Success Tips

Let’s be practical, there is no book or guide, on online course that defines Success, so do not waste your time in buying such books or watching videos on success and “how to become a Successful Person“.

However, there are few tips which I will be updating over here, these tips are derived from my rich experience.  And, there are many who have actually become successful post following these tips.

What is Success for You?

What does Success means for you? 

Is it just money, lavish lifestyle, cars, and large beautiful home. We measure success by comparing ourselves with our friends, relatives, and Colleagues, which is totally wrong!

You get happy, when you buy a lavish car or an apartment, which your colleague or friend couldn’t buy, this is not Success, this is jealousy. This happiness is just for sometime. Again the same old story begins, you will now compare for some other thing.

A happiness which is there for life-long is a success for you.

Do mistakes and learn

The more you do mistakes, the more you will improve and succeed. Unless and until you to mistakes, you will not learn.

We have real examples of big leaders who did big mistakes in their life, but now are successful persons.

Steve Jobs, Owner and Founder of Apple did a lot of mistakes, from his mistakes he learned and became successful.

Steve’s biggest mistake was in 1986, when George Lucas was selling his Pixar Graphics. Steve never expected that company to grow, and therefore he did not put his money to buy. Later on Pixar became a big hardware company.

Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg also admitted that he has done his biggest mistake of sharing close to 87 million people with Cambridge Analytica.

After doing mistakes, these leaders have improved, they never cribbed what was done in the past. This is one of the greatest quality of a successful person, which one should always follow.

Always Stay Positive

Successful leaders are always positive.

You will get negativity from your colleagues, friends, relatives, and people who are jealous because of your success. Stay away from such people, and become close to people who are always positive, and who are always happy in your success. This will create positivity in your mind and this will reflect on your work and nature.

Replace some words, replace “Can’t with Can”, “No with Yes”. You need to replace these words in both personal life as well as professional life. You will see the difference in few days.

Believe in yourself that you can do any task, do not just give up. 

Remember one thing “Nothing is impossible”.