How to Increase Affiliate Conversions

Affiliate marketing is a business model that has immense potential for marketers. In this blog, you’ll learn how to fully harness that potential so that you can start earning big with little work. The term passive income essentially refers to any revenue stream that does not require your constant attention and care.

For example, if you sell a mobile app you could theoretically release the app to the App Store and then play a sales role. Then you can retire to a tropical island and you’ll still be earning the same money.

This is the dream for many internet marketers – to be able to earn cash while you sleep. Not only because, it’s obviously surprising but also because it means the business model is highly scalable. You won’t do any extra work, but your earnings will increase by x100!

However the problem with releasing an app is that it requires skill, time, money and luck.

However, the good news is that there are other ways in which you can earn passive income. Affiliate marketing is one such method. I am here to tell you that now is the time to rise up and look into this option.

Affiliate marketing is actually a system that anyone can use to start earning passive money online. It is foolproof and does not require any technical skills. The only reason more people aren’t doing it is because either they don’t know about it, or they don’t really believe how powerful and effective it is.

It is a myth that you cannot become a millionaire or billionaire if you do affiliate marketing!

Let’s put it simply: If you invest only a few hours each evening in affiliate marketing, you can expect to eventually make enough money that you can quit your day job. The best part? You don’t even need to make the product yourself.

You are just going to take an existing business model and copy it to start making money for yourself. This is a copy-paste business plan. See? Fool proof! OK, so not quite fool proof. In this report, you are going to explore 5 ways you can start getting more out of your affiliate marketing.

5 Ways to Increase your Affiliate Commissions

1. Branch out with different products and services

If you want to get the most out of your affiliate marketing activities, the most important way to do so is by branching out with different products.

That is to say, you should be selling more than just e-books. Ebooks are the most popular choice for many marketers, as they are likely to use platforms such as Warriorplus, JVZoo and Clickbank. Of course there is no overhead or delivery cost of eBooks, and this also means that creators are able to pay very high commissions. But while all this sounds like a good deal, selling eBooks also limits your market to a great extent.

Why? Because many people do not buy ebooks. Think about it: 

Does your granny buy eBooks? 

What about your friend who doesn’t read? 

What about a friend of yours who isn’t into internet marketing and doesn’t study self-improvement? 

This is why – despite many blogs leading you to believe – physical products are still the biggest sellers on the web.

Therefore, if you sell them – whether through Amazon, eBay, Hostinger, or through another affiliate program, or a direct deal with the manufacturer – you will be able to make significantly more sales, which means more money. But what’s more, it will also allow you to offer some products that cost quite a bit more.

For example, what if you want to sell a college MBA course? Yes, there are programs that let you do this, and as you can imagine the benefits are potentially huge. Similarly, you can use something as simple as Amazon Associates accounts to sell gaming laptops – these often cost $3,500 and more! Even 4% of this is still over $100.

2. Use the Right Tools

If you have countless different products and services to sell through your site, you’ll find it can be difficult to track everything down.

How do you find out who is getting you the most money? 

How do you chase after the money you haven’t received?

And the answer is to use a tool like Tracknomics or Genius Link. These allow you to quickly find and link various affiliate accounts and then generate links to those products. Both of these tools have Chrome plugins, which means you can simply navigate to the page where they sell for what you’re looking for, and then click a button to automatically generate the required links.

The only catch is that Tracknomics costs $500 per month. Beginners may want to stick with Genius Link, but it also gives you an idea of how much big brands are really making from this process!

3. Use top 10 lists

Then you have a lot of options for selling these products. You no longer need to work as hard for other internet entrepreneurs: you can now create top 10 lists with great SEO to bring in regular customers. Let’s go back to those gaming laptops. Let’s say you want to build a list of expensive laptops that will bring new visitors to your site and result in conversions for you. What can a person look for when buying those products? Well, the top graphics card right now is the RTX 2080.
That’s what most people would want if they were to buy a top-end gaming laptop, and that also guarantees that the product will be expensive. If we quickly switch to a keyword research tool like, we can see that the best phrase for it is RTX 2080 laptop. Its search volume is 6,600; And we can be sure that most people searching for this phrase will “intent” to buy from you! Add a few bullets to your posts with your SEO in mind, and your link can appear in SERPs with a rich snippet – leading to a very high click rate. Write a good article, and you’ll increase your conversions too!

4. Build a Passionate Audience

By using the strategy outlined above, it will be possible to sell a lot of products from your site without needing to create any sort of regular audience. That said, it is still highly recommended that you take the time to build an audience. When you take the time to build an audience that trusts you, it makes you a thought leader and an influencer. It makes a big difference when it comes to your conversions.

When someone knows you and trusts you, it means they will have a reason to listen to your product recommendations. They know they like your style, and that you have spent time developing the relationship. 

Not only that, you must have put time and effort into targeting the right people. To reach this point, you need to have a strong social presence as well as focus on consistently delivering great content in your niche.

When it comes to actually writing content, the goal should be to present seamlessly on a topic, and write only about a topic you’re passionate about. It would be the difference between repurposing existing material (which could be old or even low quality) and writing something new and interesting that no one has heard of before.

Put it this way: You can’t be a thought leader if you don’t understand the topic, and you’re just copying other people’s stuff! Build a strong brand, know your target demographic, and don’t try to attract everyone. Do this, and you will grow exponentially and increase engagement manifold.

5. Use PPC

You now have long-time readers buying from you, as well as first-time visitors who found you on Google. By combining sales from these two sources, you can drastically increase your revenue. But we’re going to go a step further by throwing in PPC for good measure. PPC is of course Pay Per Click, a type of advertising offered by Google and Facebook.

This allows you to pay for ads only if someone actually clicks on them. The important reason for this is that it gives you a fixed cost for each visitor to your site. If you know your conversion rate and the amount of profit you can make from those conversions, you can design a strategy that will give you guaranteed returns.


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Affiliate Marketing is indeed the best passive income source at present. People are earning millions and billions through affiliate marketing!

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