Best Online Job from Home Without Investment in 2024

Online jobs are in great demand and will continue in the coming years.  Work from home jobs without investment and online jobs without investment are the most searched topic on internet.

I have been writing many articles and blogs on Online Earning and Passive Income for the past seven to eight years. Today, I thought of writing an article on online job!

Yes, online job with no investment. It is absolutely 100% free and legit. And, yes it can replace your main source of income which you earn from your regular job.

So, even if you do not have any technical expertise or any technical skills, you can apply, start working and earn daily.

But the question to the answer is still not clear!  How to earn money from home without any investment?  

It is not a freelancing company or a website like Fiverr, neither you have to click on adds or complete some surveys, or sell something through affiliate marketing.

You have a doubt now, what kind of online job is this? where you do not have to sell anything, no surveys, and no clicking of adds.

It is a small growing company which collects data and information from their sources. Sources?

You and I are the sources, this company will hire us to collect data.

The company name is Appen

What is Appen?

Flexible Part-time job from appen

Appen is a company, website and organization which collects data like images, text, speech, audio, video and other data used to build and improve the artificial intelligence system.

They have more than 1 million skilled contractors who can speak over 235 languages, in over 70,000 locations and 170 countries.

The company helps in deploying and implementing world-class Artificial Intelligence (AI) products in industries like retail, healthcare, financial services, technology, automotive and government institutions.

Appen jobs are suitable for a part-time worker as well as for a full-time worker.

Appen Worldwide
2021, Named the 7th largest language service provider in the world in the 2021 Nimdzi 100 Ranking
2021, Winner of the 2021 BIG Innovation Award for partnership with translators without borders on TICO-19 to enable COVID-19 terms translations to 37 languages.
2017 - 2020 Recognized by Common Sense Advisory (CSA Research) as a global leader in the language services industry.

Start Your Journey with appen

Currently appen is hiring for part-time flexible jobs. Jobs for people who can work from anywhere at any time in the world. This part-time flexible jobs are categorized in five parts.

Data Collected by appen is used for AI

To apply for appen jobs, you need to sign-up with appen.  Click Here.

AI demand is growing rapidly, there is a huge need of people who can collect data and label it.  This collected data is used to make machine learning-empowered solutions which is now being used everywhere. 

You just name any technology, and AI will be a part of it.  Appen plays a very crucial role in taking Artificial Intelligence to the next level.

What Appen has to Offer?

Better Pay

Appen pays an above minimum wage to its workers and contractors who work form them in collecting the data which is used in AI. Thus, making every employee happy and satisfied!

Privacy and Confidentiality

Any information collected about the crowd is requested solely for the purposes of the project. Appen takes precautions to protect that information and does not release private data on individuals to third parties without consent.


Append believe in helpful, transparent, and responsive lines of communication with their contractors, workers and employee.


Appen promotes wellness, community and connections through online forums and best practices.


Appen request feedback from all contractors and workers working for them so that they can continuously improve.

Customers running world-class AI and tied up with Appen.

1. Microsoft.
2. Amazon.
3. Adobe.
4. Nextdoor.
6. AI2.
7. LSE.

Types of Annotation Capabilities appen Offers


Data Types: Text, Image, Audio, Video, URL.

Collect user-generated content and links from around the web including audio, images, and websites to help appen’s data program. Appen support complex data use cases like in-car audio collection or text utterance collection for chatbot programs, as well as more straightforward image/audio collection and information extraction jobs.


Data Types: Text, Image, Audio, Video, URL, Point Cloud

Classify and categorize any kind of data on a massive scale using appen’s annotation platform. Moderate and sort high volumes of content your users provide with precision. Common use cases include content moderation, sentiment analysis, search relevance, product classification, and object classification.


Data Types: Text, Image, Audio, Video, Point Cloud.

Annotate images, text, videos, point clouds, and audio with one of appen’s annotation tools. Whether it’s a simple bounding box or segmentation of audio, they can support your annotation with the state of the art technology platform.

Appen also support text labeling tools like NER and parts of speech labeling. Many such tools feature machine learning assistance for greater efficiency and accuracy vs human annotation alone.


Data Types: Image, Audio, Video

Transcribe documents, images of documents, or website information using a variety of services – whether it be a single field or multiple pages. Appen also offer audio transcription services to cater to scaling human natural language processing (NLP) and audio speech recognition (ASR) programs.


Data Types: Text, Video, Audio.

Appen offers a crowd of over one million skilled contributors, with an offering of over 235 different languages. With a suite of specialized linguistic experts in-house, they are more than equipped to translate large volumes of data to reliably train their AI and ML models.

Final Call

So, if you are looking for a site to work online and earn money or if you are thinking to earn online money without investment, you can apply for a part-time job in Appen.

If you are not that much active in appen, you can easily earn close to $10 daily.  But, if you are serious about earning online money, then I would suggest you to devote at least 3-4 hours daily so that you earn few hundreds dollar daily.

Through Appen, you can work from home and earn money daily without joining any technical course or training.

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