How To Earn Daily From YouTube in 2024

Do you know some of the facts of YouTube, YouTube is the second most visited site in the world. There are more than 31 million YouTube Channels.

There are 1 billion+ mobile YouTube views per day! and close to 500+ hours of video are uploaded in YouTube every day.

These facts can make you think how powerful YouTube is in today’s world.

YouTube also is source of income for many people, in fact some of them have become millionaire and billionaire, thanks to YouTube. Such youtubers earn thousands of dollars daily from YouTube.

For some it is the only source of income, for some it is a passive source of income.

Ryan Kaji is the youngest Youtuber in the world, his earning from youtube is $29.5 Million and he has approximate 41.7 million subscribers.  Like Ryan, you can also have a good earning from YouTube.  But for this, you need to devote time and patience, then only you can be a successful youtuber.

There are lot of factors which one should consider before starting their own YouTube Channel.

1. Choose Your YouTube Topic

What is your passion?

What is your interest?

What you like the most?

Ask yourself these question. You will love creating videos in which you have interest. If you are good in sports or you have interest in sports but you are making a video on movies, the video will not be a quality video. You will not be able to express properly in your video because you do not have interest in it.

You will create one video, ten video but not more than that, you will get bored and later give up. This happens to many YouTubers and this is one of the main reason why YouTuber fails to earn money and traffic.

Create Videos of your interest, of your likes, of your passion and videos in which you have knowledge.

2. Your YouTube Channel Name

Your YouTube Channel name should be unique

Your YouTube channel should be appealing and interactive. Name of the channel should be short, not more than 5 words. Also, it should be unique. Ensure the similar name is not taken by any other YouTuber.

One should never take a generic name, as generic name are not unique. The most important point to consider is, the name of the YouTube channel should not be complex, it should be easy to remember so that people doesn’t find it difficult to search.

And finally, the name of your YouTube channel should reflect your video content. By just the name of your YouTube channel, one should make out what kind of video content will be present in the channel or video.

3. Get Audience To Your YouTube Channel

Get more Audience, Get more Views

Once your YouTube channel is created and you have uploaded few videos, the next thing is to advertise and promote your channel. As a beginner you can start some free ways to promote your channel.

The best free mode is to share your channel on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You can also promote your channel through email marketing or network marketing.

If you want more than thousands or million views on your channel, then go for paid methods like Google ads or Facebook Ads. The best way to get audience on your YouTube channel is through rich and unique content.

You can also use a paid or free SEO tool for your YouTube Videos.

I have written a detailed blog on how to make use of social media to get traffic and viewers.  Do check out here.

4. Use Tool and Applications to create / edit Video

Make use of Latest Video Editing Software

It is not mandatory to use some software to create or edit your YouTube videos. You can easily make a good video using your mobile phone and upload it. 

But, if you are serious in making real money from YouTube, then go for a paid software with enhanced features.

Using recommended software, you can make videos in minutes with high quality.

Below are some of the software which you can use to create awesome YouTube Videos.

Shotcut – Shotcut is a free, open source, cross-platform video editor.

Lightworks – Lightworks is a free software option for video editing tools.

Filmora – Filmora is considered as the best alternative option to Windows Movie Market.

Blender – It is a free editor, mainly used for 3D graphics.  It is very popular among professional 3D-modelers.

5. Check Monetization rule

There are few set of protocols which one should keep a note. Some of these are,

6. Upload Your Videos Frequently

Once you see that there is little traffic on your YouTube Channel and subscription of users have increased, upload videos frequently on your Youtube channel.

This is the biggest mistake a YouTuber does, they take a pause of weeks and months to upload their next video, this is not good. Many subscribers might unsubscribed you as they are not able to find any new videos in your YouTube channel. For how long they will be watching the same old video again and again!

Make a habit of uploading videos every week or may be 1 video in every two week’s time. This will engage your audience, viewers and subscribers.

7. Use latest Gadgets for Your Video

Make use of latest Shooting equipments

You started your YouTube Journey by taking and creating videos from your smartphones. Now, to make your content more appealing so that users enjoy seeing your video, you need to choose the right and latest gadgets avialable in the market.

Make use of the latest DSLR’s, wireless mic, microphone, noise filter, mirrorless camera, tripod lens and studio lightening.

Buy umbrella light stand to give a good light effect. Make use of Gimble which most of the Youtubers are using when they are shooting outdoor videos.

And, finally if you can invest little more. Take a good laptop along with a USB portable HDD so that you can upload your videos in it. Do not forget to upload a copy of your video on Google Drive, just to be on a safer side!

8. Description, Keywords and Tags

Write smart and searchable description. Descriptions can convey valuable information which helps viewers to find your video in search results.

How should be your description?

Your description should be simple and in natural language. Write few words that describe your video. Avoid irrelevant words in your description as it may create poor viewing experience and may violate YouTube policies.

Use trending keywords in your description. You can find relevant keywords from Google Keyword Planner, Keyword tool, Semrush, or TubeBuddy.

The third most important thing is “Tags”. YouTube tags are words and phrases used to give Youtube context about a video. Tags play important role in ranking your Youtube Videos.

Final Verdict

Like Blogging, YouTube also has a huge potential in online earning. I have seen many YouTubers earning more than from there regular 9am – 5pm job. 

 It is certainly the best passive income source and one should defintely try it!  It make take months are years to get your first 1000 subscribers so that you can monetize it. 

But do not loose up, keep uploading real, rich and unique content on your YouTube channel, Success is at your Doorstep!

Check out some of the highest paid YouTubers in the world.

Main Channel : jeffreestar
Subscribers - 16.9 million
Earnings - $19.7 million
Main Channel - David Dobrik
Subscribers - 18.6 million
Earnings - $20.5 million
Main Channel - Blippi - Educational Videos for kids
Subscribers - 27.4 million
Views - 8.2 billion
Earnings - $22.4 million
Main Channel - Markiplier
Subscribers - 27.8 million
Views - 3.1 billion
Earnings - $25.7 million

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