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In the past i have written blogs on affiliate marketing, part time jobs, online earning methods, social media marketing and email marketing.  Though i have two section of blogs on email marketing as to how to start email marketing and how much one care earn from this source of marketing.  There are some tricks and tips on how to boost your email marketing strategies.  Rather investing on some paid software or any application or website, i will be recommending some of the tips, which one can use to increase the sales and advertising.  In fact, small companies and new startups do not have funds to invest on some paid services; this blog is very beneficial for them.  My email marketing tips consist of email templates and formats, which one can use to send out mass mailers to its subscribers or their client email addresses.  I have shared some of the templates for free, which you can implement it from today.

I have been generating around close to $80 – $160 daily from email marketing with some good quality email templates.  But, before using these templates we need to complete some of the most critical things.  Below are some of the tips and one should follow so that email marketing can be successful.

In this blog, you will get to know what should be the email marketing strategy plan?  what are the different e marketing strategies?  and what are the email marketing automation strategy?

Email Subject 

Subject should interactive and attractive and should be very short.  90% of people will not open the mail if they do not find the subject attractive.  They might also report as a spam or delete the mail.  Some of the examples of subject are;

If your website or blog is related to fitness, below are some of the best email subject examples “Reduce your 20% weight in just 10 days” or “Best exercise to make you fit” or “Tips to become Slim” or “How to become Slim naturally in one day“.

If your website or blog is related to online earnings or passive income, you can use subject like “Earn $100 Daily” or “10 Ways to earn online money” or “Best passive income ideas” or “How to become rich in month“.


How to Increase Website Traffic


Build your email database

Your email database should have at least have 1k to 5k email id’s spread across different countries.  Email id’s from different countries is very vital, as there are different time zones.  For example if you are sending a mail from India, you send email to people from Australia, China, japan and other eastern countries early morning.  If you are sending out mails to people who are from US, Canada and other western countries, you send it at night.  You can also get email id database for some few dollars.  I have 1 million email addresses of US and Australia, to buy please click here.

Use of Hyperlink

Ensure there are lot of hyperlinks in your mail, these links should direct to your website of blogs.  The more hyperlink, the more traffic on your article.  Email should have minimum 4-5 hyperlinks and the font of these hyperlinks should be bold and flashy, moreover the font size also should be big so that people will get attracted.

Repeat your Mails

If you think there are some mails, which are successfu,l and you have received a positive response, you may repeat some of those mails.  Find out why people have responded to your mail, check out the subject, check the keyword in the email, check other reasons and try to make mail similar to that.

Do not Spam

When i started email marketing 8 years back, i did one big mistake.  Since i was new to email marketing, i used to send daily mails with an interval of 3-4 hours.  Most of my client and subscribers blocked me as they thought that i am a spammer and i am sending irrelevant mails to them.  I learnt this lesson and therefore i want you to avoid such kind of mistakes.  If your mails are marked as spam then your mails will go to the receiver’s junk folder or thrash folder.

Email Templates

A good email template can draw lot of people; i will be sharing some of the email templates, which i am using for my 2 websites which are related to online earnings and passive income.  You can use these templates as references for your websites and blogs; i will be sharing some of these templates for free.  You can save these templates in a word document, you can keep the same format or change some of the wording.

Template 1

Subject:- Success tips which will make you rich!

“After my college studies, i started to hunt job but couldn’t get one.  During my hunting, i started writing blogs on side income.  Even you can become successful if you follow my blogs and my website.

Template 2

Subject:- Best Passive income ideas

“Today i have come up with my blog on passive income which everyone should read and implement.  Forget about amazon affiliate passive income, which has now become old and saturated.  I have shared 2 passive income ideas related to affiliate program on my new blog”

Template 3

Subject:- 4 Easy Ways to Make Money Online!!

“If you are looking for legitimate and genuine ways to make some extra money online without paying anything, then this is the right place! I will be sharing some latest methods on online earning and how to generate passive income. But it is not that easy to earn online money daily, in reality you will have to spare some few hours to earn at least 10$-100$ daily”

Template 4

Subject:- Smart Ways of Earning Online Money

“Though i have been writing many blogs on online earning and passive income, i have come up with some new blogs which will be beneficial for you if you follow it correctly.

This is the best chance for you to quickly start earning a side income which can then become the main source of income”

Template 5

Subject:- Apps and Games that Pay You

“You can only cut your spending so much before you stop living comfortably. After that, the best way to improve your financial situation is simply to earn more.

Easier said than done, right?

Sometimes earning more is as simple as asking your boss for a raise. Sometimes a raise is out of the question, but working overtime is on the table (and that extra income can go a long way towards achieving pertinent financial goals).

Below, are some of the links to my blogs and website on Apps and Games which can make you rich?”

In each and every, template you should mention your website hyperlink and blog link along with the your website signature.  A image in a mail can be an added advantage but ensure the size of the image is small and compressed.


Final Statement

By now, you must have understood how much email marketing strategy plays a role in advertising and marketing.  In this blog, you were given update on email marketing segmentation, email marketing strategy plan and b2b email marketing strategy.  Do check out my other website and blogs on online earning and passive income.

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