How to Earn Online Money on Weekends

Are you planning to make some extra dollars on your weekends? Do you want to make some side income that can replace your current job or business?

Well, who doesn’t want to earn some extra money in their free time, this free time you can get on weekends, public holidays, and vacations.

There are many weekend part-time jobs which you can go for, that too for some of the jobs you will not require any skills. One can also start an online business that will run only on weekends. In fact, there are many legitimate ways through which you can earn online income or some passive income on your weekends.

Most of the weekend time, we spend with family and friends, watch series on Netflix and Amazon prime, go out for movies, hang out with friends, play outdoor sports, or go for a vacation with the family.  But, there are few who use this spare time to earn some quick money, this blog is for those who want to earn a good amount of money during their weekends!

Let us divide this topic into 4 parts;

What is Side Income?
What are the sources of side income?
Which is the best source to earn online money on Weekends, or when you are on a vacation?
What will you do with the side income which you have earned?

Now, Side income is an income that you are generating from a secondary source.

For example, if you are working as an IT Manager in a firm, the salary which you are getting on a monthly basis is the primary income from the primary source. If you are doing affiliate marketing, or if you run an online business after your office hours, this is your secondary source of income, and the money that you will generate from this source will be termed as your side income.

There are many sources of side income, that you can start in your free time once you move out from your office, or on a weekend.

Sources of Side Income

The list is never-ending! Using the above methods one can easily make more than $100 per day, some are even earning more than $1000 per day. But, you will not see the results instantly, it takes time to make money from these sources.

Also, do not make an assumption that these sources will replace your current job. In some cases, if the earnings are good, it can replace your current job, but not always. So, it is a misconception that every part-time job or weekend job can replace your current job.

I have listed a few of the methods, which you can start and implement on your weekend. But, which one to choose is a big question. Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing, and Youtube are some of the sources which you should go for as these are simple to start, no investment, and can get good results in less time.

Best Source of Side Income on Weekends

1. Start Blogging on your Weekend

Writing a blog on your weekend is the best source of side income. There are many professional workers and businessmen, who write blogs in their spare time, their spare time comes only on weekends.

Write a blog in which you have an interest and passion. Make a habit of writing a blog every weekend, if you have 2 days off (Saturday and Sunday), try to write 2 blogs. Or else, write at least 1 blog during your 2 days weekend. So, approximately you will end up writing a couple of blogs in a month.

If you stick to your plan, you will have close to 15-20 blogs after 3 months. This is enough for applying Google Adsense. For people who do not know what is Google Adsense, it is an application run by Google which helps website owners and blog owners to place Ads on your blogs, or your website. And, when these ads are displayed and clicked, you earn a few dollars.

So, to qualify for Google Adsense, there are some protocols. Your website or blog should be legit, and your content should be rich and unique. And, if it is a blog website, there should be a minimum of 15-20 blogs on your blog site.

Well, if you do not qualify for Google Adsense, there are some more alternatives, click here.

If you are consistent and blog every weekend, you have a fair chance to earn a few dollars every month. But, this can’t replace your current job or your current business. Blogging takes time, it can take months and years to flourish. Some of the bloggers have become millionaire in a year, because one of their blog went viral and that earned them thousands of dollars in a week.

But, not everyone is as lucky as them.

Final words: Have patience, do not expect results in a single day, but definitely, Blogging has a good potential of making quick money. The best part of blogging is that, it is 100% free, yes there are some charges like the domain hosting and SSL, but nowadays you will get it for free.

2. Start Affiliate Marketing only on Weekends

Like Blogging, Affiliate marketing can also make quick money. I do affiliate marketing only on Saturday and Sunday, and I am earning close to $70-$80 per day. So, roughly I earn $700 – $800 per month, which again comes to close to $9k per year. The affiliate marketing which I do on weekends is just for 1 hr.

So, if you calculate, I earn $9k through affiliate marketing by just spending 1hr every weekend. Just imagine what would have been my earnings if I would have worked for 5 – 6 hrs every weekend!

More than $50k – $60k in a year, and don’t forget this is the income only through a side income source, which is only on weekends.

The sky is the limit in Affiliate Marketing, the best way to start affiliate marketing is through Amazon. If not Amazon, there are other Affiliate Marketing platforms as well like Canva, Hostinger, milesWeb, eBay, jvzoo, Warriorplus, etc. Same as Blogging, utilize your weekend days to promote and advertise your affiliate products.

Click here, if you want to know more about affiliate marketing and how to start and implement affiliate marketing.

3. Create Youtube Videos on your Weekends

The 3rd best source of side income is creating Youtube videos and publishing them on the internet. People are making millions by just posting their videos. A person who creates and publishes these Youtube videos is called Youtuber.

You can integrate the 1st and 2nd options (Blogging + Affiliate Marketing) on Youtube, this will be a deadly combination. Create rich content and unique videos that can go viral, you will start minting money if any of your videos go viral. But, similar to blogging, you should be consistent and post 2-3 videos in your weekend, or at least 1 video in your weekend.

A Youtuber can earn money through ads that will get displayed when your video is running, he can even earn through paid membership, affiliate marketing, and selling your online products and services.

Click here to find out the complete guide on how to earn online money from Youtube.

What will you do with the side income?

The list is very long, We can do a lot of things if I earn a good amount of money from any of these above sources of income.

1) I can pay down debt and credit card bills.
2) Invest in stock markets or Cryptocurrency.
3) Invest in Real Estate.
4) Keep it for some emergency funds.
5) Buy life insurance or a life-term policy.
6) Start my online business or store.
7) Pay the monthly utility bills like the maintenance charges, electricity charges, mobile bills, housemaid charges, etc.
8) Invest for a bright future.
9) But luxury apartment, or car.
10) Hang out with friends and relatives.
11) Go for a world tour.

These are only some of the few which I have thought about, but there are still hundreds of things which I have to do!

Also, the best part is, that the side income which you will generate during your weekend or on your vacation can also become a backup plan if you lose your job or if your current business is not doing well, you have this side income money.

Life is unpredictable, you cannot forecast what is there in the future, therefore one should always have two sources of income, this is very important in real-life.

Well, I have listed only a few of the methods which can generate a good side income on weekends, but trust me there are plenty of such methods which you can try.

Final Words

Do not expect that you will become rich if you start working on weekends. But, remember one thing, you will always learn new things, your knowledge will grow, and the best part is you will get financial help.

At the end of the month, or year, when you will see a few thousand dollars in your bank account, the feeling will be different. There are proven cases wherein the side income source has replaced the current main source of income.

If you want to learn and earn Online Money and Passive income, do read and check out my blogs on my websites.


How can I make money online on the weekends?
There are lot of ways of earning online money on weekends, you can try blogging, affiliate marketing, take surveys, watch and create online youtube videos, do freelancing, start online store, etc.

How can I make weekend cash?
1. Start Blog.
2. Become Affiliate Marketer.
3. Take surveys.
4. Start Freelancing.
How can I make money online urgently?
5. Become a Virtual Assistant.
6. Start Online eCommerce store.
7. Babysitting.
8. Become a Real Estate broker.

How can I make part time on weekends?
1. Start online course.
2. Start Blog.
3. Start Affiliate Marketing.
4. Invest in stocks and Cryptocurrency.

How can I make money online urgently?

Click here to find out how you make money online urgently.

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