Affiliate Marketing: 4 Reasons Why You’re Not Raking in the Cash

Affiliate marketing is an excellent medium to generate extra cash flowing into your bank account. There are many companies belonging to different industries offering affiliate programs. Such programs help generate additional income by just promoting the company’s products and services. However, don’t consider it a relaxing task. In this activity, you could also make things mess up if you do not choose a good affiliate program like the hosting affiliate program.

MilesWeb, the leading hosting provider has a top paying affiliate program offering a higher payout and good commissions according to industry standards. MilesWeb web hosting plans are reliable and they have more than 4600+ affiliates. But don’t just go blindly to join as their affiliate. You might make mistakes that result in negative consequences.

As a result, affiliates cannot generate more income through this program. There are some mistakes that we are highlighting in this post. Readers, pay attention to this post if you want to become a successful affiliate marketer. Don’t repeat these mistakes.

Read Something About MilesWeb’s Affiliate Program

MilesWeb Affiliate Program: In A Nutshell

MilesWeb, founded in 2012 is a leading web hosting brand in India. They offer different web hosting services like shared, VPS, cloud, dedicated, reseller, and other hosting services. As an affiliate partner, you would have to promote their web hosting services.
Note: MilesWeb also offers domain registrations and SSL certifications. However, these services do not come under their affiliate program.

● Interested affiliates have to sign-up for their affiliate program. Just fill a form with all relevant details like name and others, and get an affiliate link.
● Use that affiliate link in social media ads, blogs, and YouTube channel descriptions. With the help of that link generate leads and convert them into sales. Customers purchasing MilesWeb’s hosting services from that link counts as one sale.
● Accordingly, affiliates get their commission on how much sales they made. MilesWeb offers a range of commissions from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 5000 per referral. All in all, the more you refer, the more you earn.

Having said that, only dreaming about becoming rich through this affiliate program will tend to make your mistakes.

Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

1. Choosing the Wrong Service

Companies offer different products and services. As an affiliate, you have to pick the right service. In this case, you have to select the right web hosting service that your customers are looking for. It determines your success in the affiliate marketing journey. When you’ve chosen the right hosting service according to your site’s idea, niche, and target audience you will get more sales through your affiliate link.

To avoid this mistake, you need to have good research skills. For instance, if your target audience is individual bloggers or website owners with small-scale traffic refer to the shared hosting services of MilesWeb. Furthermore, if your target audience is high-scale website users, refer to their dedicated hosting. It means, working according to requirements and the target audience.

2. Publishing Low-Quality Content

Content quality matters for search engines. It determines the content ranking on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). However, there are too many affiliates on this website with a good quality of content. If you want to showcase your content above them, curate engaging content with good readability. When it comes to blog posts, writing the content has higher readability.

According to SEO parameters, the good readability of the content matters. Search engines ranks them in the top 10 which helps in gaining more traffic and visitors’ attention. Adding your affiliate link in the low-quality content will help you in getting more referrals. It is because that content will have less web presence.

3. Not Having an Understanding of What You’re Selling

By reading higher figures and good payout amounts many of you are passionate about promoting services. But the marketing fundamental is to have sufficient service knowledge about the product or services you are selling. If you are joining the MilesWeb affiliate program, ensure you have knowledge about the web hosting industry. Research servers, data centers, hosting operations, and all factors involved in it. Then, Kickstart your affiliate journey.

4. Ignoring the SEO Basics

Publishing web content (blog, social media posts, etc.) without having proper SEO knowledge has no scope. As an affiliate, you will be publishing digital content on the internet. You are in the business where generating the most traffic is the crucial part.

Thus, the first step of SEO optimization is to optimize your title tag and meta description with keywords. Research the theme of your post and strive to create a title tag and meta description for potential visitors. Consider it as a sales pitch in search engine results.


We brought this post to make your successful affiliate marketing journey with MilesWeb, . Get best-in-class commissions, 24×7 assistance for lead conversion, and creative banners. Such marketing materials help in converting more leads and promoting the MilesWeb brand.

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