How to get 1K Youtube Subscribers in a Single Day for Free

To monetize your channel the main criteria are 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. Well, most of the YouTubers qualify for 4000 watch hours but they fail to get 1k subscribers. I have seen YouTubers who are still struggling to reach 1k subscribers even after spending years creating and uploading videos.

You will find a lot of methods and a lot of people will keep telling you about how to get 100 subscribers or 1000 subscribers in a month or in a year.

The majority of these methods are paid methods, below are some of the methods which most of them are using.

For all the above methods you will require some amount to spend, some pay $200, and some even pay more than $1k, in short these are paid methods and not everyone’s cup of tea, especially for those who always look for free!

But, do you think these methods work?

No, these methods doesn’t work. Even though I have tried these methods, but still I was unable to get subscribers.

So, what needs to be done to get subscribers on a daily basis, and that too with 100% free?

There are two ways, one is the legit way and the other is a non-legit way.

The legit way will take too much time to get 1k subscribers. It can take months, and even years if you choose the legit way.

The non-legit way is fast and quick, if you rigorously follow the right approach, you can get 1k subscriber’s in a single day.

So what are these legit and non-legit methods of getting 1k subscribers in a single day?

Let us check out the legit method of getting Youtube subscribers.

Legit Way – Create unique and rich content videos consistently

Youtube algorithms always look for unique and exceptional videos. If Youtube thinks that the video which is created and uploaded is different and extraordinary, it will rank your video, and if your video has a better ranking, it will attract many users and so are the subscribers.

But this method is very slow. Also, creating such videos is not that easy, it can take hours and days to create such unique videos as there is a lot of research required. Moreover, you can hardly create 5-10 videos in a month; this means approximately 70-80 videos in a year, which is a little less.

The most important part is, that you should be consistent enough to upload a minimum of 10 – 20 videos daily.

Non-Legit Method – Copy someone else video

This is the best method if you want to grow your channel quickly. Though it is non-legit, it is still acceptable and many YouTubers are using this method to gain more subscribers.

But, how to copy someone else video, and will there be any problem if I copy and upload someone else video?

First of all, there is no problem or no violation, or any policy breach if you upload someone’s video. But, you need to smartly copy and upload it. You can’t just blindly copy it and upload it, this can create problems.

Make use of applications and websites if you want to upload a video directly from Youtube.

Use a platform like Y2mate, it is a free website to download Video / Audio files from Youtube. It supports almost all video formats and audio / video quality. The good thing about Y2mate is that you can download age-restricted videos and geo-restricted videos from y2mate.

Follow the below steps to download the Youtube videos.

1) Copy the link of the video which you want to download.
2) Go to the homepage of Y2mate and paste the video link in the bar and click start.
3) Select the video / audio format you want to download and click the download button.

It’s not over; I would recommend trimming or editing the video before you upload the video.

The next step is using one more free application, Canva. Upload the downloaded video in Canva, trim the video as per your requirement, edit, and add whatever you want. Normally Youtuber adds their affiliate links or any product or service link which they want to promote and advertise.

Now you are done with it, you can directly upload the video. The entire process of creating and uploading a copied video takes only a few minutes, this means you can easily upload more than 20 – 30 videos per day, this is really awesome!

Learn more on Canva here.

But before you upload the copied video, you need to finalize which video you need to copy. You can’t just copy any video, you need to find the trending videos which are in high demand.

Use Google Trends to Finding Trending Video

Open Google Trends, go to trending searches and change the geo-location if you want to upload a video of a specific country, I would recommend to use the United States as the CPC is very good as compare to other countries. You will find 2 options in the Google Trends, Daily search trends, and realtime search trends. Search for videos related to trending topics, and once you have found the relevant video, follow the above steps and upload it.

Use Youtube to find trending videos

Go to Youtube homepage, click on explore, and then go to trending, in the trending part you will find videos related to Gaming, Music, and Movies. Select which video you want to download, and again follow the same steps

I have tested and tried this method, and on a daily basis, I get more than 200 – 300 subscribers. If you can upload more than 50 – 100 videos in a single day, you have a good chance of getting more than 1k subscribers in a single day.

Use Youtube Shorts

Ensure you use Youtube shorts video, these videos are better to rank, and since these videos are very short in length and size, it becomes very easy to download and upload short videos. While creating videos, use create design and select Youtube Shorts in Canva.

You can actually earn real money only using Youtube Shorts.

Which videos to copy?

Copy videos and clips related to trending games, trending series and movies, highlights of cricket and soccer game, meditation videos, luxury lifestyle videos, and news clips.

Final Words

1000 subscribers in a single day looks difficult, but it is definitely possible, and there are many who have achieved this goal. To summarize, go for a non-legit method, search and select a trending video, copy that video link, download the video from Y2mate, edit and trim the video using Canva, and finally upload the edited video on Youtube.

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