Will there be a Third Wave of Covid-19?

Covd-19 Pandemic has changed everything, it has changed your lifestyle, changed your working style, changed your mindset and change your approach towards your life.

It all started in year Dec 2019 and still in June 2021, we are still fighting with this deadly contagious virus, though the active cases have come down across all countries.

As on today, 181,546,318 covid-19 cases were reported and close to 3,932,741 deaths, which is close to 4 million deaths in just 1.7 years. This means on an average 3 million deaths in a year. This is really devastating and disheartening. USA, India and Brazil are the most impacted countries with nearly 1.5 million deaths and 8 million cases.

But, the good news is, the cases have started to dip in almost all countries. But, is it really a good news or it is just the start of the 3rd wave. The first wave started in start of year 2020 and the second wave started in the start of year 2021.

Some senior medical officers, scientist and experts have stated that the third wave will start from July 2021 due to the new delta variant mutation of Covd-19 virus. Like the other 2 waves this 3rd wave will be more dangerous and impactful and there are very high chances that this wave will target young children’s, especially children below age 18.  

So, Will there be a 3rd Wave?

The answer is “No“, yes the 3rd wave of Covid-19 will not come.  You don’t have to get panicked, you don’t have to just sit at home and you don’t have to wear masks all the day.

There are lot factors supporting my statement, and even most of them who will be reading this blog will agree with it.  Below are some of the factors.

Precautions To Avoid Covid-19 3rd Wave

Maintain Social Distancing

Though, the 3rd wave will not hit us, there is still 1-2% chances that it might come. This 1-2% chances can also be avoided if we are more alert and more responsible towards Covid-19. Let us see some of these measures through which I can avoid the 3rd wave.

Maintain Social Distance.

Most of us have stopped following the social distancing after the 1st and 2nd wave. Please understand if you want to completely avoid the 3rd wave, we should continue the social distancing whenever possible.

Maintain at least 1 – 2 meters distance from others at all places.

Keep Using Masks.

Like Social Distancing, People have stopped using and wearing Masks. Unless and until you have all the doze of vaccine taken, you can avoid wearing masks. But, to be on a safer side, continue wearing masks even if your Covid-19 vaccination is completed.

Covid-19 Vaccine

Maintain a Good Hygiene.

Clean your complete body once you reach home from outside. Clean your clothes which you wore outside. Ensure a good hygienic level is maintained for you and your family members.

While coughing and sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with handkerchief.

Wash Hands Daily

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