How to Make Money From Guest Posting

Until last year I was not aware that in blogging a guest can also earn daily. Not $1-$5 daily, but a guest blogger can earn more than $100 per day. Yes, this is very much true and achievable! Guest posting or Guest blogging is in high demand across the world. There are many positions vacant for guest blogger in big marketing and advertising companies.

Let us check out in this blog about Guest blogging, how to become a guest blogger and what are the benefits of guest posting. This blog is for both, a person who is new to blogging world and to a person who is an experienced blogger but has never tried guest posting or guest blogging for earning.

What is Guest Blogging?

Blogging, everyone knows! Writing a blog is termed as blogging, a blog can be a post or an article which is written on any niche, niche can be travel, sports, digital marketing, food, technology, online market, music, etc. A person who writes blog, post or an article on other’s website or blog is called a guest blogger and the activity is called Guest Blogging or Guest Posting.

A guest blogger is normally a person hired from outside to write blogs on someone else website. The person may or may not write blogs on the same niche. In most of the cases the guest blogger will write blogs on the same niche. For example, if the blog website is related to travel, the guest blogger is hired to write blog related to travel. Either the blogger is paid from the site owner or he pays to the site owner so that he can generate a good amount of traffic on to his websites through backlinks.

How to become a Guest blogger?

To become a guest blogger you should have a good writing skills, you should be a blogger not necessary a professional blogger. You should have at least written few 20-30 posts of close to 1200 words per post.  All articles should legit, rich and unique.

What you want to achieve?

Through guest blogging what you want to achieve? Do you want to earn money by charging the site owners to write articles on their websites or do you want to just advertise your brand and blog by making a backlink back to your website. Both methods are beneficial for a guest blogger, with the first option he will earn money and with the second option he will earn traffic to his website.

Identify Sites for Guest Blogging

Look out for sites of your niche on which you can post your blog as a guest blogger. Identify sites that you think are good for you. Target sites which are into online products and service selling business.

Keep writing rich content blogs

Be consistent in writing blogs, companies and websites who hire blogger look out for consistency in a guest blogger.  Therefore, please be updated  with the latest blogs and make a habit of writing at least 3-4 blogs per week. 

Moreover, your content should be legit, rich and unique, avoid pasting any copied content or article.

Guest blogging is one of the way of earning from blogging, I have started guest posting few months back and I am charging $10 (1000 words) to write blogs on other websites and more than $20 (2000 word) if the article required is lengthy. One can easily find such websites over the internet where guest bloggers are required.

In fact Guest blogging benefits both the host as well as the contributor. The website owner or the host will get fresh and rich content on his website which can generate more traffic and subscribers.   And the contributor in this case is the guest blogger, he will get more exposure, experience and even money if he is charging some money.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

Increase in Web traffic

Guest blogging can increase the traffic for both parties. If a guest blogger is having his own website, he can write an articles for some other website and he can add a backlink which can drive the traffic back to his website. For the website owner, there will be increase in the count of blog and articles and if the content is catchy he can get millions of traffic which can convert to earnings.

Improve PA and DA

DA is domain authority and PA is page authority, if your DA and PA score is good you have a good chance of ranking in google and other search engines. Guest blogging helps in improving the SEO, Domain authority and Page authority. To check your DA and PA, sign up with moz, its an SEO tool which can help to improve SEO, convert more traffic and make your site rank higher.

Brand Awareness

When you do a guest post you get exposure to different websites and portals, you also get exposure to a larger audience. Guest posting gives you an opportunity to connect to new audience, this can increase your readers, follower and subscriber’s. This can also lead to more social media exposure.

It improves your writing skills

The more you do a guest post the more your writing skills will enhance. You will gain more experience, confidence and happiness; this will motivate you to write more articles. And, once you start earning through guest blogging your motivation will reach to the highest peak.

Get recognized through Guest blogging

If you get good appreciation and response for some of your sites where you have done guest blogging, you are bound to get recognized and once you get that recognition you will see list of big companies requesting you to write blogs for their websites.

Though, there are lots of advantages of guest blogging! At the same time there are some drawbacks also of guest blogging. The drawbacks are mostly for the host or the website owner who invites guest blogger to write content on their websites. If the content is a copied content or not a unique one, it can decrease the domain authority and page authority of the website, this will definitely decrease your website ranking.

Below are some the best guest blogging website which you can try.

Visit these website and go to the write for us section, you will probably get a form to fill. Enter your name, email id and mention that you want to write a guest blog


If you are good in blogging than Guest blogging is one of the quickest method of earning, you don’t require Google Adsense or Affiliate Marketing for your blogs. Apart from earning it will also improve your internal written skills which can make you an expert.

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Do you get paid for guest posting?

In paid guest posting, you get paid for writing a guest post.

How much should I pay for a guest post?

It depends on the domain authority of the site.

How do I get clients for my guest posting?

1. Promote your blogs.
2. Pitch your ideas.
3. Write a strong author biography.
4. Find blogs

What is the benefit of guest posting?

Guest posting increases traffic and reach. You can reach to a wider audience and gain more followers and subscribers.

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