How To Earn Money From Facebook Groups

There is a good news for all facebook group admins and people who are planning to create facebook group in future.  Facebook recently announced that, one can easily monetized their existing facebook groups using sponsored paid post options. 

Yes, you read it right!  It’s not facebook Ads, it’s facebook group.

 Facebook is now allowing group admins to earn online money from their existing groups. 
Facebook will now add new sponsored post options for group admins, this means group admins can now publish their posts in partnership with brands or on behalf of marketers using the new options. 

This is still in a testing mode, but by end of 2020 this will get implemented by Facebook will make it live.  This is an awesome news, especially for people who have multiple facebook groups with unique contents and have more than thousands of active members in it. But, till then you can still monetize your facebook group.  Let us check out the ways how one can earn real online money from facebook groups.

First to monetize your group, there are some rules and regulations which one has to follow.

1)      Your facebook group should be public and not private.

2)      Facebook group should not violate any facebook rules.

3)      Follow facebook community standards.

Click here to find out some moremonetization rules for facebook group admins.

Now let us see, how one can earn online money from facebook groups.

 1)   Charge your members for posting anything

If you have a group which has gone viral, then you can charge your members for posting anything in your group.  Charge a minimal annual fees, say around $1 – $3.  Even if you have 5k members in your facebook group and if 1k members have paid you $1 as the
posting charges, then you will be making close $1000 in a year without doing anything.  The amount may increase depending on the number of members available in your facebook group and number of members paying you for posting.

 2)   Announcement charges

Facebook announcement play an important role in advertising and marketing a post, website, online product or to generate a good organic traffic. Since announcement are better than post as they are available on the top of the facebook group, the chances of people viewing it increases to 50%.  You can update your members or send out a notifications that if anyone wants to make their post as an announcement, they need to pay some amount.  I am charging $5 from members who want to mark their post as an announcements.  Only through announcements, I am earning close to $50 in a week.

 3)   Membership questions

 This is an old approach but an effective one.  If you have a blog or a website or an affiliate product, this method is best for generating a good amount of traffic on your content.  You need to just edit your membership questions, you can add at least 3 questions.  In these question mention your posts or blog or affiliate product and request members who are willing to join your facebook group to first visit the link, once they have done this you can add them in your facebook group.

This means every user who is joining your facebook group will have to visit your blog or website so that he is eligible to join your facebook group.  The three membership questions can be optional or mandatory.  To start with, please make it optional as your group grows and goes viral, change it to mandatory from optional.


     4) Joining fees

Try this option if your facebook group has more than 10k members, for a smaller group this option doesn’t work.  Some of the facebook group admin have setup a joining fees to join their facebook groups, in this way they can easily earn more than $10 – $100 in a day.  People will only join such groups and will pay if they think, there is some value in joining this group.  Also,

if the group has more than 10k members in it, it will be very easy for them to advertise and market their website or affiliate products.

There are other ways as well like affiliate marketing a member’s product or requesting some donation amount to all members or network and social marketing.  Please make a note there are more than 1 Billion active facebook groups and once the monetization of sponsored post is implemented and live, the count of facebook group may increase.

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