Get Free International Traffic from these 5 Websites

The math is simple; if you have tons of traffic on your content, blog, or post, you can earn a good amount of money. People, digital marketers, affiliate marketers, business owners, and bloggers are trying their level best to drive traffic.

I have seen bloggers and content writers struggling to get traffic on their websites. Eventually, they end up getting paid traffic that is not a quality one, they spend hundreds of dollar on such paid apps, and websites which generate traffic. But, such websites, or apps do not provide quality traffic, it is just quantity traffic that is of no use.

If you think your content is real, legit, and unique, you will get organic traffic. But, if you think the content which you have written is not that appealing, you will need a good traffic source with quality end-user visiting your website.

You will have to find out a source that is 100% free and trustworthy. Finding such a source is difficult but not impossible! In this blog, I will be disclosing some of the websites that can help you to get international traffic from premium countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and some of the European countries. The CPC of such countries is good and therefore there is a good chance to earn thousands of dollars.

Also, these websites can drive consistent traffic for free.


Worldprofit is a website that specializes in traffic generations, business-building software, various reseller opportunities, webcasting, and online business training. It was founded in the year 2004 by George Kosch, who served as a Captain in the Canadian Air force as a Pilot, and also a jet trainer.

Worldprofit provides various kinds of training and support to online worldwide community of home business owners, and affiliate marketers.

Worldprofit has unique tools, services, and resources which one requires to grow their affiliate marketing, and home based business. Services includes domain hosting, proprietary business software, website management, lead generation, advertising , traffic generation, SEO services, and more importantly training and support to manage, and sustain your business.

Even with free membership, you will get expert training, technical and customer support. They have 24×7 support, live and recorded sessions to help their customers.
But, how to generate traffic.

Yes, how will worldprofit help in getting traffic?

They provide an option to post free ads. Create an ad, enter an appealing description and your content link, and that’s it! Once you have posted the free ad, you will have people reaching and clicking your content, thus generating humongous traffic. Placing the ad is 100% free!

Your ad will be displayed not just in the member area but will be displayed on hundreds of websites.

One has to earn credits, if they want to post a new ad, the limit is 10 credits per ad. Worldprofit also provides silver membership which is a paid one, close to $100 per month. I would recommend not to go with the paid membership if you are just a beginner, the choice is yours.


Obackpage is an online destination for classified or personal ads, backpage, listing provider and traffic generation tool. Whether you are business owner, online blogger or an affiliate marketing, you can make use of the Free ad service of Obackpage.
List your article, content, or online product and get millions of traffic.

Obackpage is among the best classified sites within the world for raising awareness and making complete recognition among the shoppers by making the business image. You can target your audience easier and quicker.

Free classified ads of Obackpage provide good quality leads and traffic from your target location. In this website, you can even target specific cities and states of a particular country.


Gab is an American microblogging and social networking site. Gab was founded in 2016 and launched publicly in May 2017. Gab is similar to Twitter, Gab also maintains an email service, a text messaging service, a news aggregate website, a video sharing platform, an advertising platform, and a web browser.

Though there is a lot of controversy around Gab since it promotes free speech and individual liberty. Last year, it was reported that 10,000 users were joining every hour.

Even though it is banned by more than 25 service providers and banned by Google and Apple app stores, it can get immense traffic. If you post any article or blog or content or any affiliate products, thousands of people will visit and reach out to your content.


Pearltrees is a place to organize everything. The free service of this website lets you organize, explore, and share everything. You can post photos, links, articles, pages, products and content on this platform.

Pearltrees claims to be one of the largest communities of curators on the web, by December 2011. The website also broke the one million unique visitors per month barrier in January 2012 and have received in excess of 30,000,000 page views that same month.

One can organize everything in a collection. Collections are visible to everyone, you can explore new collections around your interests, and collaborate with other enthusiasts. In pearltrees, your collections are connected to the collections of other contributors that have elements in common.


TrafficG is a traffic exchange website. TrafficG is all about generating traffic to your websites for free!

Yes, all the TrafficG services are completely free. You will never have to spend any money, unless you wish to do so.

First of all, you will need to become a member, you can join here. After logging in, you can either use the Supersurf, use the Superstart, use the Exchanger, or a combination of all three. Generating traffic on to your content is very easy, quick, and very simple.

You can use these websites along with the regular social media networking sites and Apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, and linkedin. The above five websites are not that famous like the regular social networking sites, but these sites are growing and are having a huge potential to drive traffic in millions.

Apart from these websites, if you want to know more about traffic generation, Online earning and Passive income, do visit my sites and blogs.

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