How Much Money Can you Make from Passive Income?

How much money can you make from Passive Income? “Passive Income Ideas”, “Passive Income  Sources”, “How to create Passive Income?”, etc. 

These are some of the searches normally people do if they are looking out for a side income source. Many people believe that one can become a Millionaire or Billionaire from passive income, though this is not 100% true!  There are few people in the world who are earning thousands of dollars daily from some or other passive income source, but it is just 2%. Yes, this is the truth, 98% of people who have some kind of passive income source are not even earning $100 per day or per month.

Let us go into detail more on passive income, what is actually a passive income? And the facts of passive income. First, let us understand the clear definition of Passive income. Passive incomes are earnings, where you are not actively participating, this can be any side income like Affiliate

marketing, Blogging, renting real estate properties, or any kind of network or social marketing.

From passive income, you get regular income in intervals either weekly, monthly, or annually.

For some, passive income is the main source of income. But, for the majority of them passive income is a side income. The passive income can be used for emergencies, daily expenses, or for some side investments.

Normally, students, housewives, senior citizens, unemployed people’s and persons who are looking for some side income are the ones who earn from passive income. You will find only a few professionals and business owners who earn from passive income. Below are some of the smart passive income ideas which you can start,

You very well know what is Affiliate marketing. If you don’t know, Click here to get the complete details of Affiliate marketing and the best affiliate marketing platforms. So how much money can I make from affiliate marketing?

If you think you can make $100 every hour from affiliate marketing, let me not discourage you, you can’t earn $100 per hour! You must have seen videos from bloggers, youtube experts, and motivators. In their seminars, webinars, youtube channels,s, and blogs, they guarantee that you can make money every hour. Well, that is only doable and possible if you have multiple affiliate platforms.

You cannot make $100 daily with only one affiliate platform, you should have at least four to five affiliate platforms. In fact, if you are involved in more affiliate programs, you can even make $500 in a day.

Above are some of the affiliate programs which you can try. But, you should start your affiliate marketing on more than 4 programs, then only you will be able to earn a good amount.

Can I earn daily from Blogging?

There are millions of bloggers in the world who are earning daily, for most of them blogging is their side income. You must have also read about bloggers who have made millions of dollars only through blogging, but for them, that is not their side income, that is their main source of income. If you want Blogging as your passive income, you will have to invest time, effort, and money in the initial stage. The initial stage can be one month, six months, or one year.

Let me share some facts about blogging, 90% of bloggers will stop or discontinue their blogging passive income as they are not able to generate any money. Only 10% of bloggers will succeed, in that 10% only 2% of bloggers will be able to generate at least $1k in a month. If you are willing to devote 5-6 hours daily to blogging, then you have a fair chance of earning. One more factor is the audience, for blogging you should be good in social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc so that you can share your blogs with a larger audience.

So, let me conclude. You can never take blogging as your side income, if you are taking it as a side income, you can expect $100 – $500 in a month but not more than that. One cannot expect thousands of dollars or hundreds of dollars in a week only through blogging, unless and until it is your only main source of income.

If you want to start blogging, I have a complete guide. Please click here to access it.

How much do Digital Marketers earn?

Digital marketers are highly paid resources, but if you are looking at digital marketing as your passive income then it may not help you. You may be thinking that through digital marketing one can make a good earning which is 100% true. But a good earning from digital marketing is only possible if you work for more than 8-9 hours in a day, therefore this applies to those people who are into a digital marketing career.

If you think you can earn a side income from digital marketing, then don’t expect too much! You will hardly earn not even $100 a month. Under digital marketing, you can either try;

SEO expert
Pay-Per-Click Analyst
Web Developer
Social Media Marketing Specialist
Data Analyst
Paid Media Specialist
Digital Marketing Manager
Content Marketing Manager

All the above roles required specific skills and experience, therefore you cannot take this as a passive income option. But, yes if you are taking this as your mainstream source of income, then you will surely earn more than $3k-$4k per month easily.

Passive Income through Selling Digital / Physical products

Passive income through selling a particular product is always advisable and recommend to even people who have their 9am – 5pm regular job or who own their own business. Unlike Digital marketing and Blogging, Selling particular digital or physical products requires less time and effort and the good thing is that the income is recurring. For example, you have uploaded a digital product on your portal or on your website, the product can be sold even after a year of upload.

Even if you spend some time every week, this method of passive income will work. There are thousands of people across the US, UK, Canada, India, and Australia who are earning from this source of passive income.


Though passive income sources are plenty, there are only a few sources that will help people who are looking at this as their secondary source of income. Don’t assume that you will be earning thousands of dollars daily but yes you can earn at least a few dollars weekly.

I have shared four passive income sources. Out of these four sources, if you are serious about a side earning through passive income, you can either choose Affiliate Marketing or Selling Digital / Physical products. Blogging and Digital marketing fall under the category of professional income sources as I have already explained earlier, it requires time, effort, investment, and special skills.

One can also try some of the other passive income sources like renting real estate, Starting an online course, Freelancing, Dropshipping, Investing in Mutual funds and stocks, Building a mobile app, Writing an e-book, carpooling, creating a youtube channel and uploading videos and images.

If you are looking for some new ways of Earning Online Money, do check out my site and blogs.


How to create passive income?

Passive income can be created via blogging, affiliate marketing, etc.  Refer the blog section to find out the different source of passive income.

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Passive income can be created via blogging, affiliate marketing, etc.  Refer the blog section to find out the different source of passive income.

How to earn passive income?

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How to make passive income on amazon?

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