Powerful Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is the best method to generate sales and double your website traffic.  There are lot of websites and online store owners who are only dependent on email marketing.  It is the best way to market your products (physical or digital), blogs and websites.  It can also be used as a brand awareness and engage an audience.

Some of the advantages of using email marketing are,

Cost-effective – It will take few dollars to purchase an email id, to start with you can try the free ones available in the market.

Email Marketing is flexible – You can customized your email body, subject and heading the way you want or as per the demand.

Time-Saving – You will save a lot of time as sending emails is just a minute task.  One can send thousands of email in an hour and get huge traffic.

Though, there are lot of advantages, there are few disadvantages as well.  If you are using email marketing on a daily basis, you might require a resource to carry out this process.  There are chances that your customer might mark you as spam.

In this blog, we will see how effectively we can use email marketing, i will be sharing some powerful and important tips which can boost your sales and traffic.

Build your email list

Before you start your email marketing, you will require email ids and that to thousands of email ids.  So that on an average you can send mails to at least 500 – 1000 users in a day.  But, how will you get the email id list?  Either you can get the email id list from social platform like facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, etc.  Or you can pay some few dollars and get it purchased, there are lot of service providers who can give you an email id list of 10,000 for just $10.  In fact, you can click here, if you want 1 million active email id list for $5

The third and the best option is from software called “Email extractor“.  It is an easy to use software and free to use.  The software is designed to extract email addresses from websites, search engines, url lists and email accounts.  If you download the free version, you can just view the email ids, you will not get an option to download the list.  You can download the extracted email ids if you are using a paid version which is close to $70.  I would recommend you to go with the free version and then later on go for the paid version.  I have personally been using this software from past 2 years, till date i have extracted close to 4200 email id’s which are active.

Click here to download the free version of email extractor.

Use the correct email tool

Once you have built your email id list, the next step is to select the email tool through which mails will be triggered.  If you do a search, you will find lot of paid email marketing tools for sending mails.  Rather going for a paid one, try the free email software “Mozilla thunderbird“.  It is free and easy to use mailing tool.  Thunderbird is one of the best mailing tool used by business to grow their customer count. 

Some of the features of mozilla thunderbird are fast emails, simple working, quick mailbox recovery and many more.  You can configure more than one email accounts in thunderbird, moreover mozilla thunderbird supports phishing protection.  Apart from all these features, one can send large files using mozilla thunderbird.

To download mozilla thunderbird for windows, click here.

Use catchy Subject

Users will read your mails if they think the subject is relevant for them.  50% of people will open your mail based on your subject line and 50% will report it as spam.  Here are some of the tips on how to write an attractive subject.

1) Make your subject short and sweet

2) Do not make your subject spammy

3) Use special characters like ! or ? in your subject

4) Announce something

5) Write Something Serious

6) Include free offers

Below are some examples of subject lines which i use while sending out mails.

example 1 – “Kiss Your Boss Goodbye

example 2 – “Sick and Tired of your Measly Wage?

example 3 – “I almost fainted……..Yesterday I earned $389 in a Day!

example 4 – “$100k in 90 Days…………BOOM!

example 5 – “SWEEEEEEEEEEEET! I got a Surprise in the Mailbox Today

Send Mails At Right Time

Days and time matters when you are sending out mails.  If you do not send mails at the right time, there are chances that your mails will not get noticed.  Review your mailing list and check where are the people from and what are their time zone, check their country timings.  It is always better to send out mails during the day time and not in the evening.  For example, if you are from India and sending out a mail to a person in Australia, you need to send it early morning.  If you are sending out a mail to person in United States, you need to send it at late evening or late night, for Europe it will be afternoon or evening.

Ensure you are sending out mail either on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  Avoid Monday, Friday and Weekends.  As per the recent study, people read mails in the mid of the week as monday they are busy in completing the pending tasks and friday they avoid reading any mails since they are excited about the weekend.

But if you are selling some physical or digital products on your website, the best days are Saturday’s and Sunday’s 


Emails sent between 8am, 1pm and 5pm perform best.  Before sending review the time zone.

Wednesday is the best day for sending mails.  Avoid Saturday and Sunday, unless you are not selling any products or doing any promotional events.

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