Is Covid Pandemic The Right Time To Earn Online Money From Home

Most of them have earned a lot of money from home during the Covid-19 crisis.  A lot of people will agree, some may not. But the fact is, people have actually earned hundred or even thousands of dollar during the covid-19 pandemic

Covid cornonavirus which started in January 2020 across all countries was a nightmare for many business stakeholders who were selling wholesale stuffs or retail stuff. But, for online it was a boon. As, everything went online.

This was the right time to start an online business or the right choice to start a passive income through online methods.

Take an example of my website, which I created in March 2020 with name, I was 100% sure that my website which was on Amazon affiliate will make a good profit.  And I was right, it took me few days to setup the site, few weeks to add some amazon affiliate products and in just two months I applied for Google Adsense.  I was rejected once by Google Adsense but in my second attempt my website was approved.

Right now I more than 30 affiliate products added in my website and I am earning close to $2 per day, which is approximate $60 in a month.  By year end,  My target is to earn more than $200 in a month, which I will achieve it. 

By next year, my target is to earn $500 in a month.  For earning $60 a month, I am just spending 10-15 mins in a day on my website.  Imagine if I devote more than 5 hours or more than 8 hours a day on my website, how much would I earn?

However, have you ever thought what made me think that covid-19 pandemic was the right time to opt for an online business or passive income through online methods.


There are some factors, which even you will agree!

The Covid crisis is still not over, there is still some time left as many countries are still in the lockdown state. People are still working from home, or just attending their office work for 2-3 hours in a day.

Therefore if you are thinking that you have missed the opportunity, then you may be wrong. You still have that opportunitity which you can cherish.

Let me show you how I used this free time to earn money.

I tried multiple ways!

For some few days and weeks I did a rigorous search on how to earn online money.

And, that to all legit and free ways. As, I was not in a mood to invest anything, not even a single penny. I thought of doing something unique and different which is in high demand.

But, there are some prerequisite before you start any online business or online passive income.

What are these factors?

Apart from creating a website, I tried two things also.

Free Bitcoin Earning.


Affiliate Marketing.

Earn Free Bitcoins

In the last few years, value of bitcoin has increased drastically. Bitcoin is very volatile.

I was looking for some website or application from where I could get free Bitcoins, but couldn’t find any. After weeks of search, I found out two ways.

One is a Internet browser and the other is a website. These two are 100% legit and real. It’s more than 6 months and till date I have earned $300.  Some have earned more than $1k in a month.  

So, let us find out what are these two ways. is a website through which you can earn free Bitcoins Daily, without any fees.

Basically it is a website with games and contest from where you can earn daily bitcoins.

Referral Contest

Join the referral contest and bring your friends over Participate in the referral contest and earn up to $10.900 BTC every month.

Earn Interest On Your Deposits

Deposit BTC in your wallet, gives up to 4.08% annual interest on your balance, daily.

Free Weekly Lottery

Win big prizes with weekly lottery for which one gets free tickets every time you or someone plays free bitcoin game referred by you.

Win A Luxury Car!

Participate in the Golden Ticket contest. Earn BTC on the HI-LO dice game, bet on your favorite events and collect golden tickets. A provably fair lottery can make you the lucky winner of Lamborgini.

HI-LO Game offers an interesting and simple HI-LO game. This is a game which is combined with math and cryptography. Win big HI-LO jackpot games up to 1 Bitcoin every time you play.

CryptoTab Browser

CryptoTab is the world’s first browser with mining features. You do not have to play games, chat or watch any video for earning free bitcoins.

It is an extremely lightweight and fast browser with built-in mining features. CryptoTab has a user-friendly interface and supports synchronization on multiple devices.

Reasons Why You Should Use This Browser

Go For Affiliate Marketing

This is the cheapest, smartest, reliable and fastest way of earning online money. Yes it is Affiliate marketing.

During the Covd-19 crisis, I started affiliate marketing for two websites. One was Amazon Affiliate and the other was Hostinger Affiliate.

Everyone is aware what is Amazon Affiliate and I knew most of the people during the coronavirus lockdown were at home, surfing the net. I started advertising and marketing affiliate products on my website and social media accounts.

I have written a complete blog on how to write Affiliate blog post or articles on your website. Even if you earn more than $100, you have achieved your target.

I have also written an article on “How to Increase Your Amazon Affiliate Earnings”.

Addition to Amazon Affiliate there are three more programs, which can earn you some more money.

1. Amazon Business

2. Amazon Prime

3. Amazon Audible

The second source of affiliate marketing which I started was Hostinger. Hostinger is a web hosting company with website builder. This website is in high demand for people who are looking to create their own website.

If you start hostinger affiliate program, you have to just convince people to take your web hosting plans, that’s it!. The more you refer and the more people take your plans, you will earn daily.

At present, Hostinger Affiliate program is the most aggressive affiliate program. Yo do not need any investment, it is 100% free. Moreover, you do not have to work for hours, you have to work only for 1-2 hours in a day.

To conclude this, you have still some time left.  Do not waste your time, till the time Covid-19 crises ends, you have a good chance of earning a good amount of money.

Start Today!

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