How to get more Followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

You must have seen some celebrities, motivators and influencers having thousands and millions of followers on their social media account. For such personalities, it is easy to get followers as they are public figure.

But, how do a common man can get so many followers? It is possible, even I was having this question in my mind couple of years back.

But now, I have thousands of followers in all my social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Reddit.

What I did differently to get so many followers?

Well, I followed a step-by-step process for few days and weeks and then the followers started to increase from hundreds to thousands.

It is not a rocket science, it is easily doable. No need of software, no need of assistance and no need of paid advertising.

Before starting, let me show you my statistics.

I joined Twitter in year 2016 and currently I have two accounts in it. I have 4k followers in one account and 3.5k followers in other account.

In facebook, I have already crossed the limitations of 5k followers. Moreover, I have three Facebook groups which are having more than 40k members in it.

Talking about Instagram, I have two accounts in Instagram with total followers of 10k.

If you combine all 3 social media accounts, I have close to 90k followers in just 4 years.

This means, If I am advertising or marketing my website, blogs or articles, it will reach to 90k people across the globe resulting in a huge traffic and sales.

Let us see, what are those steps of what are those tips and tricks which one should follow to get so many followers.

1. Post Trending Topics

Post Trending Articles

Trending topics are the most viewed articles on Internet. Be it a image, video or a text, there will be hundreds of people viewing it. And, if you continue to post trending topic, there are fair chances that 10% of people will follow you.

Use Google Trends to find out the trending topic in the internet.

Trending topic keeps changing every single day, so you need to have a close watch and keep a track on this.
Apart from Google Trends, one can also use below websites to find trending topics.




2. Post Frequently

This is the biggest mistake which everyone makes, we loose the track. We post for few days or few weeks and then we forget, our next post is once in a week or once in a month.

A person who has started following you will unfollow you, if they think that your posts are not regular. Therefore, you need to post articles and blogs regularly so that it doesn’t create any gaps.

I have made a schedule like this, every Monday and Thursday I post some viral or trending topics in Instagram and every Tuesday and Friday, I post in Facebook and Twitter. This routine repeats every week and month.

Even if you do not have a viral content or a trending article, do not stop posting. The more you post, the more followers in your Social Media account.

3. Offer Something

Offer Some Rewards

To attract followers, you need to offer something. 

 What I Offer?

 I offer my followers, access to some of my blogs and articles on Online Earning and Passive Income. If you have blogs, you can offer what I am offering. Or else, you can offer some free coupons or some free training materials or videos.

One can also offer some free e-books which are readily available online. I am also offering help by providing free solutions to some of the challenges and concerns for which my followers are facing.

This is required to build a steady and healthy relationship with your followers.

4. Invite to Like your post or page

If you want more followers on Social media Facebook, the best way is to create a facebook page or group and invite people to like your page and group. This will increase your facebook followers.

And, if you are using Instagram, Twitter or Youtube, you need to invite people to like your post, article and videos. If 100 people are liking, at least 10 people will follow you.

In my case, my content is so rich, unique and attractive that if there are 100 likes then at least 20% will follow me.

5. Use Correct Hashtags and Keywords

Hashtags are used to discover more people.  In Instagram, you can add up to 30 hashtags.  Pick relevant hashtags.  Just like hashtags, you need to add the correct keyword in your article of post.  To get the trending and accurate keyword, no need to go with some paid software, in place of that you can use Google Keyword Planner which is free to use.

Keywords play a crucial role in getting more traffic and more followers.  In your article add at least 3 – 4 keywords.

Access Keyword research tool, Bulk Keyword Data Tool and Hashtag Generator for Free, visit H-SuperTools.

6. Remove Fake Accounts

Beware From Fake Accounts

When your follower grows, the chances of fake followers also grows. Fake followers are nothing but Bots, inactive accounts, people which are not real, followers which are created through some script and algorithm, etc.  These followers will not engage with your posts nor the post will be viewed by them

 What needs to be done?

Drill down each of your follower by reviewing your entire follower’s list.  Identify fake follower and remove from your list!

How do I identify which is a fake follower?

7. Create Welcome Message

Write Welcome Messages to your New Followers

Whenever someone follows you, you get a notification, be it Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Reddit. Wait for few days, once you have 10-15 followers, send a welcome message to all these new followers.

You can also introduce yourself and welcome them.

I do this for all my new followers. Some of them will reply, reply to these new followers and interact with them, thus making a healthy relationship.

It is better you create a template like “Thanks for following me, My name is XYZ and I am working as a ABC“.  XYZ can be your name and ABC can be your profession.

Remember one thing “The first impression is the last impression“.

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  1. Hi Yogin, great article !!! I’ve been very active on Facebook and Instagram. Both platforms work differently and although pentagram seems to be simpler regarding interface, I have been getting better results from Instagram instead of Facebook. I did not try hashtags yet, but I will start it soon. Cheers from David


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