How To Start a Blog That Generates $1000 a Month in 2024

Blogging is not a hobby anymore, it has transformed into a mainstream profession for many.  People are earning more than $1k to -$5k
only through blogging.  In fact, I am earning more than $321 in a day from my 2 websites (
& ), these websites are having close to 70+ blogs.  

But, I am just spending approximate 2 hours daily, if I would have devoted 8-9 hours daily, then I would have been earning somewhere
around $2k daily.  Let us checkout the top 3 highest paid bloggers.

The top 3 highest-earning bloggers in year 2020 are,

HuffPost: $500 Million per year

Engadget: $47.7 Million per year

Moz: $44.9 Million per year

In this blog, I will show you the step-by-step procedure and process on “how to start and blog” and how to monetize your blog.  Even if you follow 50% of these steps, you are likely to earn at least a minimum of $50-$100 daily.

1. Write your Passion

Before you start writing a blog or an article, you need to decide as to What will you write? What is your area? What is your passion? What are you good into?

If your passion is travelling, it doesn’t make any sense if you are writing blogs on foods, business, sports, movies etc. 

You should only write blogs on travel as this is your passion, you will have more words if you will start writing your blog on travel, if will be easy for you to elaborate and describe a sentence and  more importantly you will love writing some of your unique  experiences. 

Most of the bloggers fail in this step, which is the startup  step.  The most common mistake they will do, they will write what is trending, and they think that they will get massive  traffic if they write a blog on a tending topic, which is not true.  A trending topic will be on the top charts for a week or for maximum 15 days, post that none of them will access or reach out to that trending blog.

So, write what you like, write your passion and write what
you love!

2. Select Perfect Domain Name

The most important for any blogger is the domain name and the web hosting.  

These two are the pillars of blogging.  The domain name should be interactive, attractive and somewhat related to your name or your profession.  

For example, out of the 5-6 website which I own, for 2 of my website I have domain name with name i.e  It is always recommended that your  domain name should have your name, though it is not mandatory, it is my suggestion and my recommendation from my past experience.

But, please remember one thing, your domain name will be the brand name, you will always be remembered by your domain name and not as an individual. 

Purchasing a domain name will hardly cost you around $5 – $10, a .com domain can be
expensive therefore you can try .org, or .in or .net.  The second part after purchasing the domain name is the web hosting, it is always better if you take the web hosting from the provider through which you have purchased the domain name.  

Ensure you check the review part before purchasing the domain and web hosting.  A web hosting

service should have 0% of downtime, this means your website will always be active and available on internet.  

During start of my blogging career, I had taken the web hosting service from a small
vendor who had committed that the website will be 99.9% up and running all the
time.  After purchasing the web hosting, I found out that the website was down for most of the time, I used to get  feedback and comments from my users that your website is down or not accessible, it was a nightmare for 3 month.  

Finally, I decided to move to some bigger web hosting provider which had
a good and reliable web hosting service.

Please read my blog on Hostinger Web-hosting platform, Hostinder provides Domain, Web-hosting, SSL certificate and many more services.  Click here to find our more on Hostinger.

3. Install Blogging Application

Once you are done with the domain name and web hosting, next is the blogging platlform.  This is the platform on which you will actually write your blog or article.  There are many blogging platform and builder available on internet, to name some are;





We will go with WordPress, as wordpress is the best, the most reliable, easy to use and manage and very cheap website builder.  I would suggest
to go with the Domain + Web hosting + WordPress builder package, the entire package is very cheap and worth it.   

This package is only available in GoDaddy. The good thing about wordpress is, it has thousands of free plugins and themes, which one can easily download and install in minutes.  

Almost all my websites are created in wordpress, there is an option to select blogging theme if your website is only on blogging.  You can customize and optimize your website as per your needs and customer requirement.

4. Market Your Blogs

Hope, by now you must have written some blogs and articles of your interest and passion.  The next step is to market your blogs so that it can reach out to maximum people.  There are number of ways to market your blogs, one can do network marketing, social marketing, email marketing and guest blogging.

Sharing your blog on social platforms like facebook, twitter, pinterest, reddit, etc. is called social marketing of blogs, if you have many followers in facebook and twitter, there are chances that many people will view your blogs and comment on it.  

Blogs, if shared to a specific network or group of colleagues, friends and relatives is called network marketing of blogs.  Social marketing and network marketing of blogs can generate good amount of web traffic on your blogs.

The best is email marketing, for email marketing you need to first build a complete list of email id’s to which you will share your blogs.  You will have to create a good and nice-looking subject and email body so that people will open you mail and read your blogs.  I have created a complete blog on how to do perfect and profitable email marketing campaign.  

Do visit here for some good email marketing tips which is very beneficial.

Click here to find out some free email marketing services. Guest blogging is also advisable if you want to market your blogs, there are lot of website which provides guest blogging, you need to just enter your name, your website name, your blog details and your blog hyperlink.  Some are paid guest blogging, but to start with you can start from free.

5. Generate Traffic On Your Blogs

If your blog content is real, unique and genuine, then you might get some good traffic. 
But, if you have copied some content from some other blogging site, you may get very less traffic.  

To generate a massive traffic on your blogs, you need some paid or free web traffic sites or application.  There are also some traffic exchange websites like Wadjooo and TrafficG through which you can good amount of traffic on your blogs.

If you are a new blogger, getting 100 – 200 users on your blog is fine.  If your blog is
one month old, you should at least get more than 1k users.  

The more traffic, the more earning.  In 2019, one of my blog got viral, I got a traffic of close to 23k in a month with a good earnings of around $3219 in a month, this earning for huge as I normally get close to 4-5k users per month on my blogs and earning of around $200-$400 in a month.

6. Monetize Your Blogs

The final and the most important part of blogging is monetizing your blogs and start real earnings.  I am using Google Adsense on my blogging and 90% of my earning is from ads through google adsense.  

The remaining earning is from Adsterra and PopAds, which are some of the good alternative solutions of Google Adsense.

On an average a blogger who has more than 50 blogs in a year can earn more than $100 only through google adsense or some other advertising platforms.

Final Thoughts

Blogging is very easy, but managing blogs and monetizing blogs is a long process which requires patience and efforts.  One has to follow the right process and step-by-step procedure which I have already explained above

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