How To Get Your Website Approved For Adsense

If you are an online blogger or an website owner, the most awaited mail will be from Google Adsense. A mail from Google Adsense, which states that your site is now approved and ready to show Adsense ads. This is every blogger’s dream to get their website approved in google adsense in the 1st attempt.

There are lot of users who are still struggling to get adsense approval, there are also lot of people who have become frustrated because they are unable to get approval from Google adsense.

I own four website and all are approved in adsense. For one particular site, I tried multiple times and at last I got the approval. That was my 6th attempt.  Multiple rejection means, something was missing which google was looking in my site.

At times people get upset and discouraged if they do not get Google adsense approval even after multiple attempts. There has to be some reason why your website is not getting approved, why google still think that you are not eligible to place google ads on your website.

I am here to sort out this issue, I will be resolving most of the user’s queries which are related to “adsense not approving my site“, “google adsense approval process“, “pages required for adsense approval” and “adsense approval tricks“.

Below are some of the points which you need to keep a note so that you get your approval from adsense.

Write Quality Rich Content

Google looks for unique, quality and rich content in your website or blog. If you have written a content which is not unique or it is copied from from other some source, Google will not approve.

You can re-frame the sentence or understand the content and write in your own words. Add words with similar meaning, add low competition keywords and phrases.

Please remember one thing, a well written article and a unique article will always rank higher in google. Please make sure you write strong headlines. Most of the readers will only read your headlines.

Wherever required, add still images, gif images and videos. Add bullet points and actionable points to look it more informative.  Do a recheck on grammatical mistakes and make use of passive sentences.

Last thing, ensure that you content should not contain any word related to sexual, terrorism,  gambling and drugs.

Which Pages Are Must In Your Site?

There are some set of pages which are mandatory in any site. Google’s algorithm will look for such pages and approve on the availability of these pages.

About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and DMCA are the pages which should be there in your site. Google looks out for such pages, google wants to know what are the privacy policy, of your website, who is owning the site and what is the background of the user who owns this site.

All these mandatory pages should be easy to navigate, alignment of elements and block should be correct and easily readable

What Theme and Layout to Use?

Theme and layout, both plays important role in getting your site approved in google adsense.

If you are using WordPress or Blogger, ensure you select generic press theme. It is the most compatible theme with Google Adsense and other Ads Advertising publishers. Modules in a generic press page are simple and easy to use.

Google also checks the site’s loading speed. Normally a site should load in 3-4 seconds, If you are using a generic press theme, your site will load in less than 5 seconds.

Other themes which are best suited for google adsense are Newspaper, Truemag, Admania, Newsmag and Newsonline.

Theme and layout should be in such a way that it should be clearly visible from mobile phones as most of the user will visit your site through cell phones.

Why Google Search Console?

Google search console is a free service provided by google to check the indexing status of a particular site, it also optimize the visibility of your website.

It also serves the purpose of troubleshooting, to check what are the issues impacting the site and to keep a close track on your site’s issue.

Before, placing your approval in google adsense, ensure that each and every page and posts are indexed along with the website sitemap.

Remove Other Ads Network

Sometime we loose patience and we place ads of other publishing platform for which approval is not required. This I can tell with my personal experience. For the 4th website, I was unable to get approval of google adsense, I tried 2-4 times without any luck.

Out of frustration, I started placing ads of other google adsense alternatives like Adsterra, Ezoic, Popads, etc.  This also did not help.

Finally I had to remove it, i worked on my theme, content and pages and was able to get Adsense approval.

Once your site is approved in Google Adsense, you can use other adsense alternatives.

How Many Posts Are Required To Get Approval?

There is myth that one should have more than 20 – 25 posts on your website. I got my Adsense approval in 2018, there were only 12 posts.

Even if your posts are less than 20, the posts should be unique with rich content. My colleagues who had applied for google adsense was having more than 38 blogs in his website.

But, then also his site was not approved as the content were duplicate, theme was not proper, layout was complex and site was not mobile friendly.

As per my suggestion and recommendation, your website should have at least 12 – 15 posts, provided they are unique and real.

Subscribe To Google Adsense Youtube Channel

Subscribe to Google Adsense Channel, this channel brings weekly education videos on new product features, account issues, site approval, policy and publisher restrictions, optimization tips and troubleshooting.

You can also interact with them, ask your queries and email your concerns.  Most of my queries and concerns related to google adsense were resolved by this team.


To get Google Adsense approval is not easy, it all depends on the content.

Write, what’s there in your mind, write in which you have interest and write what you are passionate about.

Google is looking out for blogger and content writer who write real content, if it finds that your articles or blog are 100 % unique, you can get approval in a single day.

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