Blogging Vs Affiliate Marketing: Which is the Best Passive Income Source

Blogging and Affiliate Marketing, both are the best Passive Income source, It is very difficult to choose which one is better. A person who does blogging is called a blogger and the person who does affiliate marketing is called an Affiliate Marketer.

Both platforms are similar in functionality, both platforms have a huge earning potential. A successful blogger or Affiliate marketer earns Millions. But, the working style for both these sources is a little different.

Before finding out what are the differences, let us find out what is blogging and affiliate marketing.


Blogging is a process of writing something, writing content, and writing a post, or an article, the content which is written is called a blog. A blog can be of any niche, Blog can be written on entertainment niche, travel niche, finance niche, sports niche, news niche, Fashion niche, Food niche, etc.

Gone are the days when Blogging was just a hobby, for some blogging is now the main source of income. Many are earning daily via blogging on weekends and after office hours.

Below are the steps for creating a blog.

Pros and Cons of Blogging

1. You do not need any technical skills to start a blog.

2. There is no limit on earning, people are earning millions and billions through blogging.

3. You can start blogging in your spare time, or as a part-time.

4. If your blog has a good ranking, you can get thousands of traffic in an organic way, therefore you do not social media to promote or advertise your blogs.

We do have a few disadvantages of blogging as well.

1. It can take months and years to get your first payment through blogging, therefore you need a lot of patience.

2. It is not easy to get Google Adsense approval.

3. For professional blogs, you will require a domain, SSL certificate, and WordPress, this will cost you a few dollars.

4. Writing and publishing blogs is a time-consuming process; some may even take days and weeks to write a single blog.

5. You need to be consistent, every week you have to write at least 2 -3 blogs.

How Do Bloggers earn money?

More than 90% of bloggers earn money through Google Adsense. Google Adsense is an advertising platform provided by Google; Google Adsense will ensure Ads are getting displayed on your blog websites. If someone visits your websites, and if he views or clicks those ads, a commission is paid to you.

Successful bloggers get tons of traffic on their websites and therefore they earn a lot from Google Adsense as they have a lot of clicks and views on their blogs. Well, the Adsense approval is not easy, the approval process has become a little difficult now and therefore there are many google Adsense rejections.

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Your blog will only get approved by Google Adsense if your blog is rich, unique, legit, and easy to rank. Before applying for Google Adsense, you should have at least 20 blogs on your website.

If your blog is copied from somewhere else or the content is not valid, you will straightway face rejection from Google Adsense.

Let us now switch to Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a process wherein you get paid if someone buys a product or service from your referred link. If you are promoting a product that is $10 via a link, and if someone purchases that product through your link, you will get some amount of commission, commission can be 10% or 20% depending upon the product or service.

Amazon is the king of Affiliate Marketing, there are close to 1 million Amazon Affiliate Marketers in the world. Second is ShareASale with over 700,000 Affiliate marketers, there are some other affiliate marketing platforms like ClickBank, Warriorplus, and JVzoo.

Experts and some of the market leaders state that Affiliate Marketing is the best passive income source, by end of the year 2022 the Affiliate industry can cross $12 Billion.

Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing

1. You do not require any domain name or website.

2. There is no investment required to start Affiliate Marketing

3. Affiliate Marketing has huge earning potential, you can even become a millionaire and billionaire in just one month.

4. Affiliate marketing doesn’t consume time, you can do an affiliate marketing of more than 2 – 3 products in 5-10 minutes.

Like blogging, there are a few cons of Affiliate Marketing as well.

1. You need to have a piece of detailed knowledge about the product or service which you are promoting. One should be aware of the features, specifications, reviews, and costs.

2. Affiliate Marketing industry has a lot of competition.

3. Well not all Affiliate Marketer taste success, few do not earn a single penny even after months of doing affiliate marketing.

4. You should have a decent number of followers and subscribers on your social media account.

How to start Affiliate Marketing?

If you are a beginner then you should start your affiliate marketing journey from Amazon, then switch to other marketing platforms. 

Choose what product or service you will promote and advertise. Social Media plays an important role in the success of Affiliate Marketing. Many Successful Affiliate Marketers earn daily by posting affiliate products on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Also, choose products that give good commissions.

Below are some of the products which can give you attractive commissions.

1. Gaming Products.
2. Financial Products.
3. Travel Products
4. Fashion Products.
5. Dating Products.
6. Entertainment Products.

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It is tough to compare Blogging and Affiliate Marketing, there are a few things that are common between them. Both platforms can pay you daily, both require a lot of traffic and both platforms can replace your main source of earning.

If you combine both these platforms, this can create wonders!

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