How To Target Country-specific Website Traffic

If you have or own a website or a blog, you will be very happy if you are getting web traffic from specific countries which you thought of.

I target specific countries like USA, Canada, UAE, UK and Australia. Have some patience, I will tell you why I am targeting only these specific countries!

Well, this blog is for people who are not getting any traffic or not getting traffic from other countries. If your website is of US, then in 90% of cases you will get traffic from US only.

This applies for me as well, my website is from India and I get maximum traffic from India, but this was the past.  I used to buy website traffic from paid software, but now I have stopped it!

The scenario has changed now, I can now decide from where should I get traffic and from which country.

But, why are we targeting only specific countries, why not all countries. The reason is the average cost per click cost. Countries like US, Canada, UAE, Australia and other developed countries pay a very good amount on each click as compared to other Asian and African countries. Below is a table for your reference.

The above table shows that the average cost per click of Countries like UAE, Australia and US is high, this means if your website or blog is promoted in such countries, you earnings will increase.

Even if the traffic is low from these countries, the earnings will be good as the CPC is very high. So on an average if you were getting $0.5 from an African or Asian Counties, you might get $2 from USA and Australia.

One can easily earn $100 – $500 in a month.

This is the actual reason, why people target these countries.

Is It Free To Get Traffic from Target Countries?

So is it free to get traffic from these countries or you have to pay some dollars to get it.

Well, the answer is FREE, it is 100% free.

You have to just download a free software and do some email marketing.

That’s it! In next few days, you will get hundreds of user and thousands of impressions and page views on your blog and website.

Before using this method, I was struggling to get traffic from other countries, I tried social media marketing, network marketing and Email marketing, but none was giving the desired result.

Then I switched to this methods which is a combination of email marketing + using some email software. In just 4 days, My Google Adsense earning went up to $45 from $3, which was really impressing.

The good thing is that you have to use this method once or twice in a week.

So Let us get started!

3-Step Method

1. Install Email Marketing Software.

The first step is to install a software which is totally free. The name of the software is Email Extractor, you can access this link to get the free version of this software. If you are unable to download this software, please comment or contact me.

This software is not a heavy software, it is hardly few mb in size.  This software allows email marketers conduct their email marketing campaigns without any efforts.

2. Start Your Email Extractor Software.

After installing the software which is a very simple process, the software is now ready to do email marketing for you.

Now, there are different ways to get the email id’s from this software. If you want to get email id’s from a particular country, you need to just enter the country name in the search keyword.

Let us see with an example. I want email id’s from country “Australia“. I will type Australia in the search keywords and will click “Start Search“.

In next few minute, I will see all active email id’s displayed on the screen. The search will finish once the software has searched all active and fetchable email id’s.

In the similar way, you can search email addresses from search engine, list of url’s and websites.

3. Copy the Email Addresses and Start Email Marketing.

The last and final step is to copy the list of email id’s into an excel file or a notepad file. If you have purchased the full version that you can extract or export the complete list of email addresses from the software, but if you are using a free version then you will have to manually copy each and every email id.

To start with, free version is better wherein there is a manual process.

Now, your email id’s list is created and you can now start sending your promotion and marketing mails to these users.

What you will see in few days, will be the massive traffic on to your website. This software has a mechanism to search active email id’s of a particular countries, the algorithm of this software searches for active email id, and will display it when found.

One can easily build a email list of 1k users in a month. I have more than 8k users email id’s from this software.

Use Google Analytics to see the live results. Google Analytics is the best website traffic analysis tool, which you can use for free.  This is the only Google Website Traffic application of Google which is widely used by bloggers and YouTuber’s.  On an average if you have send mails to 100 users, it will reach to 80% of users, which is a very good ratio.

By the end of Year 2021, there will be 4.1 Billion people using email id’s. This figure shows that email marketing is the primary source of traffic and this will continue in coming years.

Below are some of the factors why email marketing plays an important role in advertising and marketing.

If you do a detailed research, you will find a lot of website and software’s which claims that they can provide a good traffic from targeted countries.  But for such software’s you will have to burn your pockets.

It is better you try this free software.  There are other companies that drive traffic to your website, but these are very expensive.  They will charge more than $50 per month.

Do check out my other blogs on different source of traffic.  I have also written articles on how to increase web traffic, how to check website visitors and how to boost website traffic.

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