How to Earn Money from Web Stories by Google

Google keeps coming with some new application every year, couple of months back it was YouTube Shorts, now it is Google Web Stories. Though, Google Web Stories is not new! It was launched couple of years back, but recently it is gaining lot of popularity. Google Web Stories was launched by Google in year 2018, at that time it was known as AMP Stories, it was similar to Instagram and Snapchat stories.

The major difference between Instagram and Snapchat stories is that it opens on web not like Insta or Snapchat which opens on App.

But, why is Google Web Stories getting highlighted everywhere? And, why there are millions of traffic on these web stories?

All these queries will be answered in this article, so please hold on!

What are Google Web Stories?

Google Web Stories are full screen web format which are filled with content. Content can be images, audio, graphics or video. A Google web stories is similar to Instagram and Snapchat stories but they do not disappear after 24 hours, therefore you can view any web stories even after years and months. Like stories there are different sequences which users have to scroll, one can say it is a short format of a blog which can be viewed in a single minute.

There are some limitations of Google web stories in terms of characters, images, audio and video, this is required so that people can view these stories from mobile and other smaller portable devices. In short, Google web stories are visual slideshows. There are various brands which have incorporated Google web stories to get more visitors and user base.

Benefits of Google Web Stories

1) Like a Blog, Google Web Stories can be indexed in Google Search Console.

2) One can place Google Ads on individual Web stories, this can double your Google Adsense earnings.

3) There is a separate Google web stories web link, this makes it easier to share on Social media platform and other online network.

4) You can get massive organic traffic from Google Web Stories.

5) Creating a Google web stories is very simple and fast. Also, one can complete viewing a single web story in a minute, thus saving a lot of time.

6) Publishing a Google web stories post creating it is 100% free, you do not have to pay a single penny.

How to Create a Google Web Stories

The simplest way of creating a Google web story is through WordPress, just install the Web stories plugin in WordPress and get it activated, this entire process will take less than a minute. Like I stated earlier it will take just few minutes to create a complete web story. Though, there are some limitation on a web story, there is no limitation on the number of stories. 

Therefore, you can create hundreds and thousands of web stories. One can create web story on any topic, topic of your interest or topic in which you are an expert or any other trending topic. Before we move on how to create a web story, let us see what are the features on Google Web Stories which one should look into.

Monetization of Google Web Stories

At present Google Web Stories are the best to earn online money and to attract millions of people. You need to add your Adsense publisher ID so that google ads are placed on your stories slides. Apart from the publisher ID, you have to add the slot ID which you can get it from the ad unit’s code. You will get the monetization option under Settings

Publisher Logo
Upload your google web stories logo, this should be unique and will be same for all the web stories which you are creating. Logo can be your site logo or logo related to the content on which you are creating stories. By just seeing the logo, one should make out the background of the story. If my google stories are on travel, I will upload a travel picture or picture related to travelling.

Dashboard of Web Stories
All web stories created will be displayed on dashboard. Even if the stories are not published and still present in the draft, you will still be able to view the draft stories. In short dashboard is the short summary of all web stories which you have created.

Pre-defined Templates
If you want to create web stories in quick time then google recommends to use the pre-defined templates which are readily available for free in Google web Stories. Also, if you are a new to google web stories, the best is to use readymade templates. Once you gain some experience, you can create your own unique template.

Creating your first Google Web Story

• To create your first Google Web Story, you need to go to the stories plugin and click on Create New Story.

• The first thing is to add the Title and write the story description under document, description can be of maximum 200 words.

• Once title and description are ready, you need to add content on your first page. Content can be images, gif, videos or text. Either you can upload images or pick any of the handy images available for free from the store.

• I would recommend adding at least 8-10 slides or pages in your web story, so neither it is too big nor too small.

• On the last page under page advancement you can either add your website name or your website blog link.

• You can design each page, as the customized tool is available for changing the text so that the story looks more attractive and interactive. There is also an option to change the story background.

• Similar to blog, you need to add category of each web story along with the tags.

• There is also an option of adding an audio file to make it more striking.

• Once you have added couple of pages (at least 8), you can save it and then publish it. Your story will be on the internet once you click publish.

• The next step is to index your web story link in Google Search Console and the share it on social media and other online media networks.

• To get a good amount of organic traffic, publish at least 10 -15 web stories and be consistent in publishing. Do not take long intervals.

My Google Web story journey started in year June 2020 (in the covid 19 pandemic), it took almost 2 months for me to earn my First dollar. Post that it took at least 1 week to earn my first $100, and then 3 months to earn $1000, provided I was consistent in publishing the story daily.

In fact, in the past I have created and published multiple stories on a single day.

If you are really serious about Google Web Stories, Jump into it t from today and start your passive income.


How can I earn from Google stories?

Google Web stories can be monetized in multiple ways, this includes affiliate links, sponsored content, programmatic ads or directly sold advertisements. Google also provides support in the form of a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to create Web Stories.  One can easily earn $100 daily through Google Web Stories.

Can I earn money from Google website?

Google AdSense provides a way for publishers to earn money from their online content. AdSense works by matching ads to your site based on your content and visitors. The ads are created and paid for by advertisers who want to promote their products on Google Web Stories.

Are Google web stories worth?

Yes, Google web stories are worth if you are looking for a good passive income source.  It’s a great way to gain organic traffic by pull up your CTR – click-through rate of your brand. So web stories are worth giving a try, after all, Google does prioritize organic traffic over paid traffic. These Web Stories are another way to distribute your content on Google.

Is Google web stories free?

Yes, Google web stories are 100% free.  Newsroom AI allows you to create Google Web Stories for free and comes with several features. With the free version of this tool, you can embed stories on your website and start getting them out on Google. The Analytics report feature allows you to track and analyze the performance of your stories on the web.

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