Why Should You Choose Other Affiliate Programs over Amazon?

Amazon is a name that is familiar in every home these days, and Amazon Affiliate is a known name if you are a professional blogger or if you are doing affiliate marketing for the past couple of years. It is mandatory to start affiliate marketing from Amazon if you are planning to start your career in Affiliate Marketing.

It is also a myth that if you fail in Amazon Affiliate then you cannot taste success in any Affiliate Platform. But, there is a change now, people have started doing affiliate marketing on other platforms, and they are earning the same, in fact much more than what Amazon affiliate marketers earn!

But, why is this changing now? Why are people focusing more on affiliate products of other platforms and not Amazon?


In this blog, we will see what are the pros and cons of the Amazon Affiliate Marketing platform, what are the alternatives, and how much can you earn from these alternatives.

Let us start with the Pros and Cons of Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

Pros of Amazon Affiliate Marketing

All products available on Amazon

You name it, and you will find that product on amazon. Also, the majority of products are applicable for affiliate marketing. Be it electronics equipment, home equipment, fitness products, books, toys, beauty products, etc, you will find a variety of products. I don’t think there will be any platform that can host so many products.

Simple Affiliate Process

Joining an Amazon Affiliate Program is very easy and can be completed in a few steps. Even a person who is new to Affiliate marketing can start Affiliate marketing through Amazon. Post-joining, the complete process is also very simple, you can easily advertise and market your affiliate products.

Intelligent Platform

Amazon will host products that are in trend, which have good reviews, and products which will be in high demand in the coming future. Its database is segregated in such a way that it becomes easy to choose and start your affiliate marketing.


Amazon’s Platform is safe and secure for both buyers and sellers. You will not find such a stable and robust platform anywhere. Millions are associated with Amazon for affiliate marketing, they should rest assured that their Affiliate earnings are safe and secure with Amazon.

Cons of Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Too much Competiton in Amazon Affiliate

Since it is the largest affiliate program, there are many who are trying their luck in the Affiliate platform of Amazon. As per the latest reports by the year 2021, there were close to 900,000 affiliate marketers for Amazon and the list is increasing day by day.

Services not included in Amazon

Amazon only hosts products and they do not cater services, you will not find any kind of services or any services associated with affiliate marketing. Also, services like Hosting a domain, Buying a domain, tools, applications, training programs, etc, are missing from the Amazon Affiliate Platform.

Low Affiliate Commission

Amazon Affiliate commission starts from 4% to 10%. This is low if you compare it with other affiliate marketing platforms.

Not all countries support Amazon Affiliate

There are only a few countries that support amazon affiliates,

Asia – India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Japan.
North America – United States and Canada.
South America – Mexico and Brazil
Europe – UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, and Sweden.

Now, what are the other alternatives which can replace the Amazon Affiliate Platform? Also, before choosing the alternative, what factors we should consider?

Affiliate commission, a reliable platform, and easy payout are some of the aspects that one should consider if you concluded that you will not go with the Amazon Affiliate program

Now, let us check out which are the best Amazon Affiliate Platforms that you should work with.



Canva is a platform that helps you to design social media graphics, presentations, Youtube Videos, documents, and visual content.

It is a popular tool for Digital Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Content writers, Bloggers, and Freelancers. Canva platform is free to use, but if you want some extra features, you need to go for a premium plan which is called Canva Pro. Canva Pro is the premium plan in Canva, Canva pro is used to design professional designs with premium features like Brand kit, Unlimited content, Background remover, and more.

Canva Affiliate Program

For every one subscriber of Canva Pro, you earn some commission. For a single referral link, you could earn $36. People are making millions with the Canva Affiliate program. As digital marketing needs will grow, the Canva affiliate program will also grow.

Hostinger Affiliate Platform

hostinger affiliate program

I have written a complete blog on Hostinger Affiliate platform, please click here.
Hostinger is a web-hosting provider and internet domain registrar. You earn a commission if you refer someone to purchase a hosting plan from hostinger. You will get 20% commission for each new successful sign-up.

Hostinger is gaining a lot of popularity as the hosting services are good and reliable, as so is the Affiliate platform offered by Hostinger.

There are other platforms as well which are much better than Amazon Affiliate Platform. But, if you are not earning a good commission from some affiliate program, you can’t just simply blame the program. It could be that you are not following the right approach, or you are marketing and advertising your product accurately.

Promoting an affiliate product or service plays an important role. Follow the right process on how to promote or advertise your product on major social media platforms or through email marketing.

Do a lot of research on the product which you are promoting, and ensure you are well aware of the features, specifications, cost, and review of the affiliate product.

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How to increase amazon affiliate earnings?

Affiliate Earnings can be increased by marketing and advertising trending products, products which are in demand, and products which are of good quality and reviews.

What is amazon affiliate autopilot website?

A affiliate websites, in which the affiliate marketing is done by an Autopilot, you have to just sit and relax!

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