Top 4 Sites That Pay You For Writing Reviews

For any products, services or any brand of company, the most important thing is feedback. Reviews acts as feedback for any company. People are earning a handsome amount of money by writing reviews of products, which they have purchased or any kind of services, which they have availed. You can also earn money by reviewing websites or mobile apps. If you have a good collection of words and sentences and if you love writing then you should start writing reviews. There are many applications and websites, which will pay you if you have written reviews of any products, services or any company. Reviews can be positive or negative. I will be going in depth on some of such application and websites, which pays at least $1 to $10 for each review. So, rather searching and looking out for other options, this is the easiest and simple way of passive income as it does not need any technical or some special skills. Even if you are working in a 9 – 5 PM job, then also you can utilize your spare time in writing reviews.


ReviewStream is an international, privately held, consumer related publisher.
It was established in 2005, when content, intended to sell and therefore written by marketers, took majority of the online space. The goal of ReviewStream is to make real consumers heard.

During years, using unique algorithms and a vast amount of data, the independent source of consumer opinions was invented. A lot of efforts were successfully put into protecting ReviewStream digital ecosystem from people, who do not share ReviewStream main principle – honesty. As a result, reviewstream is proud to introduce information, shared by real consumers that other consumers can rely on.

This website is interested in honest and helpful content on any topic. Payment is done via paypal.


Founded in 2000, InboxDollars is an online rewards club that pays members cash for their online and mobile activities. It rewards members for their everyday activities like writing reviews, reading mails, taking survey and playing games.


ValuedOpinions is the largest paid survey and paid review panel in the world. You can take part in online reviews, online surveys, complete diary studies and test new products in spare time. In exchange, ValuedOpinions offers gift cards and vouchers unlike other paid review website, which pay money. Until 2019, there were close to 3 million members associated with valuedopinions.


Mouthshut is one just website which actually pays a good amount of money if you write reviews about a particular product of service. is a consumer driven review website!
They provide with a platform to voice consumer insights on lakhs of products and services that are manufactured and sold to consumers across the world. Here, the maxim – Consumer is King – gains ground reality. They are spread across 16 major categories and countless sub-categories. There platform gives you an opportunity to write frank and forthright reviews on products and services that you have used or have some updates about that product, thus helping everyone to decide whether to buy a product or to just ignore. Similarly, reviews written by other members will enable you make the right choice. You can also compare products, post blogs, upload pictures and get city-based information.
We will look in detail, how mouthshut works and how you can earn a good amount of money from mouthshut.
So how do I start
The first step is to register yourself. Registering on MouthShut is a very easy process. Click on the ‘ FREE SIGN UP’ link on the top-right corner of any page and fill up the registration form. Once you click on register, an email will be sent to your mailbox for verification.
Your personalized account is created!
You can now easily change your password, create your Personal Profile and set up the filter mechanism.

How to write reviews?
• Click on the ‘Write Review’ tab on the top right corner of any page & type the name of any product you wish to review, an auto suggestion will help your search to find the right product.
• Search for your desired product/service and click on the ‘Write Review’ tab on the selected page.
• Pick a product or service you’ve bought or used. Share your personal experience about it.
• Keep your reviews informative to help others make buying decisions
• Write as many reviews per day. No more keeping your Mouth Shut. No upper limits to how much you can earn!
• There are no specific rules to be followed but we would like to give you a few tips. When your review is well written, more readers will read and rate it. These few tips will help you write a better quality review.

o Keep your review informative – minimum 250 words.
o Share your true experience.
o Avoid abusive or offensive language.
o Avoid personal information. (email, phone number, address)
o Write well. Check your grammar and punctuation. This will help others easily understand what you have written.
o Remember, well formatted reviews invite more readers!

How do I rate a review?
When you finish reading a review, you will find a panel at the bottom of the page, asking you to rate how useful the review has been for you. Choose the option that best reflects what you think. This option is available only to members. Go to the bottom of the review and enter your comments in the “Comment Box”. You can put as many comments as you want on the same review.

How do I earn?
MS Points are rewards you earn for activities on, such as writing a review and inviting friends.’s system is designed to update in real-time. However, it may take up to 48 hours to reflect all the valid MS Points in your account. Junk, Spam, Plagiarized and copied reviews are not eligible for MS Points. Currently we allow you to encash MS Points. 

This means will transfer you cash rewards in your bank account.

You need minimum 500 MS Points to encash the rewards in your bank account. Bonus MS Points are points that get credited into your account based on your extra activities on Yes. Thousands of mouthshut members have already experienced it. Many have earned more than Rs. 20,000 already! You can win MS Points by writing reviews and inviting your friends to join MouthShut. These points can be encashed at a later stage. You can find the summary of your earned MS Points on MS Points History page under your profile section.

Above are some of the trustworthy applications and websites, which can pay you if you write good and honest reviews, one can also become a freelancer blogger. But, why do these companies pay, what could be the reason? These companies are tied up with product companies, who pays the advertising and marketing fees to these review websites. By getting honest reviews of the product and services in front of millions of customers, it increases the sales conversion ratio. Here are some good tips on writing reviews;

Be very honest in writing reviews, if you are not happy with the product or services, please express that in your writings. If you write fake review then it misleads other customers who will use that products post referring your reviews.
• Before writing a review, ensure you have tried the product or service. Unless and until you have tried that product, you can write about the features, pros and cons.
• Please use ratings to conclude your review. For example, you liked a product very much then give a start rating as 5 out of 5 and if you did not like the product then give 1 out of 5 stars.
• Before submitting the review, cross check the grammar and sentences.

So some final words on paid reviews, writing and earning from paid reviews is very good source of passive income. A college student, a homemaker or a retired person can also earn from it. It is like advertising and marketing a particular product or services.
So keep writing and keep earning. But, keep one thing in mind, this can never replace your main job or business. It can just earn you some money, which you can utilize for your daily expenses.

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