How to Make Online Money

It took me couple of years to find out the right way to earn online money, but it is not that hard to make money online, in fact if you use the right approach you can easily earn a good amount of online money.

If you initially give some hours in a day, you can actually start earning $100 in a day.  For many it is a dream to have a side income without leaving their current job, for some it is a hobby, and for some it is the only source of income.  Google, Amazon, Wallmart, Fiver, etc are some of the giants who provide online jobs and are a good source of income.

In this blog, I will be disclosing some of the quick ways through which you can make online money in coming days, and some real ways to make money from home.  

Data entry jobs and online survey jobs are all old ways to earn money online, these methods have also now been saturated, and through these options you cannot even earn $10 per day.  The methods which I will be disclosing are the best way to make money online and might only require a mobile phone or if required a laptop, there is no investment, no capital required and it is 100% absolutely free.

Start Blogging

If you have good writing skills, you can earn good amount of money from your blogs. To know what is blog, click here. 

One can monetize the blogs and articles if you advertise your blogs in social media platform like facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin, and reddit

Blogging is the safest option to earn online money, as there is nothing you have to pay. Write blogs which can go viral, and if you choose a proper SEO and traffic tool, you never know, you can earn more than $1000 in a day. 

I have written a detailed blog on how to create a blog for free and make money and how to generate online income from blogs.

Start Freelancing

This is the second best option to make online money after blogging. 

One need to register to some of the websites, which will pay you if you carry out some of the required tasks. There are many such freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork, peopleperhour etc. There are freelancing jobs with different skills and hence there are lot of options, which one can apply. Most of the freelancers have left their regular job and have started working as a free lancers.

Check out my blog on Fiverr, here you will get complete information on how fiverr works, how much a free lancer get paid and how to make money freelancing online.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is being widely used from past couple of years; there are millions of people who do affiliate marketing. 

The profit margin is also good if you compare it with blogging, and free lancing. Amazon Affiliate, flipkart affiliate, warriorplus, jvzoo, and clickbank are some of the highest paid affiliate programs and the largest affiliate-marketing platform supporting close to 100 million people across the globe.

But, Affiliate marketing requires good marketing and advertising of their products or services which one has to offer. I have also written a complete blog on Affiliate marketing, click here to read more on affiliate marketing.

Buy and Sell Domains

Have you ever heard of cash parking? 

Cash parking is also called as domain parking. Cash parking is basically buying and selling domain names. In 2012, i purchased domain for around $5, and later after two years in 2014 I sold that domain in $50, that means a profit of $45 with just one domain. I have recently sold close to nine domains and earned close to $350.

This is also one of the best form of online earning, and making good amount of online money.

There are many website hosting platform like GoDaddy, Hostinger and HostGator, which are also domain selling websites. You need to search domain which you think can be a hit in coming future. Purchasing a domain is hardly $5 or $10, and then you can sell this domain on a higher price. For more details on cash parking domain, click here.

Earning from Writing Reviews

If you are good in expressing your thoughts, you can earn money by writing reviews.

Yes, get paid to write reviews. I also earn money by writing reviews on movies, foods, hotels and places. One of the best website is mouthshut, which pays you if you write good reviews on some product or services. However, the earning is not that great, but it can give you a good side income.

Reviews also improve your writing skills. If you regularly review, you can also be invited to write articles for big media companies. Writing reviews will have good future in coming years.

Earning from Surveys

Online surveys are another best way to make online money. In these free paid surveys, different multinational companies will ask for your opinion and suggestion for their product or services, so that they can increase the sale and enhance their product and services.

Once you have signed up and joined online survey, these companies will send surveys.

Survey can be of 5 minute or barely 1 minute, whereas there are some surveys which can take 1 hour to complete. Long surveys can pay you more than $1 to $5. The only concern of online surveys is that there are only handful of companies who conduct online surveys.

Some of the few genuine and legit online best paid survey sites are,

Toluna Surveys



Amazon Survey

Swagbucks surveys

Survey junkie


Final Thoughts

Now, you must be having a good knowledge about online earning from some above-mentioned ways. But, please make a note that for each and every method you will require time and patience, one cannot start earning from day one. It will take days, weeks, months or even years to make the first dollar.

Take my suggestion, these methods are good for side income for clearing some small expenses, but cannot replace your regular job or business.

Below are some more online methods through which you can make online money daily!


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