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Websites are all over the internet, there are approximately more than 100 million websites across the globe.  Some own a single a website, whereas there are people who are owning more than 10 websites, these websites could be of some big business, large mnc’s, etc.   Some of them own websites so that they can have passive side income.  Today, every person who use internet are using websites to search a particular product or services.  Increasing visibility is the prime role of a website.  Having a website, gives you an online presence.  There are some other advantages of a website, it allows you to reach a wider audience, it provides a medium to showcase your work, it is always accessible and the best part is it, it can improve customer service.

  1. A website is an easy way of keeping up to date, sharing information, socializing with people. Websites are used for a variety of things these days, from talking to other people to selling things online. The latest tool to make life comfortable and enjoyable
  2. Banking made easy: One need not spend hours in queues to either transfer their funds or receive them. You can get all the financial services now being offered in the cool comfort of your home. That is what online banking is offering you.
  3. Matrimony made easy: Want a match for you or your daughter or son? You need not spend sleepless nights. Selection has become as easy. Websites have made matrimony A partner is just a click away!
  4. International job listings: Only place where one gets the largest number of job listings from all over the world.
  5. The only medium to introduce oneself to the Internet to improve one’s business.
  6. Movie online: Name a movie you get it online, thanks to websites.

Now you must have understood the need of a website.  But, who are the top players who can provide website hosting platform.  A web hosting service will usually give you the tools to help you build the best website possible for your online business or hobby and make it accessible on the internet.  The most comprehensive providers will offer a whole range of services: dedicated servers and management, website creator wizards, companion email addresses, hosting for WordPress-built sites, security and SEO features and more. They may even offer you the opportunity to build it with your input, leaving you to focus on your core business.  I have listed some of the best website-hosting providers.

  • BlueHost – One click install for wordpress, easy to use, beginner friendly and 24/7 support
  • Hostgator – Free website transfer, no storage limit, multiple datacenter locations and unlimited email accounts
  • Godaddy – 100GB website storage, cPanel and website builder access and uptime guarantee for 99.9%
  • Siteground – Knowledgable customer support, 24/7 chat support and 20+email accounts
  • Dreamhost – Monthly plans available, 97 day money back guarantee and unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • Hostinger – Datacenter in US, Europe and Asia, Free SSL certificate and 24/7 chat support
  • WestHost – Good uptime, Cheap pricing, Free cloudfare and free backups
  • A2 hosting – Unlimited bandwidth and storage, 24/7 chat support and 20+ email accounts
  • Site5 – Free migrations and Unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • GreenGeeks – Free site transers and Unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • Inmotion web hosting – Excellent performance, great rich support and cpanel and powered hosting
  • Tsohost web hosting – Flexible plans and options, transparent pricing and Free daily backups
  • Wix – Powerful features, user friendly editor and Smart selection of templates
  • Hostwinds – High specification servers available, competitive pricing and no control panel as standard
  • Weebly – Stylish website templates, free plans and starter package supports basic web store

Tips before you select the website hosting platform

I have reviewed more than 20 website hosting companies, and from my past experience i have listed some of the tips which everyone should follow before finalizing their hosting platform.

a. Check yourself, if you want a started website or a professional website?
If your website is primarily a hobby on the side then that shouldn’t matter. However, as an essential business tool, it is often false economy to go for the cheapest deal (or a free one) on offer.
b. Beware of pricing tricks
The overwhelming majority of web hosting vendors offer low prices at the beginning of their contracts but then jack up the pricing after the introductory period ends. That can be 24, 36 or even 60 months after signing up. Always look for the total cost of ownership.
c. Just how trustworthy is the provider?
Just about anyone can pretend to be a real web host and just be reselling someone else’s products. So, look to see how long they’ve been around, do they have a contact address, who owns them, are they making realistic promises on the website etc. Google is your friend.
d. Know your limits
How comfortable are you with creating your own website? Do you need external help to understand the numerous ramifications (including legal and commercial ones) that publishing one entails?
e. Consider website builders
You don’t need web hosting to get online and website builders offer an interesting and compelling alternative. However you cannot migrate your content easily if you want to leave because of their proprietary nature.

Considering all my past experience, i will go with Godaddy or Hostinger.  I have taken a feedback from more than 100 customers and 62% have voted godaddy as the best website hosting company. 

Whereas Hostinger is gaining lot of popularity as they offer an attractive price, this includes Web Hosting + Free Domain + Free SSL.


More about Godaddy


GoDaddy is an American publicly traded Internet domain registrar and web hosting company, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, and incorporated in Delaware.  Even if you are a beginner or a professional, godaddy is the best option.  At present, Godaddy is one of the leading hosting solutions in the world, hosting around 44 million websites.  From Jan 2018 to Jan 2020, godaddy websites have shown a 99.97% uptime, which is far better than other website hosting companies.

Godaddy provides free backup and restore services, free microsoft O365 business email for one year, an uptime guarantee (99.9%), unlimited storage and free domain with the annual plan.  Godaddy offers the cheapest hosting package starting from $2.5 per month.  24/7 chat support is the best, they also offer automated chatbots which are really very helpful.  From past couple of years it has retained the number one position and the tools and services are able to satisfy most of the customer needs.


Hostinger is an web hosting provider company, founded in 20004. It has a user base of around 29 millions and has its subsidiaries in 178 countries.

Hostinger provides a variety of services, this includes;

At present, Hostinger is providing an ultimate sale with 90% OFF on Web Hosting + Free Domains + Free SSL for Just $1.99 per month.

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FAQ on Godaddy

I have received a mixed response from people across the globe, most of them are happy with godaddy and few are not.  Moreover, i have received a lot of queries on godaddy as well.  Below, are some the questions which were raised.

Like if we create a website on Godaddy then how will we give ads of it

How reliable is Godaddy is there any other economical option to it?

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If you are publisher and want to host an open source journal then which platform is helpful to you?

In which platform the host based intrusion detection system are implemented or used?

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I want to host the website through out the world user has to experience is that Web site is local?

World best 3 web hosting that should be recommended by WordPress.

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