Earn Dollars Online Without Investment

How many are like me, searching online on some new ways to earn money or looking out for some passive income opportunities. Well, I used to do a rigorous search on this topic in my early days when I was very new to the online world.

I was not aware about affiliate marketing, I was not having any knowledge on Blogging, email marketing, social marketing and network marketing. For a year, i didn’t even earn a single dollar.

But, now I am happy and satisfied as I am earning more than $300 daily.

Starting with 0 dollar in a year to earning $300 in a day in just 3 years.  So who changed it? and what was changed?

I changed myself, I was firm on my decision and I was 100% sure that I could earn online money very easily and without any investment.  I have literally not invested a single money to start with.   So let us check out, how could you earn online without making any investment.

It is a step-by-step journey, you start with 0 investment and then when you start earning, roll that money on buying some relevant product or services that can boost your earning.

I will be briefing some of the methods, first method is to create a website, add blogs in it and get it approved from google adsense.  

First Method - Start Your Online Journey with Online Surveys, Online Games, Affiliate Marketing & Blogging

The above process of earning online money is the basic one and the most used. The good thing is,  it is absolutely free. The only drawback of this approach is, it is very time consuming.

Second Method - Affiliate Marketing

The 2nd method of online earning is through Affiliate Marketing. This method requires less time, earnings are good and 100% legit.

If you do not have your own website or own blog, then also you can generate a good passive income.  Below are some of the steps, which one has to follow to start affiliate marketing for free.  Unlike the first process, this process is very fast, reliable and very profitable.

Let us see, how to start affiliate marketing?

Check out my website which I created a year ago. Creating a website is not mandatory for affiliate marketing but can be an added advantage.

I started affiliate marketing without a website and was able to earn more than $50 per day.

Join Hostinger Today, At present it is the best Affiliate Program.

Third Method - BitCoins (Trading, Mining & Investment)

The third and the most latest method is Bitcoin investment. Everyone knows what is Bitcoin and what is its value.  The bitcoin value in 2010 was $0.08 and in 2020 it was $48k.  If you would have invested few dollars in 2010, by 2020 you could have become a millionaire.

But do we have to invest in Bitcoins, the answer is no!  There are some sites which provides free bitcoins, once you have earned some few bitcoins, you can start trading and earn more bitcoins in your bitcoin wallet.

1. Register with Freebitco.in website and earn free Daily bitcoins or Install Cryptotab browser and start earning bitcoins.

2. Once you have a good amount of bitcoins, open a bitcoins wallet with Paxful and deposit the earned bitcoins into the wallet.

3. Start Bitcoin Trading, Please make a note that in the last 5 years trend, bitcoin value has increased. Either you can keep the bitcoins as it is in the wallet or play a smart role, do trading on bitcoins, this will increase your bitcoin count and the value.

4. Sell your bitcoins if you think the bitcoin market is not doing well. But, I do not think the bitcoin value will go down in next 5 years.


The fourth and the most famous method is earning from Youtube.  Starting with youtube is 100% free.  You must be thinking that making a video and publishing on the internet might require heavy investment, but that is not true.  You create your own unique video without paying to someone.

Let us see how?

1. Create your own youtube channel, please make sure the name should be unique and attractive.

2. Once you have created your youtube channel, the next step is to create a youtube video.  Since, I have already updated you that you can create your own video for free, you need to register yourself with Pexels.

3.  Pexels is a website where you get free online images and videos.  There is no fear of copyright issues or commercial license issues. 

4. Create a good video and add your affiliate links or blog links in the description of your video.  

5. Publish your video and make sure you advertise your youtube video link in all social media platforms.

6. But how will you earn?  Well, once people start viewing your video, they might also click on the affiliate or blog links which are mentioned in the video description.  This will increase website traffic on you blogs and affiliate link.  If it is your blog, then people might click on the ads which are visible on your blogs, and if it is an affiliate blog link, people may buy products.


One can implement all the above 4 methods. In all these 4 methods, in the start there is no investment and one can easily earn few dollars. The only investment is time and patience.

Online earning is not a one day job, it takes days, weeks and month. But, once you have started, there is no stopping, provided you take interest in it. There is no limit, if you devote your time, you can even earn thousands of dollar in a single day.

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