How to Make Money Online in 2024

If you are a student, a working professional or a retired person, or a business person, you must have definitely searched a topic which is very common these days, the topic on how to earn and make online money. A lot of people do a lot of research on how to make money, how to quickly become rich, and how to make passive income.

Making money through online ways is not that difficult, but at the same time, it is not that easy. A person looking for some extra income should have a lot of patience, dedication, and passion to earn more money. And, more importantly, do not expect results from day one. I started my side income (blogging) in the year 2014, and I earned my first $100 in the year 2016. Therefore, it took me two years to earn my first payment.

Like me, there are others as well who are struggling to earn their first income. There are hundreds of ways through which you can make money; people are making millions from some of the methods. Some of the methods are so easy and simple that you do not require any special skills to start.

So which are these methods which can help you to make easy money?

1. Blogging
2. Affiliate Marketing
3. Online Store
4. Freelancing
5. Investing in Stocks and CryptoCurrency
6. Sell Domains
7. Make YouTube Channel
8. Write Reviews


Blogging is the best and easiest way of making quick money. Starting a blog doesn’t require any technical skills, you just need writing skills. Also, there is no capital investment to start blogging. But, yes if you are serious about blogging, you have to spend a few dollars on Domain and Web-hosting.

I have written a complete blog on how to start a blog and how to earn $100 in a day, do check out to get complete details of Blogging. Write a blog on your passion and interest and write rich, unique, and legit content if you want to be a successful blogger. Blogging has so much potential that it can replace your main source of income.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the second-best way to make easy online money. What is Affiliate Marketing?

Well, if you are advertising or marketing someone else product, you earn some commission, this is called affiliate marketing. There are thousands of people who are earning daily through Amazon Affiliate and other affiliate programs.

Affiliate Marketing requires 0% capital, this means even if you do not have any money you can start earning from day one. There are affiliate marketers who have become Millionaire only because of affiliate marketing. Amazon, Canva, Hostinger, eBay, and Cambly are some of the best affiliate marketing platforms which give good commission.

Online Store

Having an online store is always beneficial if you compare it with any physical store. Rather than shopping from a physical store, people are now shopping from an online store.

But, why do people prefer online stores over physical stores?

Well, there are lots of advantages of online stores on a physical store.

Creating an online store is not rocket science; you can easily create and manage an online store even if you do not have any prior experience of eCommerce. Below are some of the websites through which you can create an online store for free and start your online earning journey.

These websites have a good user-friendly e-commerce platform and GUI, one can easily customize the store as per the requirement, sell multiple products and manage orders and payments. Earning from an online store also depends on the niche or product which you are selling on your online store.

I have created an online store of amazon products with the help of Godaddy and WordPress, and guess what?  I have been earning daily $100 by selling amazon affiliate products on my site.  For me it is actually an online store for end users.

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Become a Freelancer

This is also the easiest mode of earning online money. As per the latest reports, there are currently 1.1 billion freelancers in the world. If you only consider the US, the freelancing industry might reach 6.7 billion US$ by the end of the year 2025.

The United States of America and countries like India have the biggest workforce 

of Freelancer, followed by Philippines. There are designer’s, bloggers, affiliate marketers, digital marketer, tech expert, business owner, etc, working as Freelancer and earning a good amount.

Below are some of the websites that one should look for freelance.

Freelancer Working from Home
These websites are one of the best freelancing websites, which can pay a good amount of salary to freelancers.

Investing in Stocks and CryptoCurrency

Investing in stocks and shares is an old approach, but very effective and profitable if used in smart and efficient ways. Investing in Cryptocurrency is a relatively new concept, but there are many who have made millions and billions post investing in Cryptocurrency.

I have written a complete blog on what is cryptocurrency and how one can earn easily through cryptocurrency.

The only drawback of cryptocurrency is that it are very volatile, so invest in crypto in a smart way. Below are some of the famous CryptoCurrency that one should invest in.

Apart from crypto investment, there are many who are earning money by mining crypto.

Click here to find out some of websites and apps from which you can start mining.

Sell Domain

Buying and selling of domain can be very profitable! If you have a few domains with you, you can actually sell these domains on multiple sites and earn a good income. Below are some of the websites which you can make use of it.


Making Money from YouTube

Most of us will be familiar that YouTube being a platform where one can earn daily. Just create your channel, and upload your videos on the niche which you have selected. And once you are qualified for Youtube monetization (1000 subscribers + 4000 watch hours), you can see ads displaying on your video.

The more visitors to your video, or Youtube channel the more traffic and the more earning’s.

Click here to find out how to create and monetize your YouTube channel. At present, this is the best and trending way of earning online money. Though the earnings will not start from day one, it will take at least a couple of months. But, the potential of YouTube is immense; you can earn thousands and millions of dollars in the long run.

Write Reviews

Write reviews on products and services, reviews can be good or bad! Write about the features, specifications, quality, and benefits of a particular product or service. There are many companies who hire such people who can write reviews on some products, be they physical or digital.

Survey Junkie

Get Reviewed


Above are some of the websites which will pay you for writing reviews. Though the earnings are not that great as compared to other methods, you can still make a decent amount of money.

To learn and earn more on Online Earning and Passive Income, do visit my blogs and websites.


1. What are the 5 ways to make money online?

1. Blogging
2. Affiliate Marketing
3. Starting an Online Store
4. Free-lancing
5. Making Youtube Videos.

2. Can you make money filling out surveys?

Yes, there are many websites like swagbucks and neobux, through which you can make money form surveys.

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