The 10 Most Common Mistakes Made in Affiliate Marketing

No doubt Affiliate marketing is one of the best passive income sources, Affiliate marketers and bloggers are earning more than what they are earning from the prime source of earning. Be it a housewife, a working professional, a student, or any senior citizen, everyone is minting making from Affiliate marketing.

But not all affiliate marketers are making good money, many have not even earned $100 in the last one year of their affiliate marketing.

So, people who are telling you that making money from affiliate marketing is very easy, this statement is not true. You need time, hard work, and dedication to become a successful affiliate marketer.

If you search in google or search anywhere on internet, you will find a lot of tips and tricks of affiliate marketing, you will see hundreds of articles and videos, but few articles are there which will tell you the mistakes that one should avoid while doing affiliate marketing. 

There are few articles which will tell you why Affiliate marketers fail? Why you are not making any money from Affiliate Marketing? And why you should think twice before starting Affiliate Marketing!

I will be disclosing the mistakes which an affiliate marketer does, and how to avoid these mistakes. After reading the complete blog, you will have a little different perception on Affiliate Marketing.

To start with the mistakes, let us understand what is affiliate marketing? which are the best affiliate marketing platforms? And which affiliate products one should promote and advertise.

Affiliate marketing is a process in which you receive some money or amount as a commission, this commission you will only get if you have sold someone’s else product.

Let us take an example of Amazon Affiliate marketing. You will be given a product from amazon, and you are told that if you sell this product you will get a 10% commission on that product value from Amazon. 

So, if you are doing affiliate marketing for a smartwatch, assuming that the smartwatch value is $400, you will get $40 as a commission if you can sell it. The commission range varies from product to product, or from services to services.

Amazon affiliate marketing is the best affiliate platform, there are others as well like eBay, Clickbank, Hostinger, Canva, Jvzoo, warriorplus, etc.

Now let us list down the mistakes which an affiliate marketer does!

Mistakes made in Affiliate Marketing

Mistake 1 - No detailed research on Affiliate Products

Most bloggers and Affiliate marketers do not do detailed research on the product which they are planning to promote. One should have an in-depth knowledge of the product’s features and specifications, price, reviews, and the affiliate commission amount.

What is the use of doing affiliate marketing of a product or service which has a low commission rate or the reviews are bad, or the price is too high that no buyers are there to purchase that product.

Mistake 2 - Impatient

Affiliate marketing needs patience; do not expect that you will start earning hundreds of dollars from day one. It can take 1 week or 1 month to earn your first $10. If you are impatient, you will leave affiliate marketing in a few months.

Mistake 3 - Picking the wrong products for Affiliate Marketing

Always go with trending products, products that are on trend will sell. Make use of Google Trends which is a free tool to find trending products. 

Let us see an example, we are in the month of December, and as everyone knows December marks the beginning of winter in many countries, also December is stated as the month of festivals. Christmas (25th Dec) and New year’s eve (31st Dec) are celebrated in December month.

Since it is a chilly month, products related to winter like sweaters, gloves, electric blankets, jackets, coffee makers, etc. will be in demand. Since it is also a festive month, products like Christmas trees, new year decoration lights, Santa dresses for children, etc, will be in great demand.

Mistake 4 - Wrong Affiliate Marketing Platform

Have we chosen the right Affiliate marketing platform? Amazon has become a little saturated, as every 2nd affiliate marketer does affiliate marketing on amazon, try another competitive platform like eBay, Canva, Clickbank, Impact, Hostinger, Zvzoo, Warriorplus, etc. Some of these Amazon Affiliate competitors have good affiliate commission than amazon.

Mistake 5 - Promotion only on Social Media Platforms

For the sake of promotion, many bloggers will just promote and advertise their products on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. It is always recommended that you start your blog, post, or site and do affiliate marketing over there, this is more impactful than advertising on social media networking sites. 

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Mistake 6 - Right Tools and Technology

Use the right technology for doing affiliate marketing, many free tools can help you do the affiliate marketing in the right manner.

Mistake 7 - Use of SEO

Some Bloggers and Affiliate marketers do not rely on SEO. But, they forget that SEO plays an important role in driving organic traffic. Use the right keywords, right hash tags, and quality content, all this will make you a successful affiliate marketer.

Mistake 8 - Use services over products

Use Service over products. The affiliate commission is better if you are doing affiliate marketing of services like hosting plans, email marketing services, SEO services, plugins, creative software’s, etc. Also, these services are renewed on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, so you get the commission once these services are renewed again. On affiliate products, you receive commission only once.

Mistake 9 – Affiliate marketing is not just only minting money

Take Affiliate marketing as a hobby, don’t make it a money-making tool. If you take it as a hobby, you will get more interest in promoting and advertising affiliate products. And please do not expect that you will become a millionaire or a billionaire in a couple of months. Yes, but that’s for sure that you can earn a few hundred of dollars monthly. At least these few hundred dollars can clear out your monthly expenses.

Mistake 10 – Affiliate Marketers are not consistent

The biggest problem with Affiliate Marketers is that they are not consistent, if they are not able to sell a few affiliate products they lose hope and throw their idea of affiliate marketing in the trash bin. 

I have seen affiliate marketers not even earning $1 for months, but you have to keep trying. Try not to have any gaps in between, and make a habit of at least promoting 2-3 products or services in a week.

I can’t guarantee that you will become a successful affiliate marketer, but it will improve your affiliate earnings. If you are taking affiliate marketing as a passive income source, then earning $100 – $500 in a month is great, it will be awesome if you earn more than $1000.

Also, check out the different ways of increasing the affiliate earnings.

If you are not getting success in affiliate marketing even after trying all tips and tricks, then I would suggest you to try your luck in CPA Marketing.  To know more about CPA Marketing, click on the below image.

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