How To Sell Products On Facebook Successfully

Facebook is a boon for business, advertising and marketing, one can sell any product on facebook.  People who do not own a site or blog can also earn a good amount of money through facebook using the marketplace feature.

But, what is the ratio that your products are sold on facebook?

The ratio is very low, if there are 1000 users selling products on facebook only 5% will succeed! This is the fact and I have personally experienced it.

If you want to be in the 5% of people who are successfully selling their online, virtual or physical products on facebook.  You need to read the entire blog.

I have been selling online products on facebook from 2018, basically these online products are affiliate products of Amazon or some other affiliate networks.

Daily basis on an average I get 100 enquires on my products which I have uploaded on facebook Marketplace. Out of these 100 products, I am sure 10 products will be sold.

How do I start selling products on facebook?

Which products should I sell on facebook?

How to get users on my products?

How Should I Start Selling Products On Facebook?

Facebook has a feature of Marketplace, it is a place where you can sell and buy products. Sellers who are like you upload their online product, contents and buying link, buyers will click on these products and buy it. 

There is no one in between you and the buyer.

If you have your own online store or a physical store. You can upload the picture of your product, the price, features, location, contact number and other details and publish it. Buyers, if thy like it will try to contact you before paying the amount.

Step 1 – Go to Facebook Marketplace and click on Create listing.

Step 2 – Click on Item for sale if you selling any products. If you are planning to sell vehicle then you need to click on Vehicle for sale and same applies for home as well.

Step 3 – Add your product image, price, details, location, title, description, condition and category.

Step 4 – Once you have added all the details, click next. You need to next publish your products on facebook group. If possible try to join as many marketing and advertising facebook groups, so that maximum people can view and reach out to your products.

Make a habit of selling publishing more than 10 products daily. Choose the best seller products or the trending products which are in high demand. If you are using amazon products, then do check the best amazon seller, there you will find the latest and trending products which are in high demand.

Users will either try to contact you via messenger or if you have mentioned your cell number, they might directly call you. Ensure you do not interact much with the user, just say hi and hello. Ask them if they are interested in their products.

If the buyer bargains with you, stop the conversation and ignore them or do not reply. This is the thumb rule. You will be receiving hundreds of enquires on your products, it is really impossible to revert and reply to every user. Keep a close watch on products listing, facebook will notify you as to when you can renew the listing which has become old.

The best way to sell any products on facebook is through affiliate blogs. I do that and I have seen the difference. It is really profitable.

All you need to do is, create a website and add affiliate blogs on it. Create an attractive blog of a particular product. If you are planning to sell a cell phone. Create a blog with a heading “Top 10 mobile phones“.  Add the cost the description of the 10 products in that blog and then publish that blog link on facebook marketplace.

There are very good chances that user will visit your blog through facebook and might buy any one cell phone of the 10 which are listed in your blog.  Click here to find out,  how to write the best affiliate blog post.

This is the smartest approach and the most profitable. But, if you do want to invest on blog and website, you can continue the old approach of directly sell on facebook marketplace.  Just to give you some hint and update, purchasing and creating a good website and blog will just cost you $1.99 per month.  There is an ultimate sale going in Hostinger which is giving you Free domain + Web Hosting + Free SSL.  

What To Sell On Facebook?

There are millions of products like the sport accessories, health products, books, gifts, electronics, musical instruments, gadgets, etc. Either you can sell generic products on marketplace or select or choose a specific products of a specific category. Check out which products from which companies are selling the most. It could be ebay, Amazon, Clickbank or any other online consumer product companies. Before selling any product, you need check out some factors.

How To Get More Buyers On Facebook?

Most of you must be thinking that this is the most toughest part of facebook marketplace but actually this is the most easiest. Getting more and more users to view your products is very simple.

Get yourself added in facebook groups. Choose group wisely.

Add yourself in groups where people are selling products.

Join group where people are advertising and marketing their products.

A facebook group with more than 10k is good to join.

And, finally join a group which is for buyers and sellers. You need to get yourself added in minimum 20 groups so that your products are published on these group and it reaches to maximum number of people.

Once you are done with the facebook group, start your own facebook page and publish products on your facebook page. Try to at least have 2-3 facebook page. Advertise your facebook page on other social media networking sites like twitter, reddit, instagram, linkedin and Quora. Apart from facebook page and facebook group, facebook ads can also be used but for this you need to pay some minimum amount, but this option is very aggressive and you can reach to hundreds of buyers.

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