Earn Money from Maths Puzzles

Well, you must have read about earning online money from blogging, affiliate marketing, freelancing, Online store, online games, Youtube, etc. There are thousands of ways that can make you rich in a month.

But, have you ever heard that you can earn a good income through some maths puzzle? You even do not have to solve these puzzles. You have to just follow the right process and implement it.

The entire process will hardly take a few minutes to a few hours, and that’s it your recurring money will start flowing. I have practically tested and implemented it in real life. Initially, there were no earnings, but later on, I was able to generate $200 – $300 in a day, by just working for 1 hour every day.

The complete process is divided into a few steps.

1. Look out for a free puzzle site

The first step is to find out some sites which can provide free maths puzzles, below are some of the websites which provide puzzles related to Math, Science, technology, etc. To start with, look out for a simple puzzle that can be easily solved by students and teenagers.

I would recommend to visit sites like Test4Exams, you can find out puzzles in other sites as well like RD, Prodigygame, Transum, and Mathsisfun.

Make a note of the puzzle which you will be using, take a snapshot of the puzzle and save it for future reference, also save the link of the maths puzzle as we will require the link in the next step.

Above is one such example, where only the question’s or puzzle’s image is copied. Here, we have to find out the missing number,

2. Use CPA marketing Platform

The second step is to sign up with some CPA Marketing platform like Cpagrip.com. CPAgrip is one of the best CPA Marketing site.  If you do not know what is CPA, CPA is cost per action. It is a kind of affiliate marketing where you get paid as a commission if you do some sort of action or activity.

If you want to know more about CPA Marketing, and it’s benefits, please click here.

Here, we will use the maths puzzle, we will share the question of the maths puzzle but will not disclose the answer. If the user wants to know the answer, they will have to carry out some action, or activity. 

The activity could be signing up on some website, doing some surveys, marking a mail, or installing some software. Once they are done with the activity, we will disclose the answer which they are looking for.

On the main page, go to monetization tools.

Under monetization tools, go to URL / File lockers  and Create a new Url Locker.

Here you will have to create a locker, that will allow you to lock URL or file or content with an offer. Once you unlock it by completing the offer, you will be able to see the content.

Now, back to the menu, under locked URL, enter the URL of the maths puzzle which you have noted down.

You can customize the button, offer, and name as per your requirement. Once you are done save your settings and click on get links to get the offer link.

Now, if someone clicks the link they will be routed to the offer and once the user completes the offer he will be able to see the answer.

But the question is why the user will click the link? 

The user will only click the link if he finds something attractive and appealing. The best way is to keep the image of the question puzzle along with the CPA link, without any answer. 

To make it more realistic, you can mention that if you need the answer then click on the CPA link. If I am the end user, and if I am looking out for the answer to that puzzle then I will click the CPA link, as I am curious to know the answer.

3. Get traffic to your content

The 3rd step is to get traffic on your content. Create a short video of this puzzle through Canva which is free to use.

Through Canva, you can create videos for mobile users, as well as desktop / laptop users.

Add the image of the puzzle, and mention that if you want to know the answer, click the link in the comment box or the description. Ensure the length of the video is more than 20 – 30 seconds. Upload this video on Youtube, Youtube Shorts, Instagram story or reel, Facebook, and Linkedin, or any other social media platform in which you many followers.

But, this is not sufficient! You will have to create at least 10 – 15 such puzzles, follow the same procedure and upload these videos. It is not mandatory that you have to create and upload only a math puzzle, you can go out for other topics like science, technology, history, geography, etc.

4. Which Niche to Target

Target countries like the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and other European countries. The commission and CPC from these countries are very good, one can easily make $100 per days, provided you upload daily videos, and are consistent in what you are doing.

If you are not getting the desired results from Cpagrip, try out other CPA marketing sites like;






Also, target end users who are teens. Teens are very interested in solving such puzzles, out of 10 teens, at least 2 will click the link to find the answer, and at least one will complete the offer.

Check out the above video, I have created this video by following the steps which I have disclosed. It took me just 5 minutes to complete the entire process.

So, easily you can create and upload at least 20 videos in a single day.

There is one additional step which I have missed out, there are few social media platforms on which you cannot post the CPA link, as this is against the guidelines.

In such case, please make use of Google Sites or sites like Tinyurl or Bitly.

To learn and earn more on Online Earning and Passive income, do check out my blogs and sites, it is 100% free!

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