How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate on Facebook

Amazon Affiliate is one of the best and widely used affiliate marketing platforms, there is no question about it! And Facebook is one of the most popular social networking platforms with a user base of close to 2 Billion.

People are now earning more than $1000 per day when they are promoting and advertising their affiliate products on Facebook. This is not just applicable only for Amazon affiliate products, people are also promoting Clickbank Affiliate products, eBay Affiliate products, zvzoo Affiliate products and Warrior+ Affiliate products.

Understanding what is Facebook Affiliate Marketing?

When someone uses the power of Facebook to drive traffic to their affiliate products, this is called as Facebook Affiliate Marketing.

But how do we get traffic on affiliate products?

One can get traffic through Facebook posts, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Facebook events and Facebook Marketplace.

Even if you do not have marketing and advertising skills, through Facebook you can get tons of traffic. Most of the top Affiliate marketers are using Facebook and are 100% dependent on Facebook.

How to increase your Facebook Audience

This is the first step before you actually start your affiliate marketing of Amazon products or any other Affiliate platform. The more number of people connected to you, the more traffic on to your affiliate products. 

Getting a good number of audience can take several years, but here I will share some of tips and tricks which can help you in getting a good amount of Audience.

Post some Giveaways

To begin with, start posting giveaways which are 100% free, this is just to gain trust. Free giveaways like Amazon Vouchers, Pizza discount, 50% sale on some products, some free software, free membership, etc. 

There are few sites through which you can get some free giveaway like the cpagrip or cpalead.

You can also share free eBooks which you can get it through any eBooks PLR site.

Keep giving free giveaways for at least few weeks or months, there will be definitely some set of people who will look for some kind of such giveaways, they will start following you. 

Keep a good connect  with them,  but ensure you are consistent.  Post such giveaways every day.

Facebook Page and Facebook Groups

Facebook Page and Groups are the most popular ways of promoting affiliate products on Facebook.

What are Facebook Page?

Pages are place on Facebook where artists, public figure, businesses, brands, organizations, advertiser, marketers and nonprofits can connect with their fans and customer. 

When anyone likes or follow a particular page, they will start seeing updates from that page. Though, there is no limit to the number of Facebook pages you can create, but your facebook page should be unique with some specific item or data and most importantly it should now violate the facebook rules and policies.

What are Facebook Groups?

Facebook groups are place to communicate about shared interests with certain people. You can create Facebook page of your interest and passion. If your passion is sports, you can create group on a particular sports, if you interest is in travel then you can create group related to travel where you can post articles related to travel like destinations, trips, travel accessories, visits to beautiful destination, etc.

There are 3 types of Facebook Groups: public, private and secret. Go with Facebook group if you want to promote affiliate products. It’s totally free to create Facebook groups.
Below you will see how to create a Facebook page and Facebook Group.

How to Create a Facebook Page?

Once you are logged in to your Facebook profile. Click on pages on the Facebook Home page.

Click on Create New Page.

Fill the Page information, category and the description. That’s it your Facebook pages is created.

How to create a Facebook Group?

On the Facebook Homepage, click on Groups.

In the next page, click on Create New Group.

Write the Group Name. Choose the privacy, whether you want the group to be public or private. There is an optional field wherein you can invite your friends on this group which you are creating.

And in the last click on Create Group.

How to get traffic on Affiliate Products through Facebook Page and Facebook Group

Now if you are done with the creation of Facebook Page and Facebook Group.  There is one part which is still missing, you need to add relevant data on your Page and Group about yourself.

If Someone joins your group or like or follow your page, what is that they will get it from this group or page

You will need to add basic information about yourself in your group and page. Let us use an example of Amazon Affiliate Marketing. If I am planning to market and promote amazon products, I need to mention what kind of products I am promoting and what are the offers available with me, for an end user what will be the benefit if a person buys a products from my affiliate group of page.

In the page or in the group you can add images and videos of your affiliate products. Check out one of my Facebook group below.

I created a Facebook group (public) last month and now I have close to 401 members in just 40 days, this means there are 10 members per day who are joining my group. There are groups which have more than thousands of members, if the products which you are promoting are unique then your Facebook group will automatically grow organically.

If you compare Facebook group with Facebook page, groups are more better as it can reach to a larger audience unlike page. But, keep one thing in mind, if you violate any rules of Facebook your group will be disabled. Enabling a Facebook group is a very cumbersome process and to enable such disabled groups it can take months and years.

Promote Affiliate products through Simple Facebook Posts

This is the most easiest way to promote Affiliate products and even I am using this method frequently.

Create a post and add images of your affiliate products, you can add multiple images or even videos. Write few lines about your affiliate products and then add your Amazon Affiliate link. Do add some hashtags so that it can reach to a much larger audience.

Below is for you reference, wherein I was promoting IPL (IPL is an Indian cricket fantasy league) jersey which were available on Amazon.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a destination on Facebook where people can discover, buy and sell products and services. People can browse multiple products of their interests and their likes, categories and price.

How to create listing of your affiliate products in Facebook Marketplace

On the Facebook Homepage, click the Marketplace icon.

Click on Create new listing.

Choose the listing types, Do you want to sell some products, sell your vehicle or sell or rent your property. Since we are promoting our Amazon Affiliate Products, we will choose the first option.

You need to add photos of your products, title, description and the price. In the description please add your amazon Affiliate product link.

Check out one of my listing, I promoted an amazon affiliate product which was a Redmi 9A mobile phone. I have added the title, description with the Affiliate link, condition and the image.

Trust me if you use Facebook Marketplace smartly, you can generate a good amount of affiliate income. And like I said earlier, you can promote other Affiliate products of different Affiliate platforms like ClickBank, Hostinger, eBay, WarriorPlus, Zvzoo, etc.

Final words

Facebook is the best platform for Affiliate Marketers who wants to earn a good earning every day.

There are other ways as well like the facebook Ads, but it’s a paid one. So, I will not generally recommend a paid method if you can easily earn from a free method be means of Posts, Pages, Groups and Marketplace.

If you want to learn and earn Online Earning and Passive Income, do check out my other sites and blogs.


How do I use Facebook as an Amazon Affiliate?

1. Create Video reviews and link products.
2. Promote your business posts on your Facebook page.
3. Make Facebook Groups and promote physical products and Digital products.

How do you make money with Affiliate links on Facebook?

Promote and Advertise your Affiliate links on Facebook page, Facebook Groups, and use Facebook Ads.

Can I promote Amazon Affiliate links on Facebook Ads?

No, this is not allowed. Place affiliate links on Post, Facebook Page and Facebook Groups.

Can I use my Facebook page for Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, you can use your Facebook page for Affiliate marketing but do not spam it or else your page will be disabled by Facebook.

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