5 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Getting traffic from social media platform is an old trick; you need something new which has not be explored too much.  Rather paying to companies and websites for generating traffic, let us focus on some new free ways through which you can drive and generate traffic to your websites and blogs.  Some are new websites for generating traffic, whereas some are the same old social media platforms but with different strategies.

In this blog, we will look into some websites, which generates more than 100k traffic in a single day.  Also, applying some new ideas on existing approach.  

You do not have to pay a single penny or any kind of investments, so let us explore these new methods and strategies.

Twitter - new method to generate traffic

Well everyone is aware that through twitter you can generate massive traffic on to your blogs and websites by sharing attractive and interactive posts.  But, this approach is very common and now you will be hardly reaching to hundreds of people.  I have an approach wherein you can reach up to 4k people through a single post.  So, what different you have to do.

You need to visit to trends.24.in, this is website in which all the 24 hours trending topics are mentioned.  In these trending topic, there is a possibility that more than 100k people are active and viewing the topic.  You just have to copy the trending topics on to your post and you are done.

I will share it with a simple example, i have written a post on “how to earn online money” and i want to advertise my post to millions of people across the world.  I will visit trends.24 website and pick the latest trending topic, let us assume that there is a latest Disney movie which is being released in some weeks and this topic is the most trending topic on twitter and is in the top charts of trends24, i will just copy the entire topic #disneymovie and will paste it in my post.  What will this do?

All people who are following on viewing the disneymovie post will actually also see your post, and at least 10% of people will visit to your website, it may be more.  That means, 10k visitor will visit your website if there is 100k website traffic on your tweet.  The only drawback is that you can use this approach once in a day, if you are using it frequently there are chances that you will be blocked by twitter for spamming.

Generate Traffic from Freelancing websites

You will shocked to know that you can generate huge traffic with some famous freelancing websites.  I have tried it couple of times and was able to generate 2k traffic in a day.  This method is very simple and very few people know about it.  If you have a website or blog on which you want quality traffic, carry out below steps.

Register yourself on some of the freelancing websites like fiverr, freelancer.in, upwork.com, peopleperhour, toptal and Simply Hired.  You need to register yourself as a person who wants some work to be done, create a job and mention your website name and write few articles of your website as to what is your website about.  Then, at the end write down what you want to do with your website like “i want to add some ecommerce page” or “I want to re-design my website” or “Make my website more attractive”.  As soon as you post your job on these websites, there will be hundreds of freelancer who will view and access your website so that they can get the job offer,  that means hundreds of people will access your website and this will create huge traffic.

Though, this method is fooling freelancers but will work for you.  However, do not make it a habbit as these websites may ban you if they know that you are not offering any job to freelancers and just playing around.

Traffic through Mix

This is something new, mix is a social content curation site that allows you to post, collect articles, and content about specific interests and topics you like.  When you post articles and add it in your collection, your content is shared with friends and followers.  At present, there are millions of users active on Mix.  Unlike twitter, facebook or instagram, Mix is not that famous but is growing in a good pace.  This is right time to advertise your blog and websites in mix, add your website link on your article and collect and share with your followers, start discovering more followers and keep following.  

Trust me this is good method to generate quality traffic.

Traffic from Bloglovin

Bloglovin is a blogging website, which was launched 12 years back.  The purpose of bloglovin was to help anyone to read their favorite blogs in on place.  At present, there are millions of bloggers who are registered with bloglovin and there are close 25,000,000 visitors per month.  This means, if you register with bloglovin and update your post of your website, you can get good amount of traffic.  

Every time a member of bloglovin reads an article on bloglovin or clicks on any of your website link in the post, it counts in your analytics.  If any readers are following you, they will get daily email alerts and updates if you have updated some articles on your blog of you have created and posted a new blog. 

For some of the blogger, this is the only source of traffic.  However, you need to be active daily and update at least 2-3 posts in a month.

Generate traffic from Medium

Medium is one of the best platforms for readers and bloggers across the globe.  It is actually an online publishing platform, having a hybrid collection of amateur and professional people and publications, and is regarded as a blog host.  By creating a free account, you can follow your favorite authors and publications, interact with their stories, bookmark them for later, publish your posts, and more.  As per the recent study carried out couple of year back, the total number of users registered with medium is around 30 million.  Share your website link, articles and post in medium and generate at least 1k – 5k traffic daily.  The traffic is mainly from US and other western countries where it is very popular.

Many people have stopped posting their posts in twitter and facebook, they are now using medium.  Even ecommerce websites are advertising their product and services in medium.

I will be coming with more blogs on some new ways of generating website traffic.  See you soon!

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