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Well, this blog is useful for people who are planning to make their career on YouTube, also for those who are struggling to make their videos viral, and finally for those who have still not monetized their YouTube channel.

The biggest worry or concern of a Youtuber is the views and subscribers on their YouTube channel, be it a long video or a short video which are less than a minute. Even spending hours to make an interactive video, if your video doesn’t get views, is disheartening. Most YouTubers get so demotivated that they switch to other professions.

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90% of YouTubers fall in such a category.

The solution to make your YouTube channel grow is to hire a Social Media Expert or a Networking Influencer, who will charge a hefty amount that will burn your pockets.

You will have to pay at least $1k in a month depending upon how many subscribers or watch hours you need.

There are other ways also to grow your YouTube channel, which are not legit. Few professional YouTubers can help you to gain subscribers, but this method is not recommended as the subscribers you gain will unsubscribe in a few days. These people will also charge around $100 – $500, this also depends on the number of subscribers and watch hours.

There is a 3rd way and a free method which I will recommend, this method is 100% legit and trustworthy. This method uses an Application that will help you to grow your channel. I have tried these applications and I could see an increase of 400% in Views and subscribers.

Before disclosing the names of these applications, let us check out how these applications help in growing your channel.

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YouTube Title – These applications can make a trending, viral, and attractive Title for your video.
In fact, these applications will provide multiple options for your Youtube title. Please make a note, if your title is catchy, there are chances that your video might go viral.

YouTube Hashtags – Based on your video, these applications will give your hundreds of hashtags that you can add to your video. Appropriate hashtags can get videos in millions.

YouTube Keywords – Keywords play an important role in growing your channel. This application also provides relevant keywords that you can add to your videos.

Channel Analytics – Though you can view your channel analytics in YouTube Studio, these applications also provide an interactive dashboard that gives you a clear picture of your views, subscribers, and overall engagement.

Tips – In addition to the above features, these applications will give daily tips on how to grow your channel aggressively.

Click the below image if you want to learn how to make YouTube videos in just 5 minutes.

Now, let us see which are these applications, we will focus on two free applications,

 1. StreamElements

 2. Vidiq

1. Vidiq

Vidiq is a website, or you can say a free application that helps you to grow your Youtube channel.
Vidiq was founded by Rob Sandie and Todd Troxell. Their original website is

Features of Vidiq

1. Daily Ideas 2. Keyword tools 3. Competitor Tools 4. Channel Audit Tool 5. AI Feature

Daily Ideas – This feature uses Artificial intelligence to get ideas that are relevant and beneficial for your Youtube channel. Each daily idea comes with a prediction of Very High, High, Medium, and Low.

If you are using a free plan, you will get daily 3 ideas.

Keyword Tools – This feature will get you the best keyword which will boost your channel and video. You will get the top 3 keywords if you are using a free plan.

These keywords will act as an SEO for your Youtube channel.

Competitor tools – This feature helps you discover what content is working for your competitors. Your competitors are people who are making videos on the same topic in which you are making.
This feature helps to analyze what content will work for your channel.

Channel Audit Tool – This Audit feature shows what is working for you and what is not.
What are fixes which will boost your channel, also what are the reasons why your videos are not getting views?

AI Features – This is the best feature of Vidiq. Artificial Intelligence technology is used in this feature which gives AI generated recommended Titles, keywords, and hashtags.

Vidiq Plans

Basic – Free (New on YouTube).
Pro – Starting at $7.50 / mo (Get more analytics and research keywords).
Boost – Starting at $39 / mo (Increase views on new videos).
Max – Starting at $79 / mo (Group Coaching).

2. StreamElements

Steamelements is a platform for Streamers and YouTubers with interconnected tools to enhance and boost your content and video. Mercury from Streamelements is a real-time engagement tool to enhance and boost your video.

Using Mercury from Streamelements you can make your YouTube video more attractive and interactive. You can also create Dynamic thumbnails, on-screen shoutouts, create online polls, and Real-time goals. All these features are free to use, and these features will definitely boost your channel and help in monetizing it.

Please click the below link to access the official link of the website.

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Q. Does vidIQ has a Google Chrome Extension?
Yes vidIQ has an inbuilt Google chrome extension.

Q. Is vidIQ free?
Yes, the basic plan is free. For the other paid plans, check this blog under the vidIQ section.

Q. Timebuddy vs vidIQ, which is better?
vidIQ has more features if you compare it with Timebuddy.

Q. How to make Youtube Shorts?

The Best way to make shorts video is using Canva (free).

Q. Is Shorts Movies Youtube channel recommended?

Yes, If you make Youtube Shorts Movie channel, you can reach 1k subscribers in a month provided the content is worthy and eye-catching.

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