Real Way to Make Money From Home

In today’s world, everyone is busy making money for their family, some are working in companies, some have their own business, some are earning through online, etc.  However, everyone wants ways to make money from home.  We hardly have any time for our families as 80% of time, we are either working or are away from our families.  In this blog, i will show and highlight on some of the latest ways through which you can real money sitting at home.  If you are working, then you wife, your son or daughter can start earning from home.  In this way, you can help the other sole member by generating some good side income.  Some of these ways require some good technical skills but some are so easy that even a nonprofessional can start it.  Even if these methods can earn you $10 a day, it is great to start with.  You can eventually end up earning $300 in a month, which is awesome.


How to make money blogging?  Read the entire blog.

A blog is a discussion or informational website, which is published on internet.  A blog can be of any topic.   For example, my blogs are related to passive income and online earnings.  Some have blogs related to sports, entertainment, education, politics, news, etc.  The other name of blog is posts.  The person who writes blog is called as blogger and the activity of writing blogs is called blogging.  At present, there are more than 600 million blogs in the world out of over 1.7 billion websites.  Single website can have as many blogs, there is no limitations.  Some of the top bloggers are actually earning on an average more than $500 daily and for them this is the only source of income.  Earning $15000 in a month is really a good income; even a good salary person is unable to earn such amount.  Blogging is actually the easiest ways of earning money for any person.  One can make blogging as a mainstream career; people have actually left their 9am-5pm job and started writing blogs.  In this blog, we will see how actually bloggers earn money on a daily basis.

When you write an article or post on your website, you have to advertise your blogs so that people reach out to read your blogs.  Once they are on your blogs and they start reading it, they will see some advertisement of some companies or some brand, there are chances that they will click those ads.  Clicking on these ads will generate some income, some percentage of that income will be given to you.  This is how bloggers generate incomes.  The question is, who will put ads on your blogs.  This is done by google adsense, google adsense is a program run by google through which website publishers in the google network of content serve interactive media advertisements that are targeted to the audience.  For example, a small company pays $100 to google adsense for displaying ads of their company.  Google adsense will accept the offer, it will then allow us to publish these ads on your website or blogs.  If someone views or click those advertisements, google adsense will pay some amount to you.  Bloggers generally have more than 3-4 website in which there are hundreds of blogs.  But to qualify for google adsense there are some procedures which everyone has to follow.  In addition, there are some prerequisite before one can qualify for google adsense.   At present, there are many google adsense competitors, which you can select like medianet, popads, etc.  Now, let us focus on some points which you should consider before writing blogs and how to monetize your blog.

Choose a Website hosting platform

This is the first step, before you actually start blogging.  You need to select a good website hosting platform so that you can build and host a website.  In the website, you can then create a blog section and start writing blogs.  Choose a hosting platform which is free if you are a starter, you can later on go for a paid platform.  Some of the most widely used web hosting platform are; Bluehost, Hostgator, Godaddy, etc.  Some of these platforms also gives an option to select domain name, right domain name plays an important role in any business.  Check out here to find out the best web hosting platform.


Website Management

Once you have selected and finalized on hosting platform, you need to create and manage a website.  Either you can create a website through a web developer which can cost you around $100 – $500, or you can create your own website through wordpress.  Creating and managing a website is very easy through wordpress, it will cost you just $10 – $40, which is very cheap if you compare it with other website builder.  You can make your website attractive and interactive using some free colorful themes available in wordpress.  One can setup a website in wordpress in 2 hours even if the person is not having any technical knowledge on web development.  Once your site is ready, you can then create multiple blogs.  Write at least 20+ blogs on your website, before you actually submit your site for approval in google adsense.  The next step is to get approval from google adsense so that ads can be placed on your website.

Google Adsense approval

This is the toughest part for a website or a blog to get approved.  To place ads on your website, you will have to submit your website in google adsense.  Technical team of google will review your website for couple of days.  If they are fine with your website, they will approve your site in google adsense, this means your website is now available for posting ads.  There are very high chances that in some cases, your site will not get approved, but you can again appeal, do changes and again submit for approval.   If there is a frequent disapproval from google adsense, there are chances that your adsense account will be suspended.  Disapproval can be because of many reasons;

  1. Website was very slow to load.
  2. There were error loading the website
  3. The website were having duplicate articles
  4. Website was infected with some malicious programs or virus
  5. There were abusive languages in the blog or website
  6. You violated some of the adsense program policies

If your site is still not getting approved for ads, you can try other google adsense competitors, check out here to find out more.


Get traffic on to your website

Once your website is approved for placing ads in google adsense, the next step is to get traffic on to your website so that maximum people can reach out to your website.  The more number of people on your website or blog, the more traffic, the more chances of clicking ads on your webiste.  One can get traffic on website or blog either by some paid advertising or some paid marketing programs.  If you do not want to spend money on paid programs, you can get traffic using free social media platforms like facebbok, twitter, reddit, instagram, quora, linkedin, etc.  Check out here, as to how to earn online money through your blogs if your choose the right social media platform like facebook to advertise your blog or website.  Coming back to generating website traffic, i have written a blog specifically on how to generate traffic for free using some tools and websites like trafficonic, trafficg, traffup and Wadojooo.


Hope you have enjoyed reading my above blog, so to summarize on how to earn money from blogs, here what we studied,

  • Choose a right and best web hosting platform.
  • Create and manage your website using website builder so that one can write blogs.
  • Get your website approved in google adsense to place ads
  • Get traffic on your blogs using some free websites or tools.

Coming to my final statement as what have you studied today.  Today you got to know how to start blog and get paid and how to earn money through blogging.  Do Bloggers make money?  Yes, some are making million dollars every month.