on which you can earn on rises or falls in currency exchange rates, stock prices and indices, commodities, and other assets. We designed the platform and are constantly expanding its capabilities to make trading a pleasant and profitable experience, regardless of the user’s level of training.

Let us see how does binomo work.

How can i fund my account?

To credit your account:

– Go to the Cashier section (https://binomo.com/cashier);
– Select a payment method;
– Enter the amount to credit;
– Click Credit;
– Follow the instructions from the payment system.

How can i get bonus?

You can get bonuses by doing the following: – crediting your account using your own funds (standard); – entering a bonus code; – activating a no-deposit bonus. No-deposit bonuses are available: – as a part of company promotions; – via your personal manager, for Gold and VIP accounts (on specific offers).

Is it possible to withdraw bonus funds?

In order for a bonus to be withdrawn, the amount of trading turnover generated must be equal to the amount of the bonus multiplied by the leverage factor.

The amount of trading turnover depends on the size of the bonus:
– If the bonus amount is less than 50% of the account amount, then the leverage factor for the trading turnover will be 35.

– If the bonus is 50% or more of the account amount, then the leverage factor for the trading turnover will be 40.

Detailed terms on bonuses can be viewed on the account crediting page Binomo Cashier  (https://binomo.com/cashier) after selecting the deposit method, by clicking on the link “Information on Bonuses.” You can track your trading turnover progress for a bonus in the Gifts section of the trading page.

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