Serious Ways to Make Money from Home

Home-based jobs are dream jobs, everyone will love to do in their spare time or on weekends to get some extra money.

Some of these jobs are easy and some are hard. but there are a few easy ways to make money from home. Online data entry jobs from home, online form filling jobs, and typing jobs from home are some of the old methods, such methods have now become obsolete.

Affiliate marketingblogging, setting up an online store, drop-shipping, etc, are some of the new methods and trending ones.

Millions of people are earning online money by selling T-shirts online from home. 

These people are doing it through “Teespring“.

Teespring is turning ideas into high-quality products. Some people are earning 100 – 500$ daily by just dedicating 1 hour to Teespring. It is one of the best home business ideas.

Designing and selling T-shirts with Teespring is a simple and risk-free process. If you already have a vision in your head, you can probably create and launch a campaign in under 10 minutes.

The entire setup can just take 15-20 mins!

Teespring is for every generation.

Here’s how it works:

  • Design your shirt: Create your masterpiece with their online tool, either by uploading your own design or using clipart and fonts from their extensive library. Select the type of shirt you want to use, or offer more than one product (for example: basic tees, premium tees and hoodies).
Determine how much each shirt will cost, based on how much profit you want to earn. Then set a sales goal, which is the minimum number you need to sell to have your shirts printed. This number is up to you and can range from five to 1,000; the higher you set your goal, the more money you make per sale. Based on your sales goal, the platform tells you the net profits you can expect to earn.

Name your campaign

Give your campaign a compelling title and description, then set the length of your campaign, which can range from three to 21 days. (U.S. orders will arrive 7-10 days after the end of the campaign.

Spread the word

Tell all your friends and family about your design via social media and email. If you’re targeting a niche market (more on that below), set up a few ads.

Reach your goal

If you meet your goal by the time the campaign ends, Teespring prints and mails your shirts to your customers. Then comes the best part: they pay you the profits via Paypal.

How to Make Money With Teespring

If you want to make money from your T-shirt ideas, you’ll need to make sure you reach your sales goal. Here’s some expert advice on how to run a successful Teespring campaign:

Sell to a Niche Community

Whatever community you know or have access to, create a design that appeals to them. If your niche our audience is fitness freaks, design T-shirts related to sports activities or fitness-related activities. If your niche is of a younger generation, try bright color t-shirts and neon colors.

Capitalize on Trends

If you don’t have a niche community you want to sell to, take advantage of a season or trend. Designs can include popular sporting events, TV shows, and celebrity mishaps. Pick up a tending event and design accordingly, you can take help from news channels, news websites, Twitter, and Facebook.

Hire a Designer

Several Teespring users suggest hiring someone from Fiverr or oDesk to create your design. In the past, Ogden has paid an oDesk designer $15 for one hour and received two to three designs.

You can post your T-shirt design work on Fiverr, one can easily get a designer who charges from $5 – $50. But, I would recommend, hiring a designer when you are getting good sales and responses and you have sufficient funds.

Offer Several Options

Though you don’t want to overwhelm your customers, it’s a good idea to have a few color and style options so they can purchase a T-shirt that suits them.

Offer some sale or discounts.  When you are advertising, use below sentences.

“Flat 50% OFF”


“Buy 2 T-shirts and Get the 3rd One Free”

“60% Discounts on New Arrivals”

Set Low Goals

If you’re just starting out, you don’t really have any idea how your T-shirts will sell. As Petrelle points out: “If you don’t make your goal number of sales, the shirt won’t be printed… and YOU WON’T GET PAID. So, if you have no traffic and little advertising investment, stick with a lower number. 10-20 works fine.”

If your campaign is nearing its end and you haven’t reached your sales goal yet, Deane says you should lower it. This, he says, “will ensure that you at least get some revenue from your effort.”

Buy Facebook Ads

This is one of the most important tips on the list. Though Teespring does run some Facebook and Adwords ads on your behalf (based on keywords you specify during the design process), most successful designers also run their own paid ads.

However, these facebook Ads are paid ads, therefore you will have to burn your wallet.

Join Teespring Groups on Facebook

Whether your first attempt fails or succeeds, there’s always room for improvement. Find out what other Teespring T-shirt designers are doing by connecting with them.  Join Teespring today.

Once you are a member of Teespring facebook group, you will get the latest updates, tips, tricks and a complete information on Teespring services.

Don’t Give Up

Many of the designers said their first designs weren’t very profitable — so it’s important to keep trying.

“Out of 10, I usually have 4-5 campaigns that are profitable,” says Bank. “Try to test many different ads to see your CTR and conversion rate. Don’t give up if you run only 2-3 campaigns. Everything needs time to learn and be a success.”

Below, check out some of the good alternative of Teespring.

1) Zazzle , founded in year 1991, San Francisco US

2) Redbubble, established in 2006, Melbourne.

3) Printful, Founder in 2013.

4) Spreadshirt, founded in year 2002


If you understand how Teespring works, it can become a very good source of passive income. You can make it a main source of income and leave your current job.

I have seen people earning more than $100 a day by just designing and Selling T-shirts through Teespring. You will require a lot of patience, your first sale can be on your second day or it can take a month or a year.

Do not lose hope, You will succeed if you are hard-working and passionate. Start designing and selling 5 T-Shirt, then move to 10 T-shirts in a month.

Till now, I have sold 31 T-shirts in a year by just working 2-3 hours a week. There is a lot of potential in Teespring and the number of users earning from Teespring is increasing day by day.

On February 1, 2021, Teespring announced they were transitioning to a new brand name, Spring.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding Teespring, you can visit the FAQ section of Teespring. Click here to check the FAQ part of Teespring.

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