How to make an Animated YouTube Video in 5 Minutes in 2024

Are you struggling to make your own YouTube video?

Want to grow your YouTube channel?

Are you planning to monetize your YouTube Channel?

All these question comes up when you are trying too hard to build your YouTube channel.

Some take months and even years to setup their own YouTube channel. Even if they have their own YouTube channel, they are unable to monetize it. Or, they do not have more subscribers and watch hours. As there is a criteria of Youtube to have more than 1000 subscribers and more than 4000 hours watch time.

But you would not believe that majority of youtuber fails to monetize their channel and eventually they give up.

There are many challenges and concerns as to why there are so many failures.

Why you Fail to Monetize your YouTube channel?

There are lot of reason why you are failing to monetize your YouTube Channel. Some not even reach to 1000 subscribers

Apart from the above concerns, the major concern is the time. Youtuber work for hours to make a good video, some even take days to make a good video.

But, have you ever thought of making an awesome Youtube video in just 5 minutes.

Yes, it is possible through Doodle Maker.

Now, what is doodle?

Doodle are basically simple drawings that can represent something.  Doodles can present complex ideas quickly, easily and effectively. It uses combination of words, pictures, diagrams, charts and graphs.

Why do you think Doodle Make came into existence?

1. Creating awesome videos yourself takes time and technical skills.

2. Outsourcing someone to make videos for your can be very expensive.

3. To make a good quality video, you will to take a good editor video tools, this can burn your pockets.

4. If you choose a animated video application, most of them have limited features, very complicated to use and are very expensive to buy.

Doodle maker is world’s first Doodle Video creator software which uses Artificial Intelligence. A person of any age and skills can create Doodle video from a Doodle Maker.

Doodle maker includes award winning technologies like unlimited text-to-speech, language translation, fully loaded asset library and enhanced video creation features.

Let us check out some excellent features of Doodle Maker

Smart Features of Doodle Maker

300+ Video Templates.

Select from a wide variety of ready-made whiteboard, glassboard and blackboard video templates from the hottest niches and industries.

There are stunning templates which come loaded with human male and female voiceovers with effects and animations which are already in-built.

One can customize the templates for personal and commercial use!.

Human Style Text-to-speech in 60+ Languages.

Turn any text into a beautiful male or female voice to use as a voiceover for your videos!

Supports all major languages and accents!

If you are shy, no need to be on camera, record your voice or pay for high-priced voiceover artists.

1-Click Video Translation Engine.

Convert your video into any language with just 1-click translation engine to reach out to a global audience.

Blackboard, Whiteboard, Glassboard Switcher.

Convert any video into 3 different formats in seconds. Create any video and switch to a different style with 1-click!

The built-in artificial intelligence engine of Doodle maker will automatically turn your images & text into different colors to match your video style!

In-App Voice Recording.

Record or upload and sync a pre-recorded audio file to use as a voiceover for the Doodle videos which is one is planning to create.

Millions of High Quality Doodle images and icons.

Customize your video from the included library of doodle images, pixabay / iconfinder integration or by uploading your own images.

Image to Sketch Converter.

Turn any image into a sketch style doodle in seconds. One can add unlimited variety to make any scene unique.

Built-in Color Changer.

Make videos in black and white or color with total ease. Change colors of any element with the click of your mouse.

Share Anywhere in HD Quality.

Download your videos in 720 or 1080 FULL HD to share on any platform. Save time with the included YouTube and Vimeo Publisher.

Free Commercial License

One can earn easy money by selling Doodle Maker videos with no limits.

1) Charge businesses and marketers either per video or a monthly retainer.

2) Earn by helping coaches, consultants and educators convert old content into dynamic doodle videos for online audiences.

3) Add Doodle videos to your existing service offering to maximize revenues per client!

You can also sell your Doodle videos on freelance websites like Fiverr.

Advantage of Doodle Maker on other Tools

This Application is For........

Content Creators. Teachers. Freelancers. Coaches. Digital Marketer. Offline and Online Businesses. Affiliate Marketers. YouTubers. Authors. Social Media Managers. Bloggers. And Many others.

In just 3 Steps!

Step#1 Select

Choose a Whiteboard, Blackboard, Glassboard or custom background canvas.
Select a ready-made template with over 300+ to choose from or start from scratch or you can enter your Youtube URL and repurpose your old content!

Step#2 Doodle.

Customize your doodle for a more unique touch. Change images, colors, texts and animations, select a voice or record your voice, choose any language and add a soundtrack.

That’s it! You are ready to go!

Step#3 Profit.

Generate and create High quality gorgeous and awesome Doodle Videos in any languages within minutes.

So now you can capture, convert and profit. Sell your Doodle Videos to earn more profit.

There is 30 days money back Guarantee if you think the product is not worth it or if you think this is what you were not looking for.

The one time price might increase in coming days, so hurry up and grab this software today.  Create your next generation doodle video to get more sales, traffic, leads and revenue.

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