Make Money from Multiple YouTube Channels

People are earning millions and billions from their YouTube Channel. As on January 2022, there are close to 37 million channels on the YouTube platform.

Some more facts on YouTube!

At present there are 600 YouTubers with at least 10 million subscribers. Becoming a YouTuber is not a simple task; it requires a lot of patience, hard work and experience. I have written a complete blog on how to start your own YouTube Channel, how to create animated YouTube Videos and Free apps to make YouTube Videos.

There are few YouTubers who are earning only from one YouTube Channel, but there are few who have multiple YouTube Channels. You can monetize multiple YouTube Channels with one Adsense account. Some YouTubers have more than 10 YouTube Channels with a single Google Adsense account.

But it is always recommended not to link multiple YouTube channel with a single Adsense account, it is a huge risk.

If you have five YouTube channels and if all these five YouTube channels are linked to a single Adsense account and if by chance there was some issue with your adsense account then this can impact the monetization of all five YouTube channels. Therefore it is always recommended to have individual adsense account linked to individual YouTube channel.

How many YouTube Channels to create?

If you have multiple Google account, you can create as many YouTube channels. So do not limit to just one or two YouTube channel. Create at least 5-6 YouTube channels with different niche. Avoid creating YouTube channel with the same niche.

If your niche is travel, then do not create five different channels on travels, try different niche like sports, news, e-business, education or food, etc.

Which YouTube Channels to create?

Prioritize your channels as per your passion and interest. Jot down your interest as per the priority.
Create your first YouTube Channel on a niche which is having the highest priority. Let me explain you with an example.

Below are my priorities.

1) Passive Income
2) Affiliate Marketing
3) Sports
4) Comic Videos

Now I have 4 YouTube Channel created, since my interest and passion in Passive Income is the more, Passive income is the highest priority for me. Therefore, my first YouTube Channel is on Passive Income. I devote more time on my first YouTube Channel and less time on the least priority YouTube Channel.

Interlink Your Multiple YouTube Channels

If you want to monetize YouTube Channel fast then interlink each YouTube channel with each other.

Now how will you do that?

In the description of the first YouTube channel , mention the other YouTube links. The other options are adding other clickable YouTube links in the video or Add info cards of your other YouTube channel.

Be Consistent in all your YouTube Channel

Even if you have multiple YouTube account, you should be consistent in uploading the videos. At least try to upload videos every alternate day. Subscribers or end users are always eager to see new videos. If you do not post frequently the subscribers might unsubscribe you, which is not good for you and your earnings.

Do not violate YouTube Guidelines

Do not upload spam content video, sensitive content, dangerous content or any video which is violating the YouTube guidelines. Even if one YouTube channel is banned due to policy violation, this can impact other YouTube channels. Click here to view the YouTube Guidelines.

Below are some of the points which you should look into.


Spam and deceptive practices.

Sensitive content.

Violent and dangerous content

Regulated goods


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Can you make money from multiple YouTube Channels?

Yes, You can make multiple YouTube channels but you should have single Adsense account if you want to earn from these multiple YouTube Channels.

Is having multiple YouTube Channels worth it?

Yes, It is worth having multiple YouTube Channels as each channels will have different content.

Can I upload and monetize same videos to multiple YouTube Channels?

If you are uploading the same video in your multiple channels, the video will be flagged as duplicate content and there are chances that your YouTube channel can be removed or barred.

How do I monetize YouTube Videos?

You can monetize your YouTube channel either using Google Adsense or Affiliate Marketing.

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