Start a Blog and Start Earning from Day 1

Well most of us think that earning from blogging is a very slow process and this is the reason why bloggers do not continue their blogging journey. It can take months or even a couple of years to earn your first $100. But, the fact is some of the bloggers are earning from day one, though the earning is only a few dollars.

I have interacted with a few bloggers who started earning more than $10 from day 1, and few have touched $100 from day one.

So remove the perception from your mind that making quick money is not possible through blogging.

This is the reason why blogging is still the best passive income source and more and more people are switching to professional blogging and making it their mainstream job, I am one of them.

There are a lot of tips and tricks that one has to implement and execute in their blogging if someone wants to make quick money. Also, below are some of the factors which can boost your blog earning.

1. The niche of your Blog
2. SEO
3. Blog Promotion through email marketing and network marketing
4. Addition of Affiliate Marketing in Blogging

Selecting an appropriate niche is the most crucial phase in blogging. Your earnings completely depend on your blog niche. If you have selected a niche that is not trending, or the niche is unable to pull an audience, then you will hardly get any traffic on your blog.

If there is no traffic, it’s simple there will no earnings even after years of blogging.

So, what kind of niche one should select? 

Below are some of the niches in which you can start blogging, I can’t give a guarantee that from day one you will start earning, but you will start a decent earning after a week.

1. Write a Blog on Autobiography

tim cook autobiography

At present, the most profitable niche is writing a blog on autobiography

We have millions of famous people some are political leaders, celebrities, sportspersons, industrialists, etc. You will never fall short of autobiographies.

Getting data for an autobiography is also very easy, go to Wikipedia and look out for the person on whom you want to write the autobiography.

One can easily write at least 1200 – 1500 words, and get free copyright images from Pinterest and Facebook.

If you want to know how to write an autobiography, click the below link.

How To Write an Autobiography – PLUS 3 Things to Exclude.

2. Write a Blog on Location specific details

The second-best way is to write a blog for some location. For example, if you stay in New York in the US or any city like Mumbai in India. 

Write about the specific location, write articles on the best food joint in that area, write topics on the best places to hang out, write posts on which are the best park or gardens for children, best restaurants in the locality, best shopping mall or list of grocery shops near their locality, etc.

This will be a local guide, if someone is new in the city or if someone is looking for a specific place or service in the location, they will reach out to your sites.

Such blog sites have a good chance to rank in Google and can generate humongous traffic to your blog.

3. Write a blog on Multi niche

write blog on trending articles

The third way is to write multi-niche articles, write blogs on trending topics. Trending topics can be of any niche like sports, technology, entertainment, News, finance, etc. And, the best and most free way to find out trending topics is Google Trends.

One can also use a licensed tool like ahref or Semrush to find trending topics which can generate massive traffic.

4. Write a Blog on Online Earning and Passive Income

Everyone is looking out for money-making ideas, and one should use this opportunity. Write blogs on how to earn online money or passive income.

Educate people on how to double their money in a few months, online investments, online games, affiliate marketing, email marketing, etc. There are thousands of categories to write a blog on these niches.

But, do check such niches are very competitive as there are many blog sites already available which are providing similar information.

5. Write Blog on Technology products and Services

If you are good at technology, write articles that can provide solutions to problems. There are various websites that can provide data on the latest issues being faced by many people. One can also write SOPs (standard operating procedure) or manuals that can be beneficial to people who are looking out for some solution.

Take an example, how to write a simple html code, or how to backup your data from your laptop. One can write articles that can provide simple solutions to such queries.

6. Write Blogs on Affiliate Products and Services

Write blogs on Affiliate Products, Promote and advertise your affiliate products via your blogs.

Write reviews and specifications of the products which you are promoting, products can be electronic, household, etc.

The good thing about this is, you can earn in two ways, either you will earn from Google Adsense through the Ads or you can earn from Affiliate marketing as you are promoting the products on your blog.

I have a similar website on which I write blogs on affiliate products, click the below link to access my Affiliate Blog website.

7. Write Blogs on Inspiration and Motivation

inspirational and motivational blogs

Write articles on inspirational and motivational quotes, a such niche is a huge hit on YouTube.

But, you can replicate the same in your blogs. Just copy and paste the quotes in your blogs, but please ensure you tweak the sentences before you write them or else you will be a victim of plagiarism.

8. Write Blogs on the Latest news and current topics

latest news blog

This is the easiest way of writing blogs, the latest news is always trending and therefore will always generate good-quality traffic. Write articles on the latest happening topics and news, such topics are very easy to write about as you will get the data very easily from the internet, so you can avoid time searching for the required information from the internet.

Ensure you have feed activated from all local and global news channel websites so that you are already updated with the latest news across the globe.

Above are some of the niches in which you can start blogging and generate a good decent income.

9. Start a Travel Blog

start a travel blog

Write articles on different locations across the globe, even if you have not visited any particular location also you can write at least 1000 words. Travel blogs also generate a good amount of traffic and are very easy to rank on Google.

People keep searching for locations for vacations or to spend a good quality holiday time with their family, therefore Travel blog has a huge potential in making $100 daily.

Most travel bloggers are earning more than $3k per month.

If you want to learn and earn online money and passive income, do check out my blogs.

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