Easy Ways to Become Rich

No one wants to be poor, everyone wants to become rich.  Some think beyond that, they want to become a millionaire, they want to earn hundreds, thousands and million dollar every day.  Some succeed in achieving it and some fail.  Let me be frank, most of them fail because they think that to become rich they do not have to work hard.  This is very incorrect, the more you work hard, the more you become rich.

You must have come across a lot of articles, which guarantees you that one can become rich and successful in a week or a month if you follow them.  These are fraud, scams and baseless articles and everyone should avoid such kind of websites and articles.  The fact is, if you want to become a rich person you need to work hard, devote time, have patience and love your family.  If you follow all these principles, no one can stop you to become rich and successful.

In this blog, i will provide you some tips and ideas, which you can follow so that you become rich and successful.  Some of these tips even i have tried and tested with some positive results.

Generate Passive Income

One should have two income source, if you are from a service industry and doing a 9AM – 5PM job or if you have your own business, you should start a passive income which you can continue on weekends or holidays.  Even if the other passive income source is generating few dollars then also this money can be used to clear out the daily expenses.  And, then you can save the entire main source income for your future.

Other family members like your sister, brother, parents, friends or your wife, can also carry out passive income.  This will reduce the financial and work pressure from the person who is generating the main source of income.

I have written many blogs on passive income, passive incomes can be through affiliate marketing, email marketing, blogging, playing online casino games and drop shipping.  Some of these passive incomes are free to use and for some you have to invest few dollars, but one has to devote time if someone wants to generate a good amount of money from these passive income opportunities.  To start with, it might take weeks or months to get your first payment but you need to have patience.  One cannot be rich in hours or on a single day, this is the fact and truth of life.

Check out my blogs on some of the ways to earn online money through some simple and quick passive income ideas.

Cut down expenses

If you want to cut down the expenses and save money, you need to keep a track of how much money is spend on a daily and weekly basis.

  • Prepare a chart on your expenses, in which product and on which day how much money was spend.  Mark all big expenses and highlight it.
  • Create your income goals, set a target every month.  For e.g, set a target that you will save $100 every month, once you have achieved it.  Increase the $100 to $200.
  • Cut down on daily utility bills.  Your electricity bill, your daily grocery bill, etc.  Even if you manage to cut down few dollars from each utility bills, you will be saving a lot.
  • Avoid credit cards.  As per the recent survey conducted in year 2019, a person will never save any money if he owns more than one credit card.  Credit card used be used only for emergency and that to a person should own only a single credit card.  Pay your credit card payment on time to avoid paying additional interest fees.

Learn from Others

Replicate what other rich people are doing, read about them and understand how they have become rich from poor.  These people will motivate you in achieving your goals and milestones.  Start learning their habits and follow them on social media.  Check out and note down what all things they do on a daily basis.

If you follow rich people’s biography and struggles then you can make billions of dollars by adding your own creativity.  So, learn from rich people and repeat things creatively.


Start your own brand or business

If you have little money to invest, start your own store, brand or business, which you manage and carry out on holidays and weekends.  Try starting your own website and then eventually to your own online store.  Before starting, check your expertise, make niche and audience, choose a hosting a platform, choose a advertising and marketing platform, try to get more followers in social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.  Choose a right domain name before you start it.

If you are unable to devote time, ensure you have some partner who can support you on weekdays.  Initially it might take some time to get some profit, but you need to have patience for some weeks and month.  I have seen many online stores and startups earning profits in weeks and days from the day they started.

Best, quick and easiest ways to start your own online store is through an ecommerce platform via drop-shipping which is in trend now.  Shopify and woocomerce is the best drop shipping platform being accessed across many countries.  You can also use clickbank as an affiliate online store for free.  One can easily earn $10 – $100 from clickbank if it’s process and procedures are followed accurately.  Click here to understand more on clickbank.

I have a detailed blog on how to setup your own online store and startup, Click here to get the complete details.

After writing this blog, there were lot of queries raised by many people.  But, this blog has all the answers in it.  Below are some of the questions which were asked.

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