Make Money With Mobile App

Make money from mobile apps for doing nothing! Looks strange but this is true!.
Without watching any ads, without filling any surveys or doing affiliate marketing, one can easily earn a good amount of money.

All you need to do is, install the application and start using it, which is very simple. These application are supported with both iOS and Android, so you don’t have to worry.

These apps run in the background, so even if you are doing your household work, watching TV or doing something else, you can still earn daily money, which is actually a passive income for you.

So, let us start and see what are these apps which pay you. Along with this, we will also review these apps to check if these apps are worth installing in your mobile phone. All these apps are 100% legit.

1. Panel App

The official website of this app is  There are two ways of earning from this app, by completing surveys and by running in the background of your phone and collecting data. There will not be any security breach as do data will be shared to anyone, nor will it impact your phone’s performance, no way there will be any data stealing. It is 100% safe and secure to install this app, it can be installed on both Android phones and iPhone’s.

One has to just install this app and let it run in the background, that’s it!

The review of this app is very good. In google play store the ratings are 4.3 out of 5 and in Apple play store it is 4.6.

The application actually collects data from your phone which is used for market research and analysis and that is how you are paid.  To double your earning, start completing some surveys, though these surveys will be long and boring but these surveys can fill your wallet with some money.

This app is really a great app as the majority reviews are positive.

4.3 on Google Play store
4.6 on Apple Play store

2. Money SMS

This is the second mobile app which pays you, it is called Money SMS, their official website is

Like the previous app, you don’t have to do nothing. Here also, the app will pay you for doing nothing!

The only difference is that this application will use SMS and not data which was used in the earlier app.

Money SMS is a free Android app which allows you to make money online automatically by receiving SMS generated by the inbuilt system of Money SMS and customers.


Unfortunately this app only support Android, therefore you cannot use on iOS devices. Money SMS is having a very good referral program, You will get 30% of your referral earning, which is awesome!

On google play store, it has 4 star rating with close to 4k reviews.  Probably this app is not much popular like the panel app as people might have a fear of stealing some data from their SMS.  But, like the other app, this app is 100% legit and worth installing on your android device.

For each text message which you receive, you will get 0.02 Euro.

4 on Google Play Store

But, why do you get paid for receiving SMS?

The reason is that a lot of Telecom SMS providers and Mobile Network Operators need to send SMS test messages to foreign countries to verify and ensure proper delivery of their SMS routes. You actually get paid because Money SMS use your phone number to provide such testing services.

It supports payment option like Paypal, Webmoney and Bitcoin.

3. S'more

This third application is S’more,  which is only available to people leaving in the United States, so it won’t work worldwide like the previous two apps.  The review of this app is 4.4 with 50k reviews in Google play store. 

So, how can one earn from this app?

1.S’more will show you relevant content and ads on your lockscreen.

2. You earn points every day regardless of the number of ads you see or click on.

3. Redeem your points for gift cards from retailers, then spend that lockscreen cash!

S’more has also a good referral program, use the refer the friend feature to get additional points by sharing referral link and code, You can refer as many friends and family members as you like.

To summarize, S’more pays you for doing something which you are already doing: unlocking your phone.  S’more will show relevant ads on your lockscreen, that’s it you will be paid.  There are offers and games as well through which you earn points and rewards which can then be redeemed to real money.

4.4 on Google Play Store

4. MobileExpression

This application is called MobileExpression, this app is similar to the first app which collects data from your phone and you get paid for it. This app

MobileXpression is provided by one of the world’s largest market research organizations, comScore, Inc.

When someone installs this app, they will be rewarded with some benefits.

* Earn sign up points when you join and remain active in this application.

* Sweepstakes prizes may include cash, gift cards, and electronic merchandise.

* Earning benefits is super easy. Simply keep the app active! Claim points each week and redeem them for gift cards at your convenience.

* Your points will not expire as long as you are an active member in MobileXpression.

* Help the environment. Your active participation will allow this app to donate a tree to Trees for Knowledge.

Rating of this app is 4.2 with 50k reviews.

4.2 on Google Play Store

You cannot expect too much earning from these apps, but if you install all these 4 apps, then you can have a decent earning.  I would recommend to install and use all these apps, I can guarantee that at least you will be able to earn $5-$10 daily.

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Can you make money with a mobile app?

Over 18% of android app developers earn over $5,000 per month, and the same amount is earned by 25% of iOS app developers. Video game apps are making money in millions. Now, the growing market of smart TVs and the emerging market in smartwatches will expand the app business in the coming years.

Which mobile app is best for making money?

Swagbucks. You make money as soon as you sign up for Swagbucks (available for iOS and Android) with a $10 sign-up bonus. The boilerplate market research app allows you to accrue points by taking surveys, shopping online or playing games, things you can do as you wait in line or have some downtime on your commute.

How do mobile apps make money for free?

1. Advertising. Advertising is probably the most common and easiest to implement when it comes to free apps makes money.
2. Subscriptions.
3. Selling Merchandise.
4. In-App Purchases.
5. Sponsorship.
6. Referral Marketing.
7. Collecting and Selling Data.
8. Freemium Upsell.

Do free apps make money?

Free apps are monetized through various means, including advertising, in-app purchases, sponsorship, and affiliate marketing.

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