Right Time to Invest During Ukraine Russia War

Everyone is aware that the Mighty Soviet Nation Russia’s President Vladimir Putin had announced war on Ukraine in the last week of February 2022. The Russia – Ukraine war crisis will continue in coming weeks and months. Thousands of Ukraine civilians and military forces have already died; millions have left Ukraine and moved to neighboring European countries like Poland and Romania.

The plan of Russia is to invade Ukraine, but on the other side Ukraine has shown immense resistance. They don’t want Russian to capture their country; therefore even the civilians have also joined the Ukraine Military forces and giving the Russian a tough fight. The entire world is just watching, praying an hoping that the war will end soon.

But, has this war shown any impact on the world’s economy? The answer is YES!

Most of the stocks and share market of big countries like USA, India, Japan, European nation, etc have shown a downfall. There is a huge loss which is equal to billions of dollars as per the early estimates.

A month back the entire world was coming out from the fear of Covid 19 new variant Omicron which had impacted the world’s economy, everything seems normal but then this war started and everything went for a toss!

Many European countries are deeply dependent on Russia’s energy resources like Gas and several viral pipelines. Below are some of the statistics.

The near-term scenario looks problematic and there are many factors to support it. Covid-19, and Inflation of crude oil, are some of the prime factors. History says that such war crisis situation were present in the past as well like Iraq-Iran-Kuwait war in the 90’s, India-Pakistan war over Kashmir, Syria war, etc. The impact to the world’s economy was short-term for few months and after that the economy was back to normal. So, investors should not be scared of the current situation because of this war, in fact they should utilize this period in investing in stocks which have a good future post this war.

Invest in shares and stocks which are directly or indirectly related to defense industry, Crude Oil industry, natural gas and gold. The shares and stocks of such products will definitely rise once the war ends. One can also invest on cryptocurrencies, most of the crypto are at their lowest level. So this is the right time to invest in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc.

There is hardly any impact to people who are generating money through Youtube, Blogging, Affiliate marketing or social media marketing. War impact is only to active source of income and not to a passive income sources. There could be a possibility that there can be a surge in earning income through passive income source.

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