Type for 1 Hour and Earn $100 – The Best Online Typing Job

Do not be in a perception that you will earn merely earn $1 or $2 in a day if you are opting for a data entry job or an online typing job.

Some websites can pay you more than $500 – $1k in a week, some people have earned that much amount in a single day!

This online typing job is most suited to people who want to make some good extra income daily, people who are fed up, and frustrated with their 9 am – 5 pm job, and people who are at home and are looking for a good part-time job that can pay them some good money.

Most of us go for blogging, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, and another source of passive income if we want some side income. A decade ago, online typing job was in a boom, hundreds of consultancy promised that they will pay daily if you write for them, or data entry of thousands of words, they would hardly pay you $1, or even less than that.

But, all of a sudden the online typing jobs have just disappeared.

One could hardly see any website offering online typing jobs now, but now this has changed. Post the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI), there is a huge demand for online data entry.

There are many sites on online typing and data entry.

Very few of them are real and legit.

There is one such site that is legit, and trustworthy. The website is called WriterBay.


WriterBay provides online data entry jobs, typing jobs, and freelancing jobs related to typing. All you need is a good internet connection, a PC, or a laptop, and good writing skills.

The first step is to register with WriterBay, click here to register.

Registration is very easy, you have to just fill out a form along with your short Bio-data, the website will ask you about your interests, your skills, and in which language you are proficient and comfortable.

Once the registration is completed, you will have to undergo a small test which is easy to clear.

Both registration and membership are 100% free.

Payment Terms

WriterBay pays payment twice a month, at the beginning of the month (1st – 5th) and in the middle (16th – 20th) of the month. The money is paid only if you have crossed $100. Below are some of the payment modes available.


How much can you earn monthly?

Let us assume you are a fresher to WriterBay, if you write at least 1 page in a month (25 days), you will earn $212 in a month.

If you think you can utilize your weekends, and write more than 10 pages on your Saturday, and Sunday, and if you cross more than 10 pages per month, then you will earn $2125 in a month.

If you are a professional writer, you may even earn more than $3360 in a month.

What WriteBay offer?

Referral program of WriterBay

One can also grow their income by using the WriterBay referral program. Just share the referral link with your friends and relatives, or promote it on your social networking sites. You will get 3% for each order completed by your referrals.

So hurry up, sign up with Writerbay, complete the qualification test, start writing, and start earning daily. For some more extra income, please use the referral part of this website.

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